24 March 2010

Mmm Butter

I being slowly (very slowly) on the mend blah,blah,blah I ventured out of the house,and embarked on a very exciting trip down to the drug store,it was so nice to suck in some fresh air...Though I'm feeling ever so slightly dazed,dazed and confused (the effect of this medicine cocktail which I'm on, just six days and I'm off them! *Whoop*),I still found the inner strength to browse 'The Barn',(a barn, funny enough turned random junk/antique shop,from retro fridges,creepy china dolls,Gothic lace garments and VHS tapes)and go into thrift mode.I lurrve the old barn,it's only ten minutes from the drug store so I didn't have to consume too much energy I just took it really slow.
After a snail like stroll I arrived at the barn (why do I find that so amusing?)and spent most of my time dusting down objects,as if it was my duty or something?
I passed all the creepy antique dolls,stopped at the retro telephones in a whole spectrum of colours,mustard yellow,lipstick red,candy floss pink and classic black.Gawwwd the temptation to buy one was intense:if I wasn't moving I would have snagged the candy pink dial telephone most definitely,only I've ran out of boxes and don't care to see another box for a long,long time.I'm sick of 'em things!

After an hour of eyeing up funky furniture and wishing I could obtain the whole lot,
I was literally a nano second from saying goodbye forever to my beloved junk shop,(or barn even)a tear rolled down my cheek,when thinking about how I will never see this place again,nor have the pleasure of stumbling upon vintage frocks,bags and err telephones.Sob.
When I caught a glimpse of this glorious flower patterned tin,on the floor peeping out behind a box of battered tea looking stained books.Curiosity got the better of me,I slid the box of books to one side and began investigating this elusive tin.
I gave the tin a little shake,and eagerly pulled off the stiff lid,it's contents inside, was truly incredible.A gob smacking,(I gasped-out loud with this discovery,pinching myself as I assumed I was just dreaming) treasure trove of gems and costume style jewellery,brooches,pearls,clip-on earrings and a beautiful,beautiful long necklace with delicate decorative detail.Destined to be worn with my vintage gingham baby blue dress,to a picnic...when the weather improves.
I asked about the tin and it's history the guy informed moi it was once a butter tin,who would have thought eh?So in love with the butter tin,I bought it,obviously.How could I not?It cost me £5,I began removing the treasure from the tin when the guy kindly turned around and told me,"take it,take the lot as it's your last time here."
Lost for words all I could do was shrug and make a strange swoon sound,before saying thank you.

all photos by:prettyneons

On another note, this shall be my last blog post for a while,as you may already know I'm moving the end of this week,and that means my computer must be packed up (nooooo,tis my life support machine this thing)and the internet obviously cut off,as from tomorrow I won't have any access to the world wide webby or sadly this blogalaxy,(*insert sad face).
However the powers that be over in broadband world promised me (...I made them cross their fingers too)that I will be back online within five days(yikes I will have the shakes by then,blogging withdraw symptoms).A short hiatus,in the mean time don't forget if you've missed a post (as I post frequently like a crazy person)you can always catch up (if you like?)simply scroll through the archive list to your right.Where your be directed to alot of musings,pondering's and general out loud thoughts.Oh I got this email from a reader who wanted to ask me a question and wanted to know if this would be OK? Yep sure is, go ahead fire away if any of you gals have a question do feel free to get in touch.And I could string together a little Q&A post when I return.
So I suppose it's time for me to say goodbye,and I look forward to catching up with all of you when I'm back blogging!

P.S...Emma hun thank you so much for the card,bless your socks your so sweet x

See you all later,
prettyneons X

23 March 2010

What to do with this wig?

Right so I've gone and broke my promise, do you remember my- no more posts about Freja Beha or The Breakfast Club promise, yup if you've been tuned into prettyneons from the start your know exactly what I'm talking about,yes?
I'm not mentioning The Breakfast Club movie,BUT I am about to swoon over Freja B which I'm sure some of you will appreciate and enjoy?
Yes, yes once again I turn my attention towards Freja B's hair,so far I've copied every hairstyle this girl has had,including the real short boyish crop she once sported not too long ago.And I managed to convince myself the boy crop would make me look fierce and fab too.Wrong.
This time round I'm taking this picture of Freja to the hair salon

image from:Vogue

image from:Bing

And whatever the results, it will sure be a big improvement as lately I'm totally guilty of neglecting my 'wig' (hair), my hair is once again slowly morphing into a birds nest, a rather big birds nest actually.Time for the chop.Fact. Besides it is only hair,and well if it all goes tits up (wrong-what is with the slang language today?),there are many hats I own to hide the hair sins.
I was also going to dye my hair with a bright bottle of red, my pal has talked me out of this one,"Oh no please don't don't do it. You have such beautiful coloured hair brunette with blond tips. Some girls pay to get highlights like that."
Don't tell her,(though shes probably reading this anyways)but she has not convinced me one little bit, so I bought a bottle of 'dark chocolate brown' instead inspired by Silver from THAT American program which I won't mention again, just quickly then...90210.
Forgive my ignorance but I don't know the real name of this actress.Anyone care to inform me?All I know is I want her hair colour perhaps even hair cut too?Mmm Freja or Silver, Freja or Silver?AAhh heck I don't bloody know!?! Bit of both maybe? A 'Frever'hairstyle best of both worlds?Much like that Hovis bread.
Oh these meds are playing havoc with my head, look at me rambling on and on and on and...I'm no doubt boring you now? Go on it's OK, skip this post click on another blog it's fine, no feelings hurt,no really my body is pretty much numb right now anyways.
...What is Silvers real name?

PS...Huge thank you's for your super sweet comments,I'm not on the mend yet but I'm heading in the right direction.Thanks again girls X

21 March 2010

Show Your Bones

Before I even begin today's post, I'd just like to say sorry for being slow with the old comment chatter i.e catching up/replying, it isn't a case of not reading blogs nor ignoring the comments it's just at the moment I'm feeling quite rough (...I really dislike the word 'ill', it's weak)I cannot even begin to explain how truly awful I'm feeling,nothing to do with hang overs either.
I don't wish to go into detail too much as I like my blog to be a happy sort of place,which provides great escapism I suppose?Plus I don't do sympathy seeking, is like sooooooo (putting on her poor 90210 impression)not- my -style.
But very briefly,(you guys don't want to go on a downer, not on this fine, fine, sunny Sunday!)my ribs have well, sort of slipped out of place funny bones is my middle name pretty much.Meaning my range of movement is limited, the smallest movements adds stress to my ribs this includes typing,honestly I really shouldn't be any where near my keyboard right now,I'm asking for further trouble, but heyho.I've been to the doctors (where by the way I discovered a brilliant issue of Style magazine on the table,I don't know why, I never bother to pick up a issue of Style magazine?Note- to -self:purchase Style magazine more often,if poss)where my doc informed me of bleak news,which is always very delightful for the ears.
Moi's flexible ribs are now beginning to have a knock on affect(the correct technical term I'm sure)on my shoulder blades, which equals a rather sexy (insert sarcastic tone of voice)Vogue-esque (size nothing models eat your heart out) display of sticking out ribs it looks and feels utterly disgusting. In simple terms I feel a bit like a circus freak,roll up, roll up.

However this circus freak is a happy circus freak, very happy indeed.Because my favourite person (Mum)treated me to a stack of glossy magazines,and because I'm some what a mag-slag ,(just in case you hadn't already noticed)this has made me feel content.More so than watching back to back episodes of that American high school drama I cannot get enough of (hell no not Glee for that is utter shit-902...yeah you've got it).
I'm so strange in the way I read magazines I've got this this bizarre ritual going on,firstly I begin by searching for fancy perfume samples on strips of paper which I eagerly tear out and slap all over my neck/wrists/belly button.Once I've drowned myself in designer floral fragrance, I switch the kettle on pour myself a mug of fruit tea (currently flirting with strawberry and cinnamon)fetch a snack (crackers,chocolate or cake)and look at all the pictures/editorials.I pick out my favourites from the bunch, scan/ print them off and pin them onto my mood board,once this is complete I return to the magazine (swapping snacks-always)second time round I read it.I never read it all.Why? Well those high end magazines are expensive, therefore I enjoy savouring every penny and glossy page making each issue last me up until the following issue is released.
I did tell you my magazine ritual was strange.
Anywho's it wasn't until today when I was taking my meds and starring at my current moodboard, that it clicked (*light bulb moment*) and occurred to me that this mag-slag should share her personal favourite fashion bits, each time I buy a fancy fashion magazine be it Vogue or Elle etc,I will post up what I think are the epic bits.
This way those of you who missed an issue of Vogue/Elle, whatever can drool and swoon over the editorials with me, erm if you wish to do so?I mean I'm not forcing you or anything, freewill and all.I really love it when I catch a glimpse of magazine editorials I've not seen over on various blogs, for example the American/French/Italian issues...Oh the joy of worldwide blogs huh?

I kick off my first ever fashion magazine best bits (I need to work on a more catchy title me thinks?Mag-slag best bits perhaps?) with the April UK issue of Vogue,this was a tricky decision even for me to make,(I being a very decisive sort of person)in the end I opted for this..."Private Dancer" photography by Javier Vallhonrat, the imagery is already permanently etched on my brain.The glitter, emerald sequin capes,Miu Miu satin boots (drooling),antique style blouse's,gold polka dots and a back drop of lanterns and dazzling fairy lights.What's not to love about this?

all photos from:UK Vogue April Issue

How badly I want to be her am I alone on this one?Surely not?So feel free to let me know what you think about my mag-slag best bits idea?

Happy Sunday (...what's left of it).

19 March 2010

Girl Crush

No,no,no I've not decided to swap guys (not that I have a guy to swap-snap out of it!) for girls nor am I experiencing sexual confusing of any sort, but I do admittedly have a giant girl 'crush' on those care free, sassy and ultra cool Orla Kiely girls...how can I not? With their retro shades, rose pink blush cheeks, perfect porcelain skin Oh not forgetting the actual Orla Kiely dresses which those Orla gals sit and look pretty in.I have this habit of clicking on over to Orla, just so I can repeatedly flick through the Lookbook pages sit, sigh and swoon over the well, looks I guess?
My habit is now crossing over to OCD territory. I kid you not.
For those girls are now,my desktop background I'm ever closer to being part of the Kiely crew,hmmm yes I can visualise it now. Me in a little sweet shift dress, clutching a vibrant fuchsia pink flower power bag,striking a pose in my over sized cream coloured plastic shades and sipping on icecream soda through a bright pink straw... occasionally blowing soda bubbles. Bliss.
Damn I want to be a Orla girl!

board by:prettyneons

With the power of my imagination,(the secret hideaway place in my head: where rainbow unicorns fly sequin kites)I can step into the patent peep-toe shoes of an Orla Kiely girl albeit a slight fake.
First thing first, snap up some of those swinging seventies-esque pieces from OK's SS10 collection (this Orla Kiely lifestyle is so very hard you know?).Now which items to choose? Umm this is a toughie (no rest for the wicked) deckchair stripe dress is first on my list, and with money not being an issue (...I am after all imagining, lets not forget there are no limits.Spend, spend, spend)for it is burning a hole in my super stylish Orla Kiely pocket,I'm going to be really greedy and treat myself to not one, but two of Kiely's bags.

Heck why not crazzzzy!?!I'll nab the charming candyfloss pink boat print dress aswell,thank you.Besides I could do with a reminder of the great British seaside, the smell of salt drenched fish&chips,the ear piercing sounds of killer seagulls (exaggeration, the Seagulls aren't exactly blood thirsty. But they aren't exactly too far from it either)and the cold ice feel of hale stones beating down (the memories of last years nightmare caravan holiday just came flooding back) on my umbrella-ella-ella (lame yet effective,no?).Talking/singing of umbrellas, I wonder if Orla Kiely does umbrella's? I've got to go and do some (cough) research...have a nice weekend yes? Me? Oh you know I shall still be sat here,fixated on THAT lookbook.

all images from:orlakiely.com
boards by:prettyneons

17 March 2010

Pieces Of What

Yup I cheated with the title for this post, I've nicked it from MGMT, who I've been listening to all day today, pretty much.How very brilliant is the new song?For me it blows all their other fine, fine tunes straight out the water!
I love them.
Sorry but I feel compelled to declare my much lurrrve for them guys.I adore them more than The Rolling Stones and biscuits combined. I know right? That's crazy love right there.Anywhos today's post is a bits and bobs sort of post with no particular order nor theme,basically I'm using this post to show off some surprise goodies I received today.It makes a nice change to receive pleasant post,normally the only post that slips through my letter box are take away leaflets,(greasy Chinese food,and sloppy 'Joe's pizza'-gag) and student debt bills *joy*
So I was ecstatic when I ripped open a lovely card from my bbf (blog best friend)and this quirky thing fell into my lap...

a party ring biscuit brooch, ekk Miss Daisychain you know me so well.I have a mad addiction to partyring biscuits, recently I had to go cold turkey (my local shop had ran out, don't point the finger at me!)on my come down from partyrings, I developed all the symptoms of an addict-the shakes and a large void I failed to fill with pink wafers (my second favourite biscuit).Needless to say this brooch is much appreciated, and put a big smile on my glum face (I don't do Wednesdays they irritate me hugely.Because it's midweek:Friday so near yet still so far).Just when I assumed this Wednesday couldn't really get much better,my aunt and uncle surprised me with this...

all photos by:prettyneons

isn't she a beauty?!I'm naming her 'Buttons',how original of me, not.She really is gorgeous full up with a few things I'm a sucker for,ribbons,lace,bows and buttons.I'm so excited about this needle work box, I wet myself (a little tiny bit), Buttons will fit nicely into what will be my work room/studio space,bless her.Wish my sewing machine wasn't packed away, I cannot wait to get those bobbins bouncing,and crack on with some bag designs,purses etc.
I have the best family and friends EVER-thank you's (insert big kiss).
Something else that has made this Wednesday a wonderful one is the fantastic weather, rain and gale free. As I sit and type this post, my window is open for the first time in ages, and the sun is only just beginning to set...could spring be close by?

15 March 2010

Lots Of Loveliness

To celebrate the improvement of my health (I'm feeling brand new: my batteries have been recharged,by the way, big thank you's for all your super kind words)and to also celebrate the impossible being well, possible:I've completed all my packing (for the move),and I never want to see another box EVER again...with the exception of shoe boxes, obviously.
I thrashed the charity/thrift shops,I -be-a-pirate hunting for that
elusive X-marks the spot treasure chest.Minus a hook for a hand and rainbow parrot, however I was sporting a head scarf and stripe pants, giving the pirate,(my favourite pirate actually)from Peter Pan a run for his money. So I like to believe anyway? Then again I can be very deluded.
Before I hit any charity/thrift or vintage shop I always go prepared with a style inspiration or idea in mind, otherwise I end up bulk buying yet more ornaments and bags which I already have too much of,'tis greed.
These ideas can stem from anything from a dream I've had,a song,a band member (normally Juliette L,Gwen S or my current style crush Alison M),a film...erm yes so you get it already.
Today thrift style inspiration was 'borrowed', alright pinched from Mario Testino's (I never have the courage to rip out his work from magazines, it's precious)shoot for the March issue of Vogue,which is candyfloss delicious.An array of delicate lace,pretty pleats,big bows,playful ribbons,flirty transparent chiffon's, cute curls and dainty doll like details.So badly I wish I could touch all the mouth watering tasty textures in this Testino editorial, how brilliant would that be?

all images from:March issue of UK Vogue

So with pictures from Vogues Mario Testino's "Girls Allowed" shoot folded (this felt wrong, I'm a vandal!) very carefully in my bag,this pirate began raiding the rails, diving down bargain boxes and snooping the skips. I kid you not.A explanation I feel is much required right now, right?
I was struck with incredible luck, whilst becoming frustrated with the lack of goodies in Oxfam (I blame the sudden wave of Chung wannabes,who are nabbing all my vintage leather bags and dresses...back off Chung children, back off.Damn the word vintage growing ever so trendy these days).I dropped into The Salvation Army (which later on did literally become my vintage salvation,the irony)just to have a looksee at the mish mash of ornaments (they always have the best Russian dolls, and old typewriters),and to express how very peed-off this thrift pirate is feeling, to my friend who's assistant manager there.

After much censored Chung insults (my rants didn't impress my friend much, she has a odd crush on Alexa Chung,"shes talented, she's a big deal plus her bf is from the Artic Monkeys." All my knowledge on Alexa Chung is that once she was an average tv presenter on T4.Somehow my friend brings Alexa Chung into at least one conversation a day)my friend gave me a tip off on a skip around the back of the shop.Which had a black bin bag of slightly damaged garments within it (I suspect she was encouraging me to leave the shop,and stop with the childish strops),I was head first down that skip in a split second.
'Skip skip style' as I like to call this gritty way of shopping, is something I'm considering to make more of a habit of.Honestly most of the thrift rejects, were not dismissed for no reason-I came face to face with some frightening frocks.After many nasty encounters (armpit stained bra anyone?) I pulled out a gorgeous dress (Toppers too!)which had a few broken buttons and one small ripped seam.I paid zero for it, as the dress was in the rag bag.The definition of awesome?Possibly.
I went from one depressed pirate to one very smug pirate indeed, after some TLC (whizzing the second hand Topshop dress through my magical much loved sewing machine)
the once sad and rejected dress is looking good as new. The little details are beautiful,I did attempt to capture the design details such as the stitching, silky ribbons and miniature ruffles, to no avail because my camera is no Canon-powerful it ain't.I tried, check out these snapshots...

photos by:prettyneons and her rubbish camera.

Anyone else out there ever gone through a skip before and found a fashion gem?If not may I recommend you test it out? Skip shopping is a blast!

13 March 2010

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Yet again today I've spent a large amount of my time just editing through some of the rubbish I've collected over the years such rubbish includes; Buffy vhs box sets (I was thirteen and thirsty for all things vampire, plus hello how hawwwwwt was the dude who played Angel?),yet more Spice Girls items (Spice Girls lolly tin anyone?) and last but not least an array of Polly Pockets (hmmm I think someone wanted to be Polly?),which I remember smuggling into primary school and swapping for other more impressive Polly Pockets in the playground. Until I was busted by the Polly police i.e the lunch time playground teachers.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, yawn as if you care about my Polly stories? Where was I? I can't think today.
Ah yes so sorting out crap.
Once I had finished bagging up memories of my childhood into plastic bags,donated to various charity shops (hey what can I say? I'm a very generous girl.Alright so I'm fooling no one, it was junk that I have really no use for anymore.Well with the exception of the Polly Pockets which between you and me I secretly longed to keep). I found some very much beloved long lost Cd's.All of which I had assumed were left behind in my student dig, or adopted by friends who I had foolishly allowed to 'borrow'.It seems I have been accusing my pals (erm sorry's) of pinching albums that were tucked away in my Converse shoe box all this time, and to my delight KT Tunstall 'Eye to the telescope' was one of the them.

all images from: bing

"I felt a little fear upon my back, it said
Don't look back, just keep on walking"

KT Tunstall, 'Black horse and the Cherry Tree'

I quickly rushed over to my stereo and inserted KT, I had forgot how epic this album is, 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' is just one track that jumps out and demands yours ears to listen up, my other favourite tune from this album has got to be 'Stoppin The Love' *chills down spine* moment most definitely.
When I first came across KT Tunstall, I was obsessed with her music and even more so her style.My house mate at the time miss Boop (hello's to the Boop) would be climbing the walls as I had 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' on repeat for like three weeks straight.I came up with a bonkers theory that if I went to a KT gig it might calm me down a bit?
Except the reverse happened and I became fixated, I felt compelled to duplicate (or try to rip off is more like it)her cool effortless, road trip style.
Abusing my student discount card I stocked up on ankle biker boots,cowboy boots, embellished wasitcoats,distressed washed out denim shorts,military style jackets,check shirts and vintage-esque rock print tee's.
I also went to the extreme of buying a second hand acoustic guitar that I nicknamed 'Cherry',what with my love for that song.
Cherry remains in my life,but I'm baffled as to where my KT Tunstall-esque clobber has got to? Perhaps it's hiding in the back of my wardrobe somewhere?Where ever it may be,I hope to find it as (dare I say this?),I feel a KT phase returning once more!

board by:prettyneons

1.guns & roses printed tee, newlook,£14
2.vest top,river island,£15
3.waistcoat,same as above,£30
4.Motel stripe pants
5.lace up boots,river island,£95

12 March 2010

Friday Fashion

I've spent most of today shrugging my shoulders, it's been so counter-productive,
because I've had to hang around waiting for estate agents to visit this shoebox size flat. I swear it's been worse than waiting for any plumber (...and you know how they are more then prone to take their time). So moi here has been stranded locked up in the house, and sods law: outside has been revealing signs of spring, the sun was out and I couldn't go and soak up those mild rays.Sob.
Due to not being allowed out the front door, I decided to play around with various pieces in my wardrobe,pinching style ideas from these pics that I found in one of my old scrapbooks. The sequins,over dramatic head decorations and exaggerated silhouette's are what really attracted my full attention

images from:I don't where?some sort of magazine

...In my vain attempt to copy the styling,I piled on the sequins and teamed some neon green socks with a pair of light gold and silver cut out ankle boots, completed with two hairbands placed in (my split ends) hair. One hairband is a enormous gold bow, the other a Aztec printed pleated disc shape. Did I capture the styling as seen in the above images? Well in all honesty no, no I didn't.I lacked a few vital elements such as; good lighting,photshop( to brush out my pink eye and cold sores) make-up artist ooh and the designer garments...I tried.
My little 'dress up like the model' wardrobe game kept me amused for an alarming two hours or so,before I knew it late afternoon had arrived and still no visit from the estate agent.Annoying.
What should a very bored, restless girl do? I know I'll tape up the boxes that's always so much fun right? Wrong.
Twenty minutes had dragged on, and the sellotape was seriously getting on my last nerve...after getting a bit of it stuck in my hair!
I abandoned the above box mission, and decided to sit down at the table (or large box:the table has been stored away)and kill time by scribbling. One little problem.My art equipment has been boxed up and stored away too, along with the table.Joy.

illustration by:prettyneons

After rummaging around I found a tin of watercolours under the kitchen sink, and a piece of A3 paper underneath my bed (I also discovered one of my old Futureheads album. I knew it was laying around somewhere?). So I sat on the floor with my box-turned-table,blasted out Futureheads 'Decent Days and Nights' and began drawing.Thirty minutes into drawing and guess who rings my doorbell? The bloody estate agent, immaculate timing. I greeted them with a bemused face, they just looked at me really funny for some unknown reason?Unknown until I was later informed that I forgot to take the giant gold pleated fan out of my hair, which I inserted earlier on messing about playing,'dress up like the model' game.
Only something so daft and ridiculous could happen to me,I suppose it was quite comical? Reflecting back on it. Anywhos I did eventually complete my drawing,inspired by my studded leather jackets which lay on the bedroom floor,waiting for me to pack them away...which my weekend will mostly consist of:boxes and packing.
Hope you lot have a more impressive weekend then I do?

10 March 2010

Pop culture... FLASH BACK!

Warning: the next few up and coming posts will probably be on the very random side,I can't promise posts everyday or even every two days this pattern will only be for the next two weeks though, so stick with me folks, hehe.
But why the randomness? I hear you cry (or not perhaps?), well I'm relocating as you may already know? And I need to start getting my act together, big time no longer can I put it on the back burner, I began hardcore organizing and packing up today...nope this time I didn't get in the box!
Phew 'tis chaos.Good chaos.
I have three sewing machines,various fashion and art equipment to still be boxed up, this isn't including the library of fashion/art/culture books/fashion magazines I need to put in year/season/issue order (I'm a very order and list type of gal:though I always lose my lists..thank god for post -it -notes eh?).
Some brilliant news a studio has been found: I'm ecstatic and cannot wait to get down to my new corner of the UK,and finally after a year of hanging and generally floating around crack on with my art and fashion projects.It shall all be trial and error, but fingers crossed it will all work out. I hope to eventually employ a small team of cool,dorky, quirky, tea biscuit lurrvers to create some amazing work with me...Prettyneons pirates-get on board!
I'm no where near that point right now.This is the big, grand dream.

Enough of the pirate chatter, over the last two days I've stumbled upon my Spice Girls stuff *cringe* (am blushing with embarrassment),tragic truth is I was a mad,bonkers, crazy, huge fan of scary spice, posh spice, baby spice,ginger spice and sporty spice. Please don't ask me to pick a favourite, for that would be impossible!
The first ever tape (vintage huh?)I picked up was the Spice Girls, this is where my fashion journey really began. In regards to style inspiration (amusing I know, my excuse is:I was only a child), well you have to start somewhere no?
I started there, with Ginger and Scary spice...which explains my crush on all things loud and leopard print: them two must have remained etched in my brain? Now it all makes perfect, perfect sense.

photos by:prettyneons

I stunned myself when I rediscovered this lot, I never realised how much Spice Girls gear I collected. I was forever saving up my pocket money to join the Spice Girls fan club,yet by the time they made their movie I had sadly (?) outgrown 'girl power', instead I was sneaking into catch the likes of Linkin Park, Blink 182,Yeah Yeah Yeahs Nodoubt and other metal/punk/rock/pop bands,using my older friends I.D's (not advised for any pre-teen neon readers out there...unless you want to be grounded like I was) heaven knows how I made that musical transfer?
Reflecting on all this I've reached the conclusion that I've never really truly abandoned my Spice Girl roots hell no. I remain partial to bright hair colours (with a bottle of bright red waiting for me to pour over my locks), bold print dresses and clashing shoes ...sometimes a platform shoe.
Yes, yes deep down I'm still very much a Spice Girl victim.I fear there is no escaping this obvious fact.

photos by:prettyneons.

Once I took a long shot and applied for a magazine internship, the interview process included several stages all was going quite smoothly up until I was asked to compile mood board to reflect my personality and style I'm assuming?
My mood board consisted of bits which makes me, me.This included fashion icons, heroes (so to speak) favourite designers, artists etc I pasted the two Spice Girls (above) on my mood board.I'm now convinced the editor thought I was taking the piss, or ignorant towards classic fashion icons. Of course this wasn't the case. As I was growing up and approaching my pre-teens the Spice Girls DID influence and affect my naive style decisions, so why not stick it on my mood board?
As I was rejected out the office (being the last final stage) with my mood board, I recall feeling so angry: not because I didn't win the internship, but more because one of my style icons weren't good enough for them, because they were not some typical classic Hollywood type.To this day the same question still repeats in my head and baffles me, 'why does a style/fashion icon always have to be from the past?' (1920's onwards?). Besides surely a fashion icon is a personal thing? Past or present, it shouldn't matter that much, me thinks?
Please insert your thoughts on this subject if you wish?

Peace & Girl Power? X

08 March 2010

Spring...of the Pixie kind

Confession time, I'm not fussed about the Geldof girls (shocker) I don't hate them or anything, it's just I don't really get it?
Each to their own, everyone has the right to have a fashion icon/inspiration.
However whilst attempting to edit through my stack of Vogues, and box them up (...who would of thought it? I'm actually not half bad at packing, I really impressed myself, and also felt a tad ashamed of myself too:as I couldn't resist climbing into the box)I ended up dipping into one or two Vogue issues...it was inevitable.Whilst rapidly flicking through the pages and collecting numerous paper cuts (that's what I get for reading Vogues, when really I should have been busy packing them all away. What with the removal van due here in two weeks *panic*)I stumbled upon July 2007'Ageless style'issue.
Inside is a feature on sixteen year old Pixie Geldof, the photography and styling is beautiful with a hint of retro, and a reminder of glorious spring.

images from:Vogue july '07

Thank gawwwd I did discover this issue of Vogue for it has reminded me that Spring isn't a figment of my imagination like I began to believe, it's real, it does exist.This winter won't last forever. The day when I can wave goodbye to my depressing winter wardrobe will be arriving sooney.No more heavy coats,no more winter warmers i.e itchy chunky knitwear accessories. And I shall be ecstatic when I can finally ditch the gloves (Joy!)and replace them with sunglasses (erm not to wear on my hands, but my head of course).

all above images from:trafficpeople

I literally cannot wait to wake up and be greeted by spring,and go sleeveless whoop, whoop,whoop and whoop again (too many whoops? Nah), plus I'm eager to whip out those jumpsuits.I almost OD on vintage jumpsuits/playsuits last summer: after snagging many funky ones from my beloved charity/ thrift shops.This year I shall be adding to my collection,I'm bagging the owl print and jungle j'suits from Trafficpeople. Who also have a crazy pair of very loud jungle print leggings...'noooo no more leggings Missy, you only have one pair of pins' alright I honestly tried extremely (?) hard to talk myself out of purchasing the jungle leggings. The burning question is has it worked?Hmmm, admittedly I'm not convinced or confident.
Time will tell.

all above images from:trafficpeople