23 May 2011


Gravitating towards all things zingy orange right now, I don't know why?Though
I like to think it's an healthy fashion phase: a rather stylish way
of injecting my life with a dose of vitamin C.This sudden attraction to the colour orange has both amused and baffled me.See not long ago I was lovin and also loyal to lilac I definitely did not foresee this fruity obsession with orange coming my way.
In fact if you had told the lilac version of me I'd soon be squeezing the juice out of orange,I would have dismissed such a crazy suggestion as,well,crazy...hmm someones been eating too many fruit salads.
The last orange garment I possessed was (you may want to look a way and stop reading now, as this style confession is pretty gruesome)in my skateboard days a pair of (no really do look away right now...) orange addidas trousers with blue addidas stripes down one side, then again I was also listening to a lot of nu-metal with LimpBizkit as my style inspiration if not nu-metal hereos.To show my dedication towards the skateboard scene I also thought it would be an excellent style choice to wear orange converse.Dark stuff I know.Whenever I happen to hear a LimpBizkit tune it makes me shudder.
Should I really go anywhere near orange? Alarm bells are ringing in my head,screaming,'Back off, avoid,it's a no go style zone!'Yet the curious side of me suggests otherwise,'Do it, give orange ago if it fails it fails.Don't be a fashion wimp live on the edge.'Okay, Okay pass me the oranges pronto!

images pixiemarket

19 May 2011


Okay I promise that is the last Marina lyric I'll pinch for my post title, however
it's a lyric that describes my absolute disgust and horror when I stumbled upon a heap of plastic bags stuffed with clothes, shoes, bags etc's that I've hardly worn and basically neglected for all this time.
Although there was only me in the room I couldn't prevent the embarrassment
and shame that hit me whilst looking down on two/three bags of clobber some with swing tags intact.Followed by thoughts of,'why do I continue to shop the way I do?'
I was baffled too because despite being a blogger of all things fashioness, I honestly don't hit the shops very often at all,perhaps every two months with the occasional quick dash to the thrift shops.I suppose all those 'occasional'
little thrift treats all mount up,whether those treats and fashion awards (so to speak) were justified at the time of purchase or not.There's no excuse for such greedy 'oh well I've been working so hard I deserve this bag/dress/shoes' attitude.
I'm guessing the neglected bags of clothes I discovered were most probably from my bake bean years i.e student days:when I repeatedly abused and bashed the old student discount plastic swallowing every fashion sale I could possibly digest.To the point where I began to burp bags and chocked on shoes.Now I may know why I behaved in such a reckless way,dedicated to frequently sniffing out my next fashion retail fix.Because I was desperately filling a home sick void (or so I thought)plus all those sales combined with student discount card created brilliant escapism when by the second year of uni it hit me like a two ton of bricks how much waste of time my fashion degree had became.Now two years later my approach to shopping is completely different more organised,considered and defined I no longer buy just to buy and I hardly ever hit the high street most my wardrobe is thrift.And of course I've began to learn what suits me and what doesn't...jeans, maxi dresses,flat pumps they are all my worst wardrobe enemies!
So what's happened to those bags of clobber from my uni days?I dropped them at the charity shops and exchanged them for some 1940's style bow print shorts,just a treat £2 from Sue Ryder ...whoops some habits are hard to kick.

in...thrift shorts I snagged from charity shop

out...the neglected bag of clothes I donated to the charity shop

18 May 2011


...and my obsession right now is River Island, a shop I often forget about or to be more frank a shop I often snub.Because, because,because the last time I checked into RI there were just too many fabulous floral frocks all over the joint.Which as you may already know I'm desperately trying to detach myself from, and the temptation of flower power was just too much, a swift exit was required alas I've not paid any attention to River Island in a bid to prevent myself from planting any more flowers in my Green house,err I mean wardrobe.
So hows your departure from all things floral going?I hear you ask (even if you didn't ask that question I'm gonna spill it anyway),goodish. I add on an ish as I may of had a little floral episode a miner set back in the form of a rose print purse, come on accessories don't count right!?Oh and I kinda may of erm purchased some daisy -print- tights (she says rapidly in an attempt to divert attention from floral error)once again I never ruled out tights and even if I did rules are for breaking... yadda yadda.
I'm far too honest on here I could have dropped a white lie I needn't of admitted to my floral flaws,however despite these I've not purchased any floral print garments.No, no I've entered the dark side of elephants and pineapples.RI's cool collection of quirky prints fruitee's (do ya see the spin I done there?)and shorts have been a welcomed distraction from all things floral.Floral obsession,what floral obsession?My minds concentrating on one thing and one thing only (or two things if you want to get all exact and math teacher on me)THOSE elephant shorts and THOSE yellow t-bar shoes...swoon River Island my new love affair?Hell yes.

images River Island

14 May 2011


I promised myself that with my rare Saturday off (first since crimbos,not that I've been counting)I'd take advantage of the sunshine, abuse my ridiculous bright red heart shaped sun shades and slap on the old sun block (a tad too bit optimistic?)and go for a bike ride far away from the desk give my eyeballs a break from the computer screen.This being my intention anyway,before I made the mistake of reading blogs and finding other blogs which than stray you away to yet more blogs:basically those damn tempting, pesky blog links have completely consumed my day! I've even ran out of biscuits (my best friend when blogging ha!)and yup admittedly am still in my casual sweats which consists of Animal print (yes as in Animal from The Muppet Show- watch this space Vogue will soon be all over this 'look' like a nasty little rash) pj bottoms and slouchy leopard print tee.Stylish I'm sure you'd agree!
Though I'm annoyed with myself for wasting huge amounts of time with my head in the screen and watching the sun slowly hide behind heavy grey clouds,it's not all been for nothing as I've found a charming ickle blog which has been a rather inspiring distraction.Now I know I'm partial to mild wardrobe envy, but seriously this girls threads are crazy -banana's- brilliant!The shoes, don't even get me started on her collection of shoes and pretty ankle socks-and a very impressive sock collection this gal sure does have too!You must take a looksee at this toad.

images tinytoadstool


09 May 2011


Isabel, Isabel oh Isabel Lucas how I lurrrve the way you mix boho with a hint of
geek.Canvas shoes with chunky knit socks,granny floral harems and layers of lace
mixed with hippie beads and bracelets.You can do no wrong and for that I salute your style.Now can I please adopt your wardrobe?Pretty please?Though Isabel you can keep them floral trousers luv.I'd seriously fail if I ever attempted to pull them things off!P.S...I want THAT wild things tee.Okay gushing and style swooning is-a-over.
Time for you to see the evidence for yourselves and perhaps develope a wee tiny girl crush, no?

images google

06 May 2011


This year instead of throwing myself at the summer sandals I'm opting for loafers and brogues.Snubbing the following- raffia strappy sandals,espadrilles (pauses to let out a large yawwwn) and the stubborn shoe summer trend which never fails to sod off I'm refering to those worn out cork heeled wedge sandals...no one cares.Okay so I may just be speaking for myself however I like to belive I speak for the global fashion pack when I say corks should strictly be limited to bottles of bubbly only.Not on shoes, it's gone from boring to damn right tedious.Soon as the sun makes an appearence,out comes the cork sandals and in extreme cases suspicious looking toes.Nobody wants to see that shit.I'm on a one woman mission,to eliminate (if not exile) all those strereotypical summer sandals.Yup for mild shock value I'm getting a pair of brand new brogues, coral brogues in fact why stop there? I may just have a Friday brogue binge?
Oh the shoe anarchy!For where is the cork?My foot steps shall make a statment-cork heeled and raffia sandals are dead.RIP,it's over,for cork and raffia you no longer own the summer.Step to one side espadrilles, for this summer bright brogues, and pretty little loafers are going to pound the pavements.

images office

05 May 2011


Firstly hands up I've neglected this place, this blog and yes guilty I am of a hiatus in blog land altogether I've not even managed to catch a glimpse of any other fashion blog either, forgive me? Well I'll let you decide on the latter, and while you do so may I hit you all with my excuse for my odd decision to get up and leave blogging for so long?Okay thanks, well I've been consumed with a business plan. See I'm currently hatching a vintage accessories biz.Hysterical I know me and business mixing together, maths, figures, forward planning and mega multi-tasking everything I'm not.Until now.Leisure's such as cafe crashing,magazine binging, blogging and shopping had to come last on my list of priorities in the attempt for me to achieve the epic task of beginning a business (still work in progress by-the-by).Finally I've managed to sort out a routine/schedule and hopefully fingers crossed there won't ever be a blank page on this blog again.Prettyneons has returned...

And she is sick to death of the floral frenzy of which I got caught up in for oohh three years,seriously my wardrobe was morphing into a green house, I myself was slowly turning into a flower pot.I've over watered the floral trend and now the petals have lost their pretty appeal.Be it ditsy floral print or bold bouquets my fashion crush on all flowerish things has reached the end.I'm rebellion in the form of alternative prints...who would of known huh?Prints other than floral actually exist.Bring on the tropical palm trees.Right so it's not a huge departure from florals,however every fashion journey must start somewhere.Plus the weather is utterly wet, grey and damp alas I need a touch of tropical at this moment of time.
Other prints I've been dabbling with are sea shells,ickle adorable bunny prints,classice black and white polka dots and just something on the side paisley which I've had the odd cheeky flirt with.Though whether I decide to adopt paisley permanently is yet to be decided.