20 December 2009

The rokit has landed

Hey long time no post I know and apologies for the slacking, come the new year posts will be more consistent believe me. I'm saving up for a laptop as when I can't stalk fashion and blog it drives me up the wall and I morph into this mad fashion deprived woman. Who despite all the tricks in the sleep disorder book, fails to transport to slumber land due to the hundreds and thousands of fashion topics that drift around in my head. Yes I am that sad, in fact I keep a notebook with me at all times as I've always got something I need to write about.Oh man I cannot wait to purchase a laptop, I will be boring you all to tears with a hundred blog posts per hour. Feel free to delete me from blog roll if this occurs!
Now call me foolish but I won't be basing purchase of laptop on it's techno intelligence nor capability, oh nooo for my decision will be based purely on aesthetic. If I spot a bright red or even better embellished laptop 'tis mine.Santa do you hear me?

Apart from wishing with all my might for a laptop, I've been waiting for my delivery from Rokit (one amazing vintage web stop which I recommend to any quirky vintage fashion fan) I bought a few items from there as a Christmas gift from myself to myself. Am I the only person who does this?I once bought my friend (what I considered to be a very cool gift) this multi coloured seventies embellished blazer from Rokit (think Ugly Betty, you've got the visual). Her negative response not being what I had expected. "you may want to join the circus but I sure don't, what is this thing anyway. Where did you get it from?"
I paused for a second to collect my thoughts, gobsmacked by her honest and harsh reaction, "Where did I get 'it' from? The bloody circus love whilst there I had a conversation regarding the latest fashion trends with Dumbo the elephant."
You live and you learn.

Rokit is for fashion dare devils only. Those not afraid of receiving odd frowns from strangers on the train, or verbal abuse from the fashion savy sort( who think by wearing one accessory their being 'bold'). Here's a tip for ignoring opinions from the latter: turn the volume up and say a pray for them. Do not fear one day they're have a mind of their own. Even if it is in their afterlife.
I was so excited when my Rokit Xmas gift to myself finally arrived,that soon as I ripped open the packaging the existing garments in my wardrobe seemed depressing and just no longer up to scratch. I gave them a dirty and disgusted look, go on get out of my wardrobe.
Of course I'm only joking (though I really did give them a not-very-amused glance not there is single thing wrong with them)every year I select my favourite pieces from my wardrobe and drop them around various charity/ thrift shops.
As a thank you for all the fashion thrift gems I've discovered through out the year!


PS...Rage Against The Machine are Christmas number one, thank god for that I hate being force fed frigging X factor every year.