23 November 2009

Shes like a rainbow

Hello's fellow blogger 'gals and guys (though I do believe prettyneons has no male readers. However if you are a guy who's reading this, then sorry and do excuse my ignorance!).
Hope you all had a fabtastic weekend?My weekend was hectic I didn't get much snooze time, self inflicted mind you...I stayed awake sketching away until I had blisters on my fingers from clutching pencils and paint brushes. The heavy, aggressive rain was smashing against my window all weekend so I skipped sleep both Saturday and Sunday night. The result? One counter-productive Monday.
I'm rambling on, and have now forgot what I was going to type?
Aha yes, the light bulb has switched back on...
I wanted to thank you all for the walking in high heel tips: practice makes perfect I shall take that on board.
And also a giant thanks you's for the get well comments, I'm feeling so much better today, just a 'ickle exhausted...this is my own fault, I know.Once again though thank you (insert-kiss-kiss).

So shame on me. For about three months I've been promising to post extracts from a few of my scrap books, yet have failed to do so. Only because I bang on about fashion so much I forget all the other to-do's.Plus my scrap books are tucked away in difficult places and I've been too lazy to go and dig them out.
Enough txt (and excuses) about my scrap books here are a random selection of scribbles...

illustrations by:prettyneons.

I'm playing around with all my original sketches at the moment, importing them into photoshop see if I can work them into some fashion design prints for next year. Others are becoming large scale pieces of art, its all just trial and error for the time being.Fingers crossed something exciting will develop in due time.
I had planned on revealing my weekends thrift finds but my camera has just packed out and died on me, sorry folks! Will post the thrift finds tomorrow.*Promise*


daisychain said...

the face on your first drawing is what I look like right.now.


Viva La Fashion said...

yeah! i'm looking forward to your post tomorrow. :)

daisychain said...

I have awarded you on my blog :) x

Dane said...

Youre so talented, I love this post!