06 November 2009

Fashion rises

There are an awful lot of beautiful frocks on those fashion runways,they all shine and dazzle getting my- heart a-racing every single time I click on to the likes of Vogue Elle and style.I adore watching those runway clips,it really is fantastic escapism and entertainment.Browsing through various fashion runway clips is all good happy fun to begin with,but laughter soon turns to tears (as my mum would say).'Tis true that old saying, because whenever I sit at my computer working my through numerous fashion shows falling head over heels with various collections.Towards the end I have a flick through the fashion catwalk images,further admiring and staring hard at designer pieces I cannot afford. Why I tease myself like this I don't have a clue?Am I just sick in the head? Possibly.

After crying my eyeballs out (I'm not a cry baby really) over the harsh reality:being there is no way on earth I can obtain high price tag designer threads.
I try my hand at some fashion problem solving,I'll hit the high street have a snoop through a whole bunch of rails...rubbish idea,who told me I'm good at problem solving, huh? Who? They lie.
Next cunning fashion problem solving idea, click online there are thousands of online fashion websites. Problem a lot of them have identical stock same designers, same labels etc etc, and there for they all have the same interpretation of catwalk trends.

Step forward and rise . I talk way too much about Rise I have to check their contents out at least four days a week, or five days a week if you want to count Sundays too?
Rise are not like other online fashion websites, no they are better. You don't find the same old-same old items that you've already seen a hundred times before on other rival fashion sites.Rise avoids this by having very their own in house design team sketching and pattern cutting away especially for us who want to be a bit different and stand out from the crowd.Or those of us who love designer pieces but detest the painful prices.

I being always such a sucker for sequins and anything that sparkles am a big, big huge fan of Rise Elite limited edition collection. Which consists of stunning antique style embellished shift dresses and sequin blazers and is affordable so no need for regret! The two stand out pieces for me personally are the, blue beaded dress which has a touch of Sixties shimmering through all those sequins and decorative beads.The Elite collection is glorious and all so glam. I also have a crush on the bold sequin blazer, which could wow quite easily paired with a denim skirt or jeans. Though for me that's playing it safe I opt for the bonkers over the top volume is more circus look. I swear if the only the powers that be over at Rise could send me a early crimbo gift i.e the sequin blazer or better yet the blue shift dress-hint-hint... I'd happily do my first ever (and probably last) blog outfit post.

images from Rise
all boards by:prettyneons.


Kat said...

the ditsy floral bow dress is very pretty!!!

hope you're feeling alright again :)

daisychain said...

I have such a softspot in my heart for Rise!

The Hunter said...

LOVE the ditsy floral bow dress!!

So cute,

The Hunter xxx

Diary of a Young Designer said...

I'm loving the ditzy dress also, tho I know exactly how you feel; looking - and drooling- over pieces that I cannot afford brings me to tears and depression also. =(