04 November 2009

Three Reasons...

So what with yesterdays thrift showing off, I'm aware I may be coming across as some crazy out of control shopaholic with one mighty big materialistic and shallow soul which only goes as deep as my purse (which isn't that deep).However my DNA structure (believe it or not) isn't one hundred percent materialistic,as fashion for me personally is more an art form.As a reserved and slightly shy individual without clothes I can't express myself nor 'paint'the blank canvas (moi) and create my art. I know that may sound ridiculous, silly, and bizarre.I don't shop for the hell of it, I don't shop to keep up with fickle trends,nor do I dress to please others, whats the point of that?

Yesterdays and today's cheap as chips fashion binge was a must,see there are three very good reasons to as why I'm spending huge amounts of time in various waiting lines from Oxfam to Primark.Melting(why oh why are shops always so hot?) under the harsh bright white lights which beam down on me.Here are those three reasons which justify my recent fashion consuming slutish behaviour a)I'm experimenting with other styles and visuals b)I've no idea how exactly but I've dropped a size or two. How many sizes I can't be certain? As my size always seems to vary from shop to shop.I'm not comfortable with this smaller version size of me, as I miss and long for the bigger size her with cleavage. c)I had a very exciting job interview today at Newlook and felt like rewarding my nervous as wreck self for remaining calm and not screwing up the interview.Yes, yes I managed to avoid stumbling and tripping over my words and making a verbal mess.Yay to me.

I could never bring myself to spend huge amounts of money on clothes, even if I was lucky enough to have an endless bank balance I doubt whether I could waste eighty quid on shoes or hundreds on designer bags. As it wouldn't be long until guilt haunted me,leaving me feeling dirty. I'm from a working class background and I suppose no matter what the future may bring I will always have that sensible penny pinching side to me.
Today I happened to be in the right place at the right time.As sale prices were being reduced even further,the floral Primark dress was slashed down to five quid then slashed some more down to three quid. I couldn't believe my luck repeated itself when I popped into Select on a mission: browsing for a new cardigan (the two I have have worn thin).No more new clothes for me the thrift or reduced kind, my mission is now complete.Well almost complete, I need some winter boots! My beloved grunge -meets- cowboy boots have fallen apart after three good years together we must part.Tragic stuff. In fact I'm going to have a looksee over at office see if there are a pair worth saving for, I shall keep you posted. As its all so exciting (insert sarcastic tone).

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