20 October 2009

Pencil Food

Guess what this idiot (pointing at me) went and lost? My blogger account password,I for the life of me couldn't remember the frigging correct password I have so many various passwords for all different accounts etc.
Nightmare. OK maybe that is a slight exaggeration? A nightmare is gasping for breath or starving for food...
In which case I am experiencing a very real nightmare.

My kitchen cupboard is completely empty,with the only contents being half a jar of Marmite and cake cases perhaps I could knock out a batch of Marmite cakes? No not a brilliant idea, though it is original and makes a refreshing change from chocolate chip cakes.
I'm rambling again aren't I? Yes, yes I am.
Lets return to the nightmare shall we? The nightmare of being all out of food and general energy sources.How did I get into this mess? Well it was all a bit of a conundrum to be honest. With the choice of food vs art equipment such as pencils and good quality paper, I prone to making the wrong decisions opted for the latter.
The words 'Foolish, little silly girl' repeat and echo around my head. Though the other half of my brain has a very different if not contrasting opinion on food vs art equipment topic, 'well done pat on the back, you can scribble away now. Nothing worse then a build up of creative frustration,besides you can't sketch using carrot sticks.'
Hmmm, why not? Its just a case of dunking carrots into some paint.

I'm half pleased with my decision to purchase art stuff as now I have all I need to feel happy and content, all except food that is. On the brighter side of things and trying to keep up beat, my head above the gloom that is hunger pains!
I've been holed up in my room, sketching away at crazy times of the night, talking and singing to myself.Occasionally complaining and being harsh towards myself too when failing to capture details or just failing to conjure up ideas etc.For some unknown reason I always work best during twilight time,when ideas begin to flow easily and pieces of the puzzle connect themselves without me really having to try too hard.It was during twilight time yesterday or rather today when I was reminded and inspired by this Paolo Roversi shoot for Vogue August 2008. I can't put my finger on what or why exactly even how these particular images nudged me? But they have, thank god prevented creative block.
Now if only I could eat these pages, note to self: never-again-opt- for -art tools- over- food. Huge mistake.

images from: vogue august 2008


Meg said...

Even though you are hungry, at least you can make some great art!

daisychain said...

I actually really want to make marmite cakes now.
Maybe a savoury fairy cake with marmite in the mix and a cheddar cheese topping?
Or am I just off my trolley here?

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Just like Meg said, at least you can liberate and feed your soul with art. Hope payday comes up soon for you so you can go grocery shopping this time. =)