06 December 2011


This chilly time of year is my absolute favourite for topping up on the accessories especially winter accessories.My one golden rule being the more crazy and colourful the better.These days are dark,drab and in general pretty damn bleak.Colour injection is a must.Oh what do you know?It is the most perfect excuse to have a sly shopping splurge,what?A girls got to keep warm.That's my excuse...fail proof and quite convincing,no?
However going into town is really not an option right now,I don't find the thought of battling and elbowing my way through the festive stampede of panicked people,only to discover my size isn't available,much appealing.My last shopping trip was a total anti-climax,I mean my shopping list wasn't that too ambitious.All I was after were some bright kooky knits,patterned sweaters and a couple of cool yet cosy winter hats.What did I find?Grey/cream/black cable knits (sorry I just nodded off),and a whole bunch of suspicious and disturbing panda/bear beanies.Oh yes let's not forget the array of fluffy trapper hats complete with very wonky animal ears.Animal cruelty surely?Whatever the fuck it is the animals are offended.Stop.It.Now.
Yep my last failed shopping trip shall not be forgotten any time soon,lesson learned move on...I've one style stop that I love to browse for all my winter warmers and unlike most high street there's not a lazy eyed panda beanie insight oh joy* for that!Umm's now I just need to narrow down my findings and choose something,this could take a while...

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