25 November 2009

Would you like a bag?

So I'm at a supermarket beginning with t and ending with o (they bake the best cookies, yum toffee and banana-yes please!)as I'm paying for my shopping (no exciting contents I'm afraid. Just the norm, crackers, soup, tights and toothpaste...odd combination huh?)the girl asks a simple non complicated question, " would you like a bag?"
Followed by a rather long pause from me,as I look down and observe my worn out distressed purple fringe bag, minus a few purple tassel strands and a damaged zip.I begin to feel sympathy towards my depressed looking bag, oh how once she appeared so new and snazzy. This is no longer the case, instead of snazzy she now (the bag) looks shattered. My fringe bag has been through a lot - literally through a lot:caught in train doors, bus doors and almost torn apart and shredded by this evil beast of a dog tied up outside the post office.Now the time has arrived and I must part with it *cry*.Only I've become attached too attached to this frigging fringe bag.
..."Would-you-like-a-bag or not?" The girl at the till still waiting for my answer.
"Yeah please,I'd like a bag, though not of the plastic shopping bag variety."
I must of really freaked her out as she threw me more then a life's worth of plastic carrier bags, before security jumped on me HA! Jokes.

Replacing a worn out handbag is similar to replacing a dead pet (stick with me here folks, this is heading somewhere...)a)you go through emotions of denial, 'no, no,no there is nothing wrong with my bag, its fine!'b)its difficult and c)you compare all potential new-bags-to-be, to the once glorious but now old and had it ex- bag.
After much grieving, I have finally began browsing for a new bag. Admittedly at first I searched only purple fringe bags, then I realised no other fringe bag will ever really replace my former trusty fringe bag.I forced myself out of my comfort zone and made a decision to browse only bags which have zero resemblance to her (the purple fringe bag).
Oddly my potential bag list (I'm obsessed with writing lists for anything and everything, bags are no exception)consist of quirky grey bags with no fringe in sight, or purple.
Could it possibly be I'm at long last moving on? Tell me does anyone else get this emotionally attached to a bag!?

board by: prettyneons
1. from, house of fraser
2. from,Asos
3. from, Evans
4. from, Topshop

PS...The thrift post that never materialised yesterday, I shall post soon as my camera is fixed.

23 November 2009

Shes like a rainbow

Hello's fellow blogger 'gals and guys (though I do believe prettyneons has no male readers. However if you are a guy who's reading this, then sorry and do excuse my ignorance!).
Hope you all had a fabtastic weekend?My weekend was hectic I didn't get much snooze time, self inflicted mind you...I stayed awake sketching away until I had blisters on my fingers from clutching pencils and paint brushes. The heavy, aggressive rain was smashing against my window all weekend so I skipped sleep both Saturday and Sunday night. The result? One counter-productive Monday.
I'm rambling on, and have now forgot what I was going to type?
Aha yes, the light bulb has switched back on...
I wanted to thank you all for the walking in high heel tips: practice makes perfect I shall take that on board.
And also a giant thanks you's for the get well comments, I'm feeling so much better today, just a 'ickle exhausted...this is my own fault, I know.Once again though thank you (insert-kiss-kiss).

So shame on me. For about three months I've been promising to post extracts from a few of my scrap books, yet have failed to do so. Only because I bang on about fashion so much I forget all the other to-do's.Plus my scrap books are tucked away in difficult places and I've been too lazy to go and dig them out.
Enough txt (and excuses) about my scrap books here are a random selection of scribbles...

illustrations by:prettyneons.

I'm playing around with all my original sketches at the moment, importing them into photoshop see if I can work them into some fashion design prints for next year. Others are becoming large scale pieces of art, its all just trial and error for the time being.Fingers crossed something exciting will develop in due time.
I had planned on revealing my weekends thrift finds but my camera has just packed out and died on me, sorry folks! Will post the thrift finds tomorrow.*Promise*

20 November 2009

Cheer -me -up- fashion

Hi blogging buddies, now do excuse this short and rather lame excuse for a post. I've not been feeling too bright today:even that may be a massive understatement. I feel like death, only death with a pulse (Hmmm contradiction? Just a bit).
In the bid to make myself feel better I binged out on both fruit and chocolate (dramatic contrast, I know)and washed it all down with some pain killer meds.
All the above failed to cheer me up, so then I turned my attention to online fashion,and spotted a pair of Iron fist bow shoes-all better now.
Though I really could do with some instructions on how to balance and walk in these things,any tips anyone? As high heels and I do not get on very well together, I won't even go into my past experiences involving dizzy high heels. It wasn't pretty.
Changing the subject. I also came across some really colourful print leggings too from shopbop, and a fabulous skirt from rarefashion

Anywhos that's about it from me today, just thought I'd share my snazzy fashion finds with you all.Have a fabtastic weekend, yeah?Me? Well I'm working through the weekend and going to have a whizzzzz around the charity shops...one is never too ill to thrift!Of course I shall share my thrift gems and take a snap of them for you to see.
Right-e-o I'm going to scribble in my scrap book, brush my teeth and then I'm hitting slumber land, up at five am tomorrow.

Prettyneons x

17 November 2009

My big distraction

Why oh why is it I seem to get so easily distracted and lose track of time? Why don't I stop myself browsing fashion blogs, websites when I must crack on with work. I tell myself 'you've lots of important work to be completing save fashion/ blog catch up for another time, when you have time to waste and fully abuse'. Seems I'm incapable of talking myself out of it,click-boom what do you know I'm sat in front of the computer getting my daily fashion fix. Oh no I can't resist browsing the web just in case I might miss something which I may live to regret!Fashion, it is a full on addiction I suppose? The more I flick through fashion websites/ blogs etc the more intense my fashion addiction becomes: one fashion website becomes five,which then turns into five hundred websites that I've clicked in and out of. All this clicking and stalking fashion before late afternoon arrives. I've got it bad, real bad.

I damn links yes links. They make my work day very counter-productive,one minute I'm drooling over shoes on a-shu.co.uk. Then I click on some link which leads me to a fashion blog, whilst reading said fashion blog I scroll through their blog list and stumble upon another all time consuming enjoyable design blog.
I indulge in a newly discovered french design blog, and click (by accident may I add) on a nice and bright bold orange word. Sugar I've yet again allowed another link to suck me in further into the fashion vortex.
Links, you have to watch 'em you know they can totally take over your day oblivious to you until you stare up at the clock and the day has some how gone from am to pm. Oops I have less willpower then I first assumed. But whoa am I glad I clicked (by mistake)onto that bold orange word which spelled out (in attention seeking capitals) RUPHUS sorry did I just trick you into a link. Well I did warn you to be careful of those pesky little fashion links.No?

There is always a certain amount of suspense when entering into a unknown blog... oohh I wonder what it will be like?Will it be exciting?Will it be another blogger who's wardrobe I want to raid through?Am I going to get hooked and have to add to the already 'old loooong blog list?
I sit and wait for the link to get moving.
My heart skips a beat, what is this? This is insane- good insane the designs are over whelming like all good art and design should feel and be. Hmmm investigation work required, check profile, check links whoa whoa whoa, oh my gosh more there's more beautiful pieces by Ruphus.
All my investigating pays off as I learn Ruphus is a textile designer, who creates the most stunning and decorative accessories. A collage of prints, textures and techniques blended effortlessly together.The pieces are so very intriguing I couldn't stop clicking zoom, my head virtually stuck inside the computer screen wishing I could touch the accessories and pop one on my head.
Yes Ruphuscollection.blogspot.com has already been added to my dangerous/addictive/ distracting blog list. Which once again begs the question why-oh-why do I do this to myself, eh?

all photos from:Ruphuscollection.blogspot.com

16 November 2009

Bonkers about brogues

I did it again today I bought yet another pair of brogues, yes because I really need another pair of bloody brogues.I own more pairs of brogues then all the grandads around the world combined.I've always received a lot of stick for wearing brogues thankfully I'm not concerned about what people say about my beloved brogues:brogues make my feet happy false dot-simple as.
I bought my first ever pair of brogues when I was thirteen,I stumbled upon them at a car boot sale. Yellow with black laces, when I shot up from a size three to five my heart broke, the hardest thing I ever had to do bin my yellow brogues. OK I had well and truly worn them out but still they were my bright yellow banana brogues...a tear rolls down my cheek simply revisiting this sad memory! Rest in peace yellow brogues.
Time to move on...

...So whilst waiting for my winter boots to arrive I desperately needed something other then peep toe shoes to keep my toes dry, warm and avoid slipping over on my bum (the result of walking around in wet pumps, which expand when soaked).
I didn't have much in my money deprived purse (which by the way has a depressing frown-yep objects can pull facial expressions)to be exact I had only £8.
I looked here there and everywhere for some 'just for now' shoes to no avail.
Then I browsed around SELECT it was a jumble of a mess in that store. Garments scattered across the floor,making Primarks presentation retail award worthy.At first I thought to myself nah, nope no way too much effort and hazard (having slipped over already today *ouch)cannot be bothered with the obstacle course, or crap background music for that matter (Cheryl Cole my ears are bleeding stop, stop it...She may be pretty but her tunes sure aint).By this point I was more then ready to make a rapido exit.

Wait what is this I spy on the messy floor?Hiding over at the back (isn't amazing how your vision sharpens when in a clothes shop?)only a pair of frigging brogues! Not any old pair of boring brogues, oh no for these pair of brogues are patent and reduced not once but twice making them £6 (they were £16 at one point: my piggy bank is laughing-no not at my grandad brogues) and in my size as well. This my friends was destiny of the brogue variety.
I couldn't help but notice the dirty looks of fashion disgust ('like what is she thinking? Say a fashion disaster pray for her, forgive her for these fashion sins' expressed across this fashion victims face)directed at my brogue purchase.
There, there my baby brogues don't you cry (brogues are very sensitive shoes) ignore them and their staring problems.
Lets go home I will introduce you to your big sister brogues bought many moons ago (erm last year).

photo:Some of my brogues...ignore her in the background.

next on my brogue wish list:Melissajoy silver brogues

12 November 2009

Wild thing

For some unknown reason I seem to be fixated, obsessed and attracted to animal print just lately. I've no idea why? or indeed where this sudden crush on leopard print has sprung from? Maybe I've been influenced by this book which I'm currently reading,which is all about the Sixties-rock & roll bands, groupies and err lots of leopard print.
Seems I've really absorbed the Sixties style, taking style mental notes:
Note embellished waist coats, note chunky bracelets, note heavy eyeliner, note and highlight leopard print coats. Fluffy, long leopard print coats.

Whilst flicking through the visuals and skipping large chunks of txt (now I never ever scan read or skip paragraphs, this is how serious and distracting the problem is becoming)this leopard print coat with red stitch detail and bright red buttons, complete with dark purple collar literally jumps out from the page,along side Led Zep.
Never before have I wanted to be apart of the Sixties quite so much, well that is a blatant lie. As I've dedicated posts for my love of the Sixties before.The wanting just got far worse. I have this theory (here she goes again with her fashion theory's-one of many)that if some how I can track down and obtain a glamorous leopard print coat it will somehow transport moi back to the Sixties.Where I too can be a rock & roll groupie, stalking the likes of The Stones and Led Zep with the leopard print coat receiving their full attention. Before you know it the back stage pass is mine, and I'm off tagging along, sight seeing across the world with Led Zep as my sight seeing pals.

Of course there will be no going back in time and hanging out with Sixties rock stars for me, until I hunt down a fierce and fake leopard print fur coat! Damn it. Not any leopard print coat, as that's the easy part. There are hundreds and hundreds of leopard print coats out there.
I need to find a leopard print coat with all the following specific design details...fake fur( I don't invite the thought of wearing dead animal, so if it can be avoided I will do just that)red stitching, large bold red buttons double breasted and a dark purple collar...
Hours later with pm turning into am (I lost all sense of time browsing fashion webby's) and with the return of my pinkish/redish fashion strained eyeballs I eventually discovered the leopard print coat of all leopard print coats. That ticked all my Sixties coat check list box's,minus dark purple collar.
Faux fur leopard print coat with red buttons and black collar (a girl can't have it all I suppose?)from very
,and is destined for the crimbo wish list.
I stumbled upon an array of leopard print coats all in various styles (and not all of them were that snazzy),whilst straining my eyes clicking from one website to another Warehouse also has a leopard print,rock star worthy coat. Which like the one from very will be added to my childish crimbo wish list.

coat from: very

board by:prettyneons

1. From Warehouse, £80
2. From Peacocks, £40
3. From Very, £85

09 November 2009


EEK(can you start a sentence with ekk?Too late just did)I received the best phone call ever this morning which began with, "So would you like to join Newlook then?"
Huh what-who- me?
*Screams down phone with a loud sharp raw and excited, proper girly screech
"Oh my god yesssss!" Those four simple words are all I could think to say.
"Great hows Wednesday for you, can you begin then?"
Once again I could only scramble two basic words together...
"Umm sure!"
Followed by a delayed..."Thank you"

The battle against unemployment is over, victory damn it,VICTORY is mine!
It's been a very realistic tough slog of a graduate nightmare, only I couldn't shake myself out of this nightmare wake myself up,and shrug the situation off.For this nightmare wasn't really a nightmare as I was fully awake all the way through the ups and downs.Despite how much I adore fashion, there were many times when I thought to myself, 'what are you doing?Give up already.'To be frank, there were situations I experienced in which I began to seriously doubt myself convinced those years of studying at both college and university had been nothing but a costly waste of time.I had no other choice then to stick it out and hang on in there, as I'm no good at anything else. Fashion and art, that's it this is all I know, all I've ever known.
Heck I remain in utter shock I'm going to work for Newlook? Surreal. I've been obsessed with Newlook since I was in the womb (my obsession began early, pre-mature even)and can't believe this is my first step on the fashion career ladder.

Of course once more (I know, I know I've wrote an array of features on Newlook...but just one more time I promise) I have to declare my love for Newlook and pay homage to the highstreet fashion brand that I've grown up with via all my fickle fashion phases which include:styling myself as 'baby spice'(girl power),ripping off Gwen of Nodoubt and embracing Grunge, rocking myself up Courtney Love style.Now (just in case you were wondering) I'm a collective mix of everything and anything, today I'm in three different shades of green, gold and silvers...my inspiration? This pretty Xmas visual from the JohnLewis Xmas gift idea leaflet.
Where was I before I got side tracked?
Homage to Newlook.
I know thousands of fashion fans will be gushing over Giles (Deacon)today, and I sure am one of them too, however there are some impressive non-Gold by Giles Deacon stand out pieces to fall deep in lurrrve with as well.
Note: the movie star glamorous faux fur animal print winter warmer of a coat,quirky heart stud patent shoulder bag and stunning oriental platforms with delicate gold detail. Newlook's accessories are always so appealing to me, I must get my hands on a couple of those futuristic silver and bright blue chunky bracelets.
Newlook how I heart you, forever.

all images Newlook
board by:prettyneons

1.Faux fur animal print coat,£50.00
2.Stripe dress, £24.99
3.Suede shoes with gold detail,£40.00
4.Heart stud shoulder bag,£6.00
5.Silver and blue chunky bracelet,£6.00
6.Black sequin stud top Gold by Giles Deacon for Newlook, £45.00

06 November 2009

Fashion rises

There are an awful lot of beautiful frocks on those fashion runways,they all shine and dazzle getting my- heart a-racing every single time I click on to the likes of Vogue Elle and style.I adore watching those runway clips,it really is fantastic escapism and entertainment.Browsing through various fashion runway clips is all good happy fun to begin with,but laughter soon turns to tears (as my mum would say).'Tis true that old saying, because whenever I sit at my computer working my through numerous fashion shows falling head over heels with various collections.Towards the end I have a flick through the fashion catwalk images,further admiring and staring hard at designer pieces I cannot afford. Why I tease myself like this I don't have a clue?Am I just sick in the head? Possibly.

After crying my eyeballs out (I'm not a cry baby really) over the harsh reality:being there is no way on earth I can obtain high price tag designer threads.
I try my hand at some fashion problem solving,I'll hit the high street have a snoop through a whole bunch of rails...rubbish idea,who told me I'm good at problem solving, huh? Who? They lie.
Next cunning fashion problem solving idea, click online there are thousands of online fashion websites. Problem a lot of them have identical stock same designers, same labels etc etc, and there for they all have the same interpretation of catwalk trends.

Step forward and rise . I talk way too much about Rise I have to check their contents out at least four days a week, or five days a week if you want to count Sundays too?
Rise are not like other online fashion websites, no they are better. You don't find the same old-same old items that you've already seen a hundred times before on other rival fashion sites.Rise avoids this by having very their own in house design team sketching and pattern cutting away especially for us who want to be a bit different and stand out from the crowd.Or those of us who love designer pieces but detest the painful prices.

I being always such a sucker for sequins and anything that sparkles am a big, big huge fan of Rise Elite limited edition collection. Which consists of stunning antique style embellished shift dresses and sequin blazers and is affordable so no need for regret! The two stand out pieces for me personally are the, blue beaded dress which has a touch of Sixties shimmering through all those sequins and decorative beads.The Elite collection is glorious and all so glam. I also have a crush on the bold sequin blazer, which could wow quite easily paired with a denim skirt or jeans. Though for me that's playing it safe I opt for the bonkers over the top volume is more circus look. I swear if the only the powers that be over at Rise could send me a early crimbo gift i.e the sequin blazer or better yet the blue shift dress-hint-hint... I'd happily do my first ever (and probably last) blog outfit post.

images from Rise
all boards by:prettyneons.

05 November 2009

Bootcamp for me

Am I the only one who's still in denial about it being winter? Refusing to except that summer is dead, gone well and truly over (though with this global warming business who can be certain?). I fool myself into believing it is still warm sunny and pleasant outside. How do I trick my brain into thinking this?
I continue to wear summer style peep toe shoes, thin as a piece of paper, I've learned the hard way that summer pumps are not very water resistant the result being a sort of soggy tissue paper effect, or to be more descriptive a daft flipper effect.
Where the only solution is to remove the summer flats and embrace the bare foot look, feel the wet cold pavement beneath your feet. You should try it sometime loads of fun-if your insane!

Yesterday I tolerated my peep toe pumps as my knee high heart socks protected my 'ickle toes from the harsh weather conditions. That is until I had to stand at the bus stop for over an hour (the joys of public transport: that and having people sneeze, cough and splat right in your face. Obviously their mothers never taught them to put a tissue over their mouth, hello two words...swine flu. Cover up already!). Whilst waiting in line I couldn't help but stare at others feet, suddenly I began to feel a complete idiot as everyone (with the exception of me)had winter foot wear on: uggs, knee high boots, wellies. Then there's me and my choice of footwear.Red pumps.
The knee high socks were doing a good job of keeping my feet warm, but after standing still for ages I began to experience pins and needles, my toes slowly going from cold to numb.Just in case I didn't feel a big enough fool for my bad choice of footwear this old lady leaned over and said,"You must be freezing cold my dear? Your making me feel the chill just looking at you, don't you have any winter shoes?"

I suppose I can no longer carry on pretending its summer.Though the summer dresses and skirts are staying for winter (I'll just invest in some leggings and tights) as I'm going nowhere near denim or trousers.Their just too boring.However the summer shoes it is time for you to go(on ebay, money for crimbo gifts)and time I start to face facts:it is no longer summer time there will be no more weekend trips to the beach, picnics or summer strolls.The seasons have changed there for so must my wardrobe as it's now (Oh I can't bring myself to say it) win...winter, rain,ice, fog, snow and footwear depression awaits.
Thank god then for such gorgeous boots:buckles, studs, patent shine,leopard print, platforms and killer heels. Perhaps winter will be brighter this year after all?

Here are the ones I'm lusting over, hmm but which pair to save up for?

board by: prettyneons.

1.Red tartan boots,£60
2.Patent illustration boots,£50
3.Leopard print platforms,£60, all from office
4.Blue leopard print boots from Pixiemarket

04 November 2009

Three Reasons...

So what with yesterdays thrift showing off, I'm aware I may be coming across as some crazy out of control shopaholic with one mighty big materialistic and shallow soul which only goes as deep as my purse (which isn't that deep).However my DNA structure (believe it or not) isn't one hundred percent materialistic,as fashion for me personally is more an art form.As a reserved and slightly shy individual without clothes I can't express myself nor 'paint'the blank canvas (moi) and create my art. I know that may sound ridiculous, silly, and bizarre.I don't shop for the hell of it, I don't shop to keep up with fickle trends,nor do I dress to please others, whats the point of that?

Yesterdays and today's cheap as chips fashion binge was a must,see there are three very good reasons to as why I'm spending huge amounts of time in various waiting lines from Oxfam to Primark.Melting(why oh why are shops always so hot?) under the harsh bright white lights which beam down on me.Here are those three reasons which justify my recent fashion consuming slutish behaviour a)I'm experimenting with other styles and visuals b)I've no idea how exactly but I've dropped a size or two. How many sizes I can't be certain? As my size always seems to vary from shop to shop.I'm not comfortable with this smaller version size of me, as I miss and long for the bigger size her with cleavage. c)I had a very exciting job interview today at Newlook and felt like rewarding my nervous as wreck self for remaining calm and not screwing up the interview.Yes, yes I managed to avoid stumbling and tripping over my words and making a verbal mess.Yay to me.

I could never bring myself to spend huge amounts of money on clothes, even if I was lucky enough to have an endless bank balance I doubt whether I could waste eighty quid on shoes or hundreds on designer bags. As it wouldn't be long until guilt haunted me,leaving me feeling dirty. I'm from a working class background and I suppose no matter what the future may bring I will always have that sensible penny pinching side to me.
Today I happened to be in the right place at the right time.As sale prices were being reduced even further,the floral Primark dress was slashed down to five quid then slashed some more down to three quid. I couldn't believe my luck repeated itself when I popped into Select on a mission: browsing for a new cardigan (the two I have have worn thin).No more new clothes for me the thrift or reduced kind, my mission is now complete.Well almost complete, I need some winter boots! My beloved grunge -meets- cowboy boots have fallen apart after three good years together we must part.Tragic stuff. In fact I'm going to have a looksee over at office see if there are a pair worth saving for, I shall keep you posted. As its all so exciting (insert sarcastic tone).

03 November 2009

Been thinking of rainbows

'I try to think about rainbows
When it gets bad
You got to think about something
To keep from going mad'

Nodoubt: In my head

At long last November has arrived, October was some what a hellish month, or rather the month where- despite- no -matter- how- hard- I -tried -I -got- nowhere and achieved nothing, zero, blank simply going backwards if not standing dead still and set on pause?
Yes, yes thats it! October the "pause" month.
If it wasn't my PC playing up, it was my sewing machine driving me up the wall, if it wasn't the latter it was my immune system deciding to be funny (oh yeah weak immune system you crack me up, so very highly amusing).October flu after bloody flu. October the month of redish haze/ fog:red eye then pink eye then burning itchy irritating red raw eye. Did I mention flu and sore eyes already?
Admittedly my blog was neglected through October (apologies and sob for missing your first birthday prettyneons blog) while I've been holed up in my den with the curtains closed, cupa soup on tap and medication stacked up sky high (Mmm delicious syrup based cough medicine cocktail.Vomit).
Goodbye October the month where I done nothing productive...

And hello November! How you appear all brand new, sparkly and full of hope.
My flu is beginning to clear and so is the redish pink haze across my vision, and vile cough medicine breath... taste buds please don't abandon me,'tis all over now I promise no more horrid flavoured medicine.
To celebrate the fact my October bad luck seems to be easing off (along with those mean, little ugly flu germs)I departed from the pit(bed)and caught up with all those everyday beauty habits and routine which for some unknown reason is just too challenging and one big effort when sick,down and out with flu.I picked up the bottle of shampoo washed my hair, freshened up my face and sorted out my crazy rebellious eyebrows.Opened up the wardrobe, slipped into some 'wet look' leggings and pulled this sailoresque vintage dress on, grabbed my leather jacket and headed outside for a indulgent thrift shopping spree.

The fierce wind slapping me around the face, dead leaves decorating my head whether I like it or not.
First stop junk shop which is set up in this big empty barn (like I've mentioned before on this blog I live in a strange, strange town a place which time forgot)which continues for miles and miles. Random bits and pieces piled up and poking out here and there. Behind a giant box full with everything from key rings to classic Disney VHS tapes, I discovered a real authentic rock & roll leather jacket complete with various zip pocket details for £8.Mine.Along with the chunky owl ring, that I almost stood on. For this junk shop isn't concerned with presentation.
OK I also (cringe) may of purchased Snow white VHS as well.
Before I left the junk shop I felt ashamed of my old leather jacket I removed it stuffed the thing in my bag (RIP) and quickly replaced it with the lovely and new leather jacket, oh the novelty, oh the glorious newness.
All proud of my new leather jacket I skipped down the road beaming,with this new found confidence,hell-yes- look-at-me-now-I'm-cool... only not really.But heck strangers don't know that:the power of garments.My next thrift stop was Oxfam,a lot of rubbish everywhere because it's approaching Xmas all I stumbled upon was numerous tinsel decorations and pre-loved dancing Santa's that quite frankly freak me out. Or at least this variety of dancing Santa did.

Giving up hope of finding anything wardrobe worthy in Oxfam (thrifting is so hit or miss and requires dedication and a whole lot of energy.Hence why I think it should be an Olympic sport...get your thrift Lycra sport pants at the ready-go!). I walked towards the jewelery box full to the top with knots of plastic gems,I rummage through drowning in plastic bling. Lifted up this hundred ton plastic bundle of necklaces,to find a surprising and pretty gem of a dress. The dress is two sizes to big but as I lurrrve layering up it will do just fine,like the leather jacket once again I felt compelled to discard my current ensemble and slip into the new one straight away. I didn't. Well have you seen charity shop changing rooms? Ekk,wrong, wrong, wrong no way I've witnessed some truly horrible things in charity shop changing rooms. I shalt go into detail just in case your eating.

board by prettyneons.