18 December 2008

Knitwear Happy Hanako Style!

Photos From; Hanako Narahira

As you lot probably know by now I don't and can't blog for the hell of it, I only ever write or sometime rant about fashion that really brightens my eyes and makes me feel all inspired and generally hyper. I get this this genuine need and burning desire to tell everyone about a gem then afterwards I self combust from too much innovative fashion constructions and regain my energy, for the next little surprise that comes my way! I'm always very inspired by the super comments I receive I love nothing more then passing on fashion info for others to than further explore and develop a romance with (perhaps the last is just moi?) I sometimes find it difficult to get my head around the fact that people actually stop by to read my pondering's and very much long entry blabbers on various a fashion subject. So before this post begins to sound like a over the top award acceptance speech 'Oscar style'...I'd just like to say a big massive genuine *THANK YOU'S* before festive fun takes over my world and I go and forget ( this isn't to say I will be neglecting my pc and keyboard during Christmas. Hell no way! I'm forever writing and consumed by fashion design, besides I don't want to miss out. Fashions face changes every day!).

For sometime now I've been very desperate and excited to feature one of my favourite fashion designer (or knitwear designer to be textile, scientifically exact!) Hanako Narahira. As a girl often blinded by colour and shape Hanako can do no wrong, this is some serious innovative and extremely modern take on knitwear. I only wish I could sit and observe just how this designer makes such delicate shapes and textures on the old knitting machine. Theres a combo of loops, hoops twists, chunky bright patch work style panels and plenty of cleaver quirky collars. With all the above combined Hanako Narahira's collection can only be described as an childrens colouring book re-worked in knit form (this is just in case your reading Hanako? A Prettyneons complement)...I really hope Central Saint Martins future fashion star continues to colour in and go over those restricted lines; one thing is for certain I simply cannot wait to see what this talented designer does next on that magical knitting machine... yarns away! ( Such a poor and very bad pun, *sorry).

visit; www.notjustalabel.com

15 December 2008

No I Will Not Grow Up And I'm Loving It!

Photograph by; Prettyneons.
Photo From; Harajukulovers.com (as you've probably figured).
Photo from; JohnnyLovesRosie
Photos From; Happielovesit

I'm going to blame my love on all things child like, very pink and super cute on the anticipation of Christmas being just around the snow covered corner (so not snow but ice at least with a haze of thick frosty fog, which is close enough). I got my crimbo tree yesterday and its blazing with lights and shining bright with other glittering father Christmas and reindeer decorations, oh and of course...twirly, curly, whirly strands of ribbon! Love it. The festive feeling has officially arrived in the pit of my stomach (I'm not talking about a dose of premature festive food poisoning). Its just that feeling thats similar to when your really little and desperate to go bed closing your eyes shut ever so tightly in the hope father Christmas might just visit you first and there for the big day will arrive quicker...So like I said just a moment ago I'm besotted with girly, colourful childish, fashion items that normally I would NOT even look at yet alone seriously consider and sure I'm aware how stupid I will look when the 2008 Christmas photo album appears on the table. With conversations highlighting and questioning just 'why on earth and what on earth possessed you (me) to wear that number? Your not 10 years old you know?'. Easy answer; the atmosphere of festive cheer! Honestly I really couldn't care less about your opinions on my johnnylovesrosey hair clip or Gwen's delicious cute's Harajuku tops. I'm convinced some of my (soon to be mocking me) close pals (even the most hard core 'rocker' all in black head to toe friends sort are lusting after some simple innocent and naive pink prettiness. Come on admit it already its plain obvious, haha!). I fear my friends may very much not include me when attending the next gig.Oh well...Gives me more reason to pin on an assortment of hello kitty badges and dress up in cheerful happielovesit bow dress and dance around to 'that' Wham Christmas tune. How could I go and forget the other fantastic festive tune by... Mariah Carey, theres no room for black leather jackets, studs and moody frowns around here. Get over it, its almost Christmas! Now where did I put those other sets of fairy lights?

Visit; www.harajukulovers.com

10 December 2008

Is This The Cure To A Felder Felder Frenzy?

Photos; Music my ears are in love with, right now.
Photo by; Prettyneons.
Photo by; Prettyneons.
Photos from; Felder Felder S/S '09.
Photos from; Felder Felder A/W '08/'09

Do you know what? Right now I'm actually just in the one place...yep thats right no train jumping and running around like a crazy person feeling confused about where it is I'm needing to be, however this isn't to say I'm not still having a insane fit. I am. Though not over the complete pointless like running late or spilling coffee from a paper cup all over myself (as I often do, its very much become a habit.Grab drink. Trip over... dress complete with a nice coffee scented stain).You see I'm having a crazy fit of a different kind, a more berry, grey chiffon and punky pizzazz moment...otherwise more well explained as a Felder Felder all in a hot fuss fit! Oh deary me huh? So its not that much of a bigger deal? Oh but it is, it is a very big deal when your lusting over something your never have knowing I will not ever own such Felder frocks is making my condition that so much worse. As I simply cannot for the life of me stop going over to their webby and creating, 'what I'd snap up from Felder Felder if only I could' 'sets' (damn Polyvore I've been stuck on you for way too long now. Now please someone delete the site from my Google drop down list, this must be done and sorted at once...its such a great time waster though!) I very much doubt anyone out there (even the most die hard fashion lovers) cares and is really dieing to know just exactly which Felder Felder item I adore. Only this is self indulgent, non important and selfish post today, dedicated to just that; Prettyneons Felder Felder wantings ( and please don't think for one second you have to continue reading such an, me me me topic. You don't. Feel free to read more in depth concerning issues... but do you really need to read another the 'world is doomed and in dark debt' article?). Well I really should kick this whole Felder frenzy off with their chunky metal ring leather jacket which ultimately packs a Punk chic punch.Embellished to a whole new level with glorious bronze, gold and silver colored studs and large curtain style rings (this purchase would serve to be practical. Thinking about it, there may just be some crazy Christmas party's occurring. It only takes one drunk and hyper individual who has downed way too much alcohol, "hey hey what are you doing climbing the curtains? Get down!' and before you know it those curtains need to be popped back up. Well this is where the hoops from this leather beauty comes in handy)...Alright so I've noted the leather jacket, what next? I know the leather (Felder Felder defo enjoy using lashings of leather) fringe and same material panel double layered chiffon dress teamed with some Felder grey silk leggings. Perfect. Hang on this selfish extension isn't over yet...I'm taking that damn silk and (yep) leather cropped dress with defining body hug cut and strong shoulder features pleaseeeeee? Your find such a dress amongst their autumn winter 08 collection, while your seeking out that number could you please just see if you can spot also the pretty, frilly, girly whirly goth-esque berry bundle ruffled just above the knee skirt? Cheers! Stupid me. I almost completely forgot to include that nappa harness simple white dress from Felder's spring summer 2009 collection, I'm still thinking hard about whether I really want to try on the multi toned shades of blue dress? Pass me the nappa frock though, I need no more ponder over that Felder garment I'm going to throw on the leather jacket with that one! To keep myself all nice and warm...

Talking of warmth, I took some dead quick camera snaps of this other worldly deep orange with bleeding black sunset yesterday (or it could have been the day before?). The sunset was glaring in through the window, I noticed it while singing and dancing around to some MGMT and The Cure ( I placed their greatest hits into the player... As I was indecisive of which Cure cd to select, it was easier to opt for the hits combo). When I saw this sunset it stopped me in a heart beat, pity the spectacle vanished so fast like a doomed sinking ship. A shame because it managed to take my mind off of Felder Felder, hehe!


06 December 2008

Guy In The Leather Jacket. What Is The Day Today?

Photos From; CheapMonday '09 Collection.

As you've probably worked out already , I'm feeling a bit confused and baffled by what the day actually is? Does anyone else ever get that from time to time? I never forget the month or year (though it comes close to it sometimes!). Honestly I really lost complete track of the day like twice this week. On Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and today I swore it was a Friday! To my delight I realized it was in fact a Saturday, I suppose it doesn't help my memory when half the time I'm always on the go and often on a train or cab! Which reminds me I've got a huge volume of little random journey scrap book entry's to share with you real sooney...oh how I've run into a lot of fantastic and quirky characters lately, just here and there you know? I bumped into this person when I left my book on the train ( trying to rush around and jump onto another connecting train. About 12 platforms away, from where I was standing; I missed it). Any how all of a sudden this person runs up to me... (and I was thinking oh god, back off this bag of mine shall not be thieved. I will use my newly sharp sketching pencils as a weapon of self defense if I have to!)...this stranger turned out not to be the Xmas pinching type but rather a genuine sort who wanted to return my book back to me, I was so horrified that messy scribble of a book is pretty much my diary. I know I shouldn't carry it around with me everywhere if I'm concerned by its private contents, this isn't because its shocking. Only if some outsider was to see some of my notes, ramblings and drawings of all sorts they'd most probably be inclined to alert others and I'd be locked up in some sort of 'crazy unit'. To my surprise this kind stranger wasn't at all alarmed and instead began discussing the 'diary' with me (strange and funny situation, and was the very reason behind me missing that connecting train) "Hello excuse me, girl wearing the red hat"...I'm so glad I decided to wear my mad bright, red knitted hat ( must of been my gut instinct earlier in the day to chose the red hat that looks similar to some kind of contraception; When its bloody freezing cold and 5am in the morning, style awareness is indeed absent and very unimportant to me). *Bizare conversation with stranger continues*..."Um I think this belongs to you, does it not?"many pages of the book being exposed to what felt like the whole entire world, as they swayed and crunched up in the freezing cold cold wind. Pages that included my attempt at 'poems' (I much prefer the term 'ramblings') and drawings *embarrassing must cover my facial expression with my long moth ball curly locks, delighted by the fact I have such long hair.)..."Huh what? You shouting at me?!". "Yes sorry but I think you might what this, by the way its really impressive stuff, brilliant drawings. This lyric caught my eye as I picked it up its stunning. You an artist then?" ( I'm amused by the last question, and also assumed this was a case of 'classic sarcastic' whit. I usually have not so bad come back replies to such a smart arses. Only I was failing by this point, due to trying to work out where this guy was coming from? Is he being serious or is he having me on here?)..." Yeah its mine, and thanks for the constructive yet non sincere criticism. By the way I really couldn't care less what your opinions are, haven't you got a commute to be getting on with. Thanks" (like I said, I was uncertain of this strangers question)..."Well first of all I wasn't attacking or taking the piss out of you. Simply trying to return this book back to who I thought it belonged to? And is it so crazy to think your an artist, only that's what it looks like well to me anyway"... (If I was embarrassed before I'm now praying to who ever and begging them to open up the surface below my feet and swallow me up whole). My awkward reply something along the lines of this, "Oh god so so sorry, and thanks for my book I'm not crazy and have no screws lose as far as I know? Though to be fair your probably and more than welcome to think I do have mental issues...just what did you read in my book?" Understanding if not slightly pissed off response from where he stood, "That's alright at least I know for next time not to bother, joking I'm joking its no problem. I couldn't just leave it there so much hard work has gone into what ever this is, I won't go into what I read its deep stuff though and the use of words is amazing. So are you a singer, in a bad what? Those illustrations are really cool too!" (Ok is this guy talking to the same confused person, desperate to catch her train)..."Me in a band no, god no that's a funny thought though, um yeah the drawings they're just I don't really know. They're just the result of a bored, head forever occupied person, who is too easily distracted by crap half the time". "Oh right really I'd say they're the result of a person who has undiscovered writing talent and is good with pencils, and observing the mundane. The mundane that means nothing and little to most others. Have you got another train to catch do you want a cup of tea or coffee? I know I need one ain't slept since yesterday" Great a fellow night owl, "I can't really stop for too long, I'm up for popping over to the snack machine and siting on the step while I await the next train. If it ever decides to pass by that is, got another 30minutes to wait now!" Turning numb despite wearing gloves and a condom looking hat, checking through and double checking all the pages have remained the same from when I last had access to my scrap book, "Here you go I got you a Kit-Kat, take a break haha! That was lame wasn't it? I know I sounded like a dick head just then." So sat on a step discussing people watching and the shocking announcement I don't smoke (I always get this impression that as a 'creative' creature I should be using a form of toxic addictions to pull me through creative complications and 'blocks')..."You don't smoke, wow alright more fags for me to abuse" My respect for the law is eagerly expressed, "Hey surely you know its the law now to light up on train platforms and other various public areas? Go on stump it out!" Suppose the leather jacket should of gave me a clue about this person not one to conform I doubt "Jesus what the hell do they want to deprive us of next, the freedom to flick our middle finger or eat a calorie filled snack of the heart attack kind? I've been dieing for this baby all day, as far as I'm concerned they can throw me off that bridge...bloody England whats happened to this place hey? Fancy some of this Kit-Kat? Are you on myspace so I can stay in touch with you? Please?"...Contradiction no respect for authority yet full of social manners. No I'm not on myspace this isn't to be different or even awkward its just it passed me for too long and now I feel as if I shouldn't really have that social network 'privilege' you understand? I've got a blog thing on the go 'prettyneons' which is a more organized collection of my ponders, far more organized then my scrap book! And I appear illustrated complete with short hair and pink streaks, and I don't have a clue why I gave my illustrated self such features? Just did that's all..." He is aware of the blogspot yet not impressed by me being or not being part of myspace, "You aren't on myspace? You have to be. You should be. Ah yes I know blogs, interesting or not I find them to be like marmite personally... Some are really good others should not be allowed is that harsh of me? Its the truth though isn't it? I've got a friend well he was in our band, he has a blog updates it every single day do you do that then are you that obsessed too?" Smoke being puffed into my face with the last sentence, "Obsessed? Yes with fashion/ design. No I don't see the point of posting every day, I just can't post for the sake of it. It all varies on how inspired I am or what I've seen fashion wise that has fired me and motivated enough for me to blabber on about. Right now your ever so slightly scratched sunglasses are giving me a 'blog light bulb' moment, where are they from? No I'm not shallow we all think about what we wear even if we know this or not. But we do" Lighter makes another appearance and the kit-kat has had one lazy bite took out of it, "Prettyneons? Catchy you don't smoke do you sorry forgot...Prettyneons I really do think that's damn catchy stays in the head that title.; Your spot on it is pointless to blog on a daily basis your heart should be in it, with any writing whether its for a books, magazine, song whichever its all relevant. I hate fashion and style all that shit though I'm a fan of Brando's wardrobe, legend and Cash. Johnny Cash, don't know where I picked these up from the sun was in my eyes and I picked these up. Got these worn out jeans for free though some fashion industry types with nothing better to do than give away clothes with over priced ironically named 'cheap monday' tags. Don't mind these jeans wouldn't ever go out my way to purchase designer, give me a good quality harmonica and a new ash tray they've got more purpose!" Taking back by this guys fashion knowledge, knowledge that it seemed I might lack, " You wouldn't never of guessed who your style idols are, your ripping both of them off. And very well for that matter! Interesting seeing as you have no interest in fashion industry 'rubbish'. Must say I've not heard of them, the ones who gave you some free jeans. Cheap monday? Possible blog bulb moment. Perhaps? Will look them up. Cheers for that tip!" Pulling a 'is she sure or what?' face..."Go for it love. And I've seen what you've done there, questioning my fashion ignorance...or is he, am I fashion ignorant? Cash cannot be dismissed or Brando they kicked it all off didn't they? This is not however the cue for me to waste my money on designer shit, that will never happen. You got more chance of me putting this fag out or giving them up for the rest of my life. I've been lighting these for a good 28years ok maybe not since I was a year old but you know? Lets visit your blog bulb idea...take a photo of me and write about it most would jump at that opportunity joking I'm joking, groupies most likely would though...not that I do groupies and I really cross my heart don't I use to but your left feeling empty at the end of the day, its all shit. Anyway your um blog bulb, glad I could contribute towards your fashion/style awareness in some shape or other, promise you I will be checking up on your Prettyneon's 'blabbering's' and would you get it together and set up a myspace? Please? Tell me then do I have 'style'? Whats your fashion opinion on my old Stone Temple Pilots t-shirt from way way back". This transparent t-shirt was 'distressed' and layered over another black t-shirt which peered through the outer layer t-shirt in question, "Band tee can't go wrong with that one! STP as well can't fault it really. 5/10 for style you know that's all I live for to judge books by the cover. Can I make it clear there are various fashion sorts if you will; Don't paint us all with the same brush were not all style stuck up bitches. Are you band types all scruffy, misunderstood, complicated and rebellious drug lovers? Second thoughts don't answer that one!" Demand of mine ignored, "Hahaha, you've got a talent for comedy too well I say! Yes is the correct answer to those questions of yours, YES. That isn't a made up stereotype. Can't I have one more point added to that style score, after all I did fill you in on a unknown 'darling fashion label' did I not?" ..."Nope you can't have 6/10 that's greedy and only celebrity style can be such a high mathematical amount. I don't actually follow celeb fashion topics, my celeb knowledge is awful poor 'darling'. And its an aspect I'm working on, seriously so I have more in common with some of my friends...Looks like my train is here wait you can have 5 and a half, it is STP printed on there and I'm liking the use of layers mixed with some over large sun shades. Shades are a bit deluded though, its England. Its dark all the time and forever pouring down with rain. Shades aren't required for such weather, this isn't California or any where else tropical!" A fast reply shot my way, "How do you know the sun might decide to pay a visit? 'Prettyneons' your be caught out and will look like an idiot with that umbrella of yours haha, leave one of your books laying around again in the future won't you? Prettyneons, I will be for sure reading your blabbering's. Thanks for the score alteration means a lot to me"...No thank you leather jacket guy I really am besotted with 'Cheap Monday' you learn something new every day, apart from sometimes the actual day!

Visit; www.cheapmonday.com

03 December 2008

Lets Join The Circus?!

Photos: Emily Booth 'Circus' Collection.

I've been observing silly little things like I sometimes... alright often do, and lately its come to my attention that there are a hell of a lot circus posters pasted up everywhere, bus stops, shop windows, train stations...bins; You name it and there is sure to be a 'Crazy Circus Coming To Town' poster complete with clowns and other common circus images (though I have to say those dazzling decorated elephants are my personal favourite). Perhaps the unusual (even creepy) amount of circus posters has something to do with the fact I live in a quiet little town (and when I say quiet, I mean you can hear a pin drop and we have a odd yet I feel misunderstood character or better known as the 'local weirdo'...others are so judgmental. So what he is a little pale and elf like?)...I'm yet again straying off the track here, so let me spit it out. I want to join the Circus, damn it! All those posters have me wondering what it would be like? The thrilling stunts you could attempt, those smiles on children's faces covered in sticky chocolate and ice cream, the elephants becoming your beloved pets and taking them for a walk... Um maybe taking an elephant for a walk would prove difficult and indeed a little alarming I don't want to cause a scene.Alright alright I don't want to sign up to the circus so I can have a pet elephant and take it for Sunday strolls. Its for shallow reasons only;all those shimmering, multi coloured costumes complete with ruffles embellished, necklace/collars and dreamy large peacock feathered accessory head pieces. Surely its every girls dream to dress up circus style? Oh but what to do if your not so keen on dangling up side down on a piece of rope whilst wrapping your legs around your head? *Idea* invest in a cool va-va -voom, circus-esque statement piece from knitwear designer Emily Booth, looks like this designer is loving the circus as much as me if not more! Emily Booths 'Circus' collection is extremely fun and individual taking inspiration from all things circus, combined also with 15th century 'coat of armour' elements. The final effect are pieces which are diverse and exciting full of interesting,contrasting yarn textures and dramatic shapes; "I focus experimenting and pushing the boundaries of structure under the restraints of a domestic knitting machine yet creating such textures and high quality expected of a industrial knitting machine. Why work this way? Well its more of a challenge (enjoyable and worth while one) plus it really tricks people. Who often assume such results can only be produced from an industrial knitting machine!" Emily Booth certainly has an eye for detail and colour her designs are very versatile wear them as a combo collar necklace (suitably warm for frosty chilly winter)...or as a belt, however you wish. One thing is for sure this talented designer (and knit wear trickster) is my new obsession, and I so want a Booth clown-esque ensemble now! Please?

ps, I'd like to say a huge thanks you's to Emily Booth for letting Prettyneons have a little sneak peek.

29 November 2008

Thats Mine! Now Please Back Off (Please?).

Photo from; Ebags.com

Photos From; AB-irato s/s '09

Um... so I'm not sure if you guys tend to occasionally (maybe occasionally is not the correct word, when I do this on a unhealthy daily basis, like brushing my teeth routine) go round and round the old webby doing a spot of 'pretend I can afford such items' shopping? But I sure well do. Its up there with visiting junk shops and drinking coffee. God how I take pleasure and enjoy to kid myself, 'yeah no price too big for me, I'm a frigging rock star, bring on the fashion goodies', of course I'm none of the above and in fact so very far from it and to be completely honest I'd make a very rubbish 'rock star' anyway, being very uncool ( I'm not awaiting violins to be played, for it is just fact) and a awful 'light weight' bloody hell I don't even smoke! I'm aware I'm blabbing and going astray here, back to the 'pretend shopping' topic. I love nothing more than to abuse my mouse and waste time on simply starring at stuff I will probably never ever in my whole entire life afford (or just perhaps I could If a) I stopped carelessly bashing my purse on cd's and tights b) avoided trains, oh those ticket prices are too killer, and not in a positive way). Reality can sure be a bit of a burden at certain times, and this is where the imagination and online fashion shops come in handy you can't beat escapism even more so when its in the lovely form of dresses, shoes and last but not least...(drum roll please...) necklaces. On my latest fix and colorful trip around the wonderful webby I checked upon AB-irato and to my surprise appeared in front of me their s/s '09 collection. Instant crush of the 24/7 kind, I simply can't stop thinking about the items and how I'd wear them? Where I'd wear them and just when will I get the opportunity to generally embrace and feel such garments brush against my skin? Crush or what? As for the heart rich jeweled clutch complete with a classic clasp:Oh the soft sound of a clasp 'clicking' open and closed...makes me feel all funny inside...However I've been wanting the Iglu & Hartly tunes to my selfish disposal for some time now and that time has arrived, and a lady can't have it all. One or the other.

visit; www.ab-irato.fr

27 November 2008

Baubles KaPow!

Photo from; kapowwow

I'm beginning to think my taste for the unusual is beginning to get a little out of control, I keep seeing more and more Christmas decorations being thrown up around lots of various areas. Every time I see those Christmas lights I get all amused probably more so than I should...especially when I begin pondering over the possibilities of wearing Christmas decorations either in my hair or perhaps create a necklace out of old tree baubles (I've got this massive box full of really tacky 70's/ 80's style decorations. For some reason I often see such baubles in greasy spoon cafes or take aways...urm?). In all seriousness I've thought long and hard about exactly how I could casually throw in some tree baubles, I'm more then desperate to experiment. Everything about baubles I adore, the colours, the patterns with some mad snowman on, the shape...Oh the shape now were talking. My favorite tree bauble is in the form of a tear drop, you know the ones? Shape is the close runner up to sequins for me...

Hence why I'm most likely to go into a fit when ever I discover a item from Ka/Pow/Wow, these designers know how to play around with scale and structure like no other person on this earth. Inspired by fruity structures...how fantastic is that? Inspired by natural structures and form of fruit and coral, brilliant just brilliant all made from recycled bits and pieces...(I feel a Ka/Pow fit coming on, foaming at the mouth. Too much detail?). Ka/Pow's pieces are a stylists wet dream their so versatile, wear the ruffled pompoms as a hair band... or a belt...or a necklace what more can you ask for? Its pure fashion/ accessory manipulation magic! Each item has a secret surprise hidden in layers upon layers of ruffles with hundreds of little pleats twisting and a- twirling pain painstakingly hand crafted;wow indeed. These beautiful works of ruffled, frilly magic aren't just for the festive season, though you can't help but imagine how truly spectacular Ka/Pow/Wow's black and gold metallic Necklace collar would look with a simple black or dark jewel navy dress at that Christmas Party, of course. Maybe I won't have to drown myself in Christmas tree baubles after all and risk looking like a Christmas cracker?

visit; www.kapowwowobjects.com

24 November 2008

The Tale Of Tipsy Toes

Photo; Christian Louboutin

Photo; Troy Burch
Photo; Jerome C Rousseau
Photo; Jerome C Rousseau

Photo; Diesel

Shoes Shoes Shoes...for this is all that seems to run through my head these last couple of days, no matter how occupied I may be there is always just enough spare minutes (often when traveling, sometimes I feel like such a gypsy, give me a crystal ball already!) for me to ponder over the complicated yet glorious shoe. Oh the robotic texture and form of the Christian Louboutin...(Yep thats right the Louboutin shoe above reminds me of a robot foot. In a good robot way, not a big old rusty clumsy robot)...them there's the striking blocked Rousseau colour shoe complete with blue berry heel and gold patent toe.Not to mention the Troy Burch patent black boot ( bring on the patent, oh I feel a new phase coming on) yet another boot that for some unknown reason reminds me of a robot, I think it may be the strong shape and overall semi masculine structure, combined with a delicate gold features contrast contrast contrast ( I'm liking the 'triple' use of word today). Back down to earth with a almighty bump! I'm yet to reach that stage in my life where I can 'dip' into my bank account and splash out on such extravagant yet very worthy shoes. These shoes I've selected ( especially the Burch!) are with out a doubt worthy of every penny I'm not suggesting all 'designer' shoes are worth my weight in gold. However though some shoes are more then just for practical purposes ( running around, catching a cab etc...) certain shoes can be I believe a work of true art and are even capable of provoking debate...(anyone else remember those shoes without a high heel? Now you sure can't catch a cab in them, unless of course your extremely brilliant and skilled in a spot of balancing). Stick with me guys I'm concluding towards a final point here (*promise*) it annoys the hell out of me when sometimes people string together sentences such as: " Oh shoes are simply shoes, there's nothing else to them. No shoe on earth is worth more then £30, shoes don't even differ or change in style that often...wow big deal there's flats, high heels, wedged or all stars". Wrong wrong ...alright I shall discontinue repeating a word more than twice. Please though think about the time, thought and craftsman ship behind your favorite pair of shoes,that's of course if you don't already? Shoes are ART; that you can slip your feet into and 'paint' adventures with, no?

20 November 2008


Photograph by; Prettyneons (well I would take such a random photo wouldn't I?! ).

Photographs From; Caroline Roughly Graduate Collection.

First of all I haven't a clue why I felt the need to snap a photo of cake, though at the end of the day I think it probably comes down to the colour's. Heck pink, yellow and a hint of red; red cherry in fact (just in case you may have lack of cake topping knowledge. I like to fill you in on these little worthless detailed facts just for the hell of it really). Its bloody freezing cold today I tell you that! This too is my excuse for pigging out on pink cake, cookies (much preferred to 'biscuits', there is a distinctive difference my friends. Distinctive indeed but that's another topic to blog about. If I ever find myself going that stir crazy and possessed by hysteria). Call me insane but there's something comforting about dunking cookies and drinking tea, yep I'm near enough to the stereotypical 'English' as possible ( if I'm honest, yes sometimes I'm sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor) except however I don't wear tweed. If anything I'm often walking around wearing a skirt ( hate jeans, got jean phobia have no idea why) and old BRMC tee. Sometimes it changes to other t-shirts like today I'm pushing the boat out and wearing a Be Your Own Pet tee (this influenced the use of 'adventure' for my poor title)...well that's enough if not way too much crap about my clothes, note to self; its uninteresting and there for dull...

Far from dull is Westminster fashion graduate Caroline Roughly I feel she...or her garments are most likely guaranteed to push me away and get me out of wearing lazy band tee's if only I could get my paws on some of the pieces. Mind you this would involve decision making serious decision making at that (this is a mighty difficult task, for someone who changes their mind faster than most people can blink). Lets say and pretend that by some 'miracle' Caroline Roughly's designs land right in my lap a cluster of multi colour's and sky high piles of frayed pom pom dresses with bright yellow softly sculptured blouses; Where do I start? God knows? I'd love to dress up in the whole entire circus-esq collection, there's no point messing about go for it I say. Jump through large ring hoops blazing with fire, balance your tipsy toes on a thin piece of rope situated above a pit, full with flesh eating lions...Second thoughts I might just opt for that pom pom ensemble?

19 November 2008

Wunderful And Kind... Summer '09

Above photos of fashion print designs...(in the process) by; Prettyneons

My computer is driving me up the wall lately...don't worry I don't intend to bang on 24/7 about the poor conditions of all my digital devices I have in my possession what with yesterdays brief moaning and complaining about the old camera. Please feel free to ignore the technology rants of mine, though like I said this isn't becoming a daily feature. Why from today I plan to call it off. There all done now.
So I've been drooling uncontrollably over Wunderkinds spring/ summer '09 collection that consisted of a damn head pleasing whirl wind of soft, floaty fabrics (absolutely zero sequins, and yes I'm still very much getting treatment for that ever so slight addiction) such as chiffon's and best friend of the miss chiffon (giving fabrics a gender?) lace. Topped off nicely with plenty of free spirit frills, though Wunderkinds s/s collection is also very much full of the unexpected as well as expected? Just as you think you've sussed out whats going to spring up next, "right so I understand large, bold rose prints...Wait whats this then? Polka dots, damn fine Smartie like polka dots at that". Wunderkind kept rolling out these surprising punches, each one harder then the last! With combo's of big slouchy tartan patches and tiny elegant tartan bows, grown up,sophisticated fairytale lace dresses. With masculine, strong sculptural silhouettes followed by...prints of shy butterflies and like I mentioned before yummy candy like 'Smarties'... or to more non sweet tooth people polka dots. In dark blue, bright orange, lazy lilac, pale pink, lemon yellow and milk chocolate brown; intense yet soft colour way. I'd just like to thank this Wunderkind collection for reminding me to organise my own fashion print designs (see above). That I seem to be neglecting while selfishly seeking my dose of fashion. You may just spot a familiar friend up there in my prints...the flamingo, yet to leave my side!

18 November 2008

You Got To Shine On!

Photograph by; Prettyneons
Photographs; Peter Pilotto

Am I bad or what? Sorry's for the erm...'delay' between posts I feel guilty like I'm back at school desperately trying to justify the excuses to why my weekend home work is absent..."dog ate it, I dropped it in a puddle... Oh wait actually miss I did complete the assignment only silly me I've gone and forgot it, its instead left safely at home (again)." Of course by now I should be fully aware these lame excuses don't, by any means work and besides I own no pets yet alone a dog! Not to mention I'm no longer in education either and am happy to announce I don't miss 'weekend homework' also I don't have any desire or wish to revisit them damn; exam, tie wearing, stuffy class room days! That would be wrong and very foolish of me to endure such extreme conditions second time round...

Any how would you believe me though if I told you the genuine reason behind my absence (please note: this is not a weak and petty excuse). Right here it goes folks, I've been searching the vast land (ok...correction required. I've been sourcing out exciting fashion gems) armed with my not so desired piece of crap camera, which seems to have a complete mind of its own. What with it making the decision to as when it will zoom in or out...never mind how I chose to set the 'snap shot' moment, bloody thing seriously lacks 'mega pixels' ( new improved camera is being added to the Xmas list as I speak, or type even. Oh you know what I mean!). So when my camera would respond to my snap shot demands (five times out of ten) I succeeded in taking some photographs of really beautiful... and yes shimmering sequined objects (still very much hooked on all things 'sequined', tempted to feature the marvelous sequin with my daily make up routine/ look. Step too far perhaps? Why the hell not though!?). Would you just look at this magical and glorious clutch bag (above;top) sequins delicately hand stitched to create a spiderweb pattern. With a hint of rich emerald red and green sequins. This gem I discovered on display at a junk shop I'm baffled to as why and how this item found its way to a 'junk' shop? I'd love to know the story behind it, I tried my best to get some explanation however to no avail or reason other then; "some lady handed it in with a load of other stuff"*shocking*. There's absolutely no way on earth I could hand such an accessory into a junk shop along with some old jeans and ugly jumper! Nope never.Specially a sequined accessory...for awhile now I've been trying to search for answers and pin point to as where this sequin fetish of mine has stemmed from, and no it isn't the build up to decorating the Xmas tree (though I'm overly excited about that future day dedicated to embellishing those special festive branches!). I came to the conclusion its the result of witnessing Peter Pilotto

The a/w '08 collection was eccentric and fulfilling enough (did you see the silk-satin tunic at Matches? Wow is the descriptive word). Though when my eyes marveled at Peter Pilotto's summer '09 collection a/w '08 was long stored to the back and archived away in my sequined heavily embellished, consumed head. The guy once dressed Westwood's window (need I say more?)...oh yep one more minor detail his design partner Christopher De Vos used to also be Vivienne Westwood's design assistant. They sure have progressed!

visit; www.peterpilotto.com

14 November 2008

Sucked In Like A Magpie

Photographs by; Prettyneons

Now first thing first excuse me for this effortless, slacker attempt of a 'post', this shall not become a fixed regular or common practice today is just a one off *promise*. Do you really want to know the reason why this is such a pathetically lazy ponder...well I'm tied up at the mo due to putting my blood, sweat and tears into a sustainable skirt creation ( depending on what a individuals definition is of 'creation'? To me however this word can be applied when screwing things up when one has only good intentions of making a beautiful piece of work). Of course with any form of art appears uninvited challenges and (I hate this term...) 'mental block'. Which obviously means some problem solving has to be considered in the vain attempt to resolve the bloody, frustrating issues of (yet another character of 'block'...) 'creative block'. Damn you evil impostor how dare you tread pass! Away and banish your manipulative selfish useless motives! The above is a very long winded explanation to why I've merely posted attractive sparkles, for no apparent reason;other then they caught my eye and seduced me while stepping out my hub just getting some air. Does you good you know? Fires those lungs up makes you feel all alive and kicking. Sort of anyway? Do stare at the jewels above for as long as you may wish, hope it makes you smile like it did me a few hours ago...

13 November 2008

I Heart You

Above Photographs; Antoine Peters collection
Photograph 'Colours Colours Colours!' by;Prettyneons.

The items in my photo; Skull bag, Numerous plastic bracelets, Ice cream Umbrella; All from various charity shops.

I'm afraid my wishing has indeed continued right through today though your be pleased to know my imaginative 'paper doll' dress up day dream has progressed (and I bet you thought I was going to say it had came to an end. Afraid not folks, though the gift ideas for xmas has, your be pleased to know). Yep my hopeful wishing has gone up a notch and reached a whole new vibrant level, I simply can't get enough of colour at the moment (in contrast though I'm still pursuing my 'Rock Goth' style ambition to no avail. Damn I'm a confused little creature aren't I? Perhaps I could be a multi coloured Rock Goth...erm second thoughts maybe not). My need, lusting (and wishing) for all the clashing colours in the rainbow has with out a doubt been further influenced by Antoine Peters

Fashion designer Antoine Peters vibrant creations has left me feeling even more deprived of colour (cheers Ant nice one!) the paint pallet consists of alert orange (whats wrong with using slightly quirky colour descriptions?) blinding yellow and striking pink; Its the playful details such as the off beat collars and panels thats got me all besotted and in a fluster, this guy is ticking all the; 'just what miss neon goes crazy pathetic over' boxes...Striking colours; Check. Imaginative use of panels; Check. Playful prints; Check. CHECK CHECK CHECK. Is there any elements Antoine forgot to incorporate into his designs? Me thinks not. He can do no wrong, in my eyes anyway... Oh I feel a infatuation coming on...needless to say some more wishing!

visit; www.antoinepeters.com

12 November 2008

Wardrobe Wantings

Photograph; Carin Wester A/W 08
Photograph;Carin Wester A/W 08

You know sometimes, I have these moments where I simply stop and wish for certain items to keep my wardrobe company ( it must get lonely in that dark space from time to time). Well today I very much had one of those; 'I can only wish' moments, where everything stands still for a split second (alright then at least a good five minutes!) and I find myself having very vivid visuals in my brain. Visuals that consist of imagining myself as a 'paper doll' dress up, with no limits to an access of piles and piles of fashion goodies stacked up high to the ceiling that include; shoes, accessories and pieces from Carin Wester's A/W 08 collection (particularly the above, just in case anyone would like to buy me a Christmas present? You don't have to splash out on both. The dress will do just fine...oh go on then I will take both please and thank you). My 'paper doll' dress up day dreams often get out of control and become extremely imaginative maybe ever so slightly berserk? Though in all honesty when faced with Carin delights who wouldn't begin to get carried away in all the madness? Carin Wester's collections year in year out become more and more stronger and difficult to ignore (maybe I speak for myself there?) The garments are versatile and a blank canvas; they can be both elegant and edgy, thanks to the sharp cuts of each piece...So if you people's don't mind I'm going to continue my day dream and 'select' some good company for my ever so isolated wardrobe.


11 November 2008

Sex Studs Rock & Roll!

Photograph From; Punk The Whole. Story by Deborah Harry.
Theme Mood Board by;Prettyneons.
Photograph; Gucci
'The inner Rock Goth was always there?'
Photograph by;

First of all I know I'm a girl of contradictions from time to time, what with 'wheres the fun in fashion gone?' shortly followed by me being seduced by the darker, more serious side of fashion...I can't exactly put my finger on to why all of a sudden I'm gravitating towards all things Gothic or should I say 'Rock Goth' (as after all the catwalk and numerous fashion designers has demonstrated various shades of Goth. Not just the more common Adams family Gothic style. Not that the Adams family are at all common; its just me myself prefer the Winona Ryder 'Beetlejuice' style). My over night interest in the edgier, jet black fashion Gothic underworld has perhaps been fueled by the fact I purchased 'Edward Scissor Hands' on dvd for only £2! (Halloween has long gone...however you have no idea how very long I've longed to replace my video version of this film for a dvd format, as the video is well and truly worn out!)...Ok so combine the brilliant costume from 'Scissor Hands with flicking through the pages of a fashion magazine and discovering 'that' multi-textured, tassel, chunky studded bag from Gucci ...Now it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Shear random occurrence of events!

I feel almost compelled (especially after seeing those Gucci trousers lined with perfect square studs) to literally throw myself into a studded frenzy ( seeing there is no way on earth I'm ever going to afford the real thing). I've bought bags and bags of studs all in different shapes and sizes, to line an old pair of black jeans with, though being a bit of a perfectionist I'm sketching up various stud 'formations' and placement! Wish I could just let myself go in the genuine true spirit of a Rock & Roll 'sister'.Only I really cannot- not-plan before the lead up to customizing a piece. Beautiful results often come from wild mistakes. However I loath shopping for jeans (more of a dress and skirt girl) there for am more aware of the dreaded consequences if this 'Rock Gothic' experiment of mine goes wrong! Possible and amusing result post on the way?

PS, On a very unrelated note; *sorry's* for later then usual post... my computer went bust! Ugly mean and damn aggressive 'Virus'. All better now (touch wood).

07 November 2008

Where Has The Fun Gone?

Photograph; Whereareyounow?
'Lucky Dice' Photograph by; Prettyneons
Photograph; Whereareyounow?

Wow, its Friday everyone (just in case you didn't already know I thought I'd fill you all in, no probs). So I'm really feeling the not so positive atmosphere of late, I don't why or what even the reason is behind the large amounts of touchy, moody people (alright so I am aware of the credit crunch that is literally biting everyone, I'm not naive) I seem to be coming across every five minutes. Today was a bloody prime example of this current tense situation. It all began when this morning I decided to pile on the big clashing chunky bracelets piled up high to my elbow, for some reason I don't find this heavy use of accessories at all discomforting. Probably because I've been literally drowning myself in an array of plastic dressing up bracelets, bows and anything else I can wrap either around my wrists, arms or neck (the neck area is decorated with care. As it so easily could result into a ugly choking hazard). Since I was about four years old maybe even younger? Though I had no idea or visions back then that my passion and obsession with accessories would lead to a riot in the middle of the street... Today I was on a research trip and mission to find some beads and to also collect photographs for a theme mood board (I know right. Exciting stuff I get up to, though I really do love nothing more then creating theme mood boards. I kid you not my friends). So any how and by the by I accidentally caught this girls chunky knitted cardigan with my fruit themed bracelet (gorgeous cardigan this girl was wearing, had large ladders and other Punk style distressed features). To cut a long story short; all hell broke out, though straight away guilt kicked in and I automatically poured out my apologies. Not enough it would seem. For my sincere sorry's weren't going to pull me through this embarrassing scene. The girl just stopped and starred at me for what felt like forever and then said "oh thats ok you don't know how to use your eyes! Maybe you should remove the crap from your hair?"... Fine I'm use to digs in this context by random strangers passing me by on the street, after all style is suppose to provoke right? It couldn't possibly be because I like to dress up for no particular special occasion and have some 'five year old' *fun*.

This moment has been re playing in my mind revolving round and round like a carousel for the last few hours. Its not so much the girls remark but the fact that not many individuals seem to have a personality has this resulted in us forgetting our sense of fun and freedom? Sure money is tight I'm not exactly rolling in it myself. Why not have fun though in both life and style? It doesn't cost anything...just a bit of imagination ( gosh, I'm sounding like Mary Poppins, I'm flying around with my umbrella as I type, spoonful of sugar anyone?)... On a lighter note I'm pleased to air my delight on the brilliant designer Josie Beckett aka sustainable fashion label Whereareyounow?. Now these creative bees know how to have some fun! The whereareyounow? team use a real colourful pic&mix of discarded materials. The list of unusual materials is a long one I've tried to edit the ingredients down; scarves, belts, ties, ribbons, necklaces and my personal favourite...tea towels! Yep tea towel skirt with an old piece of tie stitched in (for example) to make a pocket, genius. Genius further more as none of the recycled garments appear recycled, the range of mini dresses and skirts do look ultra playful and super girly. Combined with the one-off eclectic sourced fabrics, resulting in pieces that are innovative, unique, appealing and most importantly Fun!

Visit; www.whereisjosienow.com