25 September 2009

Make Yourself

"If I hadn't made me, I would've been made somehow..
If I hadn't assembled myself, Id've fallen apart by now.
If I hadn't made me, I'd be more inclined to bow.
Powers that be, Would have swallowed me up
But that's more than I can allow.

If you let them make you, they'll make you Paper-Mache
At a distance you're strong, until the wind comes
Then you'll crumble and blow away.
If you let him fuck you there will be no foreplay.
Rest assured, They'll screw you complete, Until your ass is blue and grey!"

Incubus 'Make Yourself'

Apart from fashion blogging I'm a scrapbook artalcoholic, creative nutcase who experiences panic attacks if I look in my bag and the following items are missing scrapbook ,pens, pencils, camera... AAAHHH where are they? Why aren't they in my bag? Where did I leave them? Shit, shit , shit I need to run home!Without my art I feel like half of me is missing and whenever I fail to get my daily fix of the pen, pencil mayhem I am hell to live with, if not a mess.
Spending nightly hours wide awake drawing/ scribbling /sketching/designing/printing/sewing/embellishing...(whichever way you wish to address making a colourful fulfilling mess)is one my bad habits,I seem to think my body doesn't require or need any sleep to function.All I really need is neon post-it-notes, for when I do manage to nod off...I can grab a pen and note down any 'ickle ideas that are half being processed in my brain whilst in deep slumber.

I've always been a bit shy and felt awkward exposing my art and designs (the latter words are too grand me thinks?)its a similar feeling to that of pasting diary entry's on street posts across town (so I imagine anyway).
However I'm beginning (very slowly) to feel a little more OK and less awkward about revealing my work. As over the last few months I've gained surprising feedback on my work. Through word of mouth I suppose, though my work has also gained frowns and-not-so-brilliant feedback, which is also fine...each to their own you can't please everyone because us humans are all different and fickle some way or another. Including myself too!

Experiencing both the bad and the good of exposing my art and design stuff,has helped more then I can really put into words.
So I've finally decided to get some bulls and post up this image of a T-shirt I created back in the start of summer. The illustration is sweet simple and naive as I tried to capture this random moment I observed at the park one evening... which I 'recorded' by sketching quickly down in my scrapbook.
The 'Is it a luvbug?' bespoke T-shirt has a combination of both print and embroidery. Please do forgive my crap cheap ebay camera...not to self: never pay just fifteen quid for a camera ever again.

This item is going on ebid as I've just set up my account at long last whoop, whoop. I really hope it sells as I'm beginning a new batch of various pieces, and my room is lacking any space to manoeuvre. Yet alone draw, design, print and sew. Still its time I made myself (see what I've done there? Customized the Incubus lyric...cunning eh?)I don't want to become just another door to door sales person (and yes I did have that delightful soul destroying job once,to make ends meat...never again. I took it upon myself to sack me)like every other person around here.
My next step on the career ladder is a impressive one folks.Back to being a waitress,I have no choice.I need the pennies to buy print and fashion equipment/ materials.
You should have seen the persons face at the interview, baffled he was, 'Why when you have fashion qualifications do you want to waitress?'
I should have seen that question coming...
...'Well I'd really like a job and a payslip, plus I've done plenty of waitress work before and I enjoy it. You get to meet new people all the time.'
Bullshit queen. Me? Nope. Serving people chips and coffee is my idea of awesome fun. I lie.
I'm doing this in the vain hope that (one day) I can produce and establish my own little fashionart ( I believe the two are identical, with no need to separate)label, and get the hell out of this mundane town!

Right-e-o I'm logging off now to embrace some vintage Incubus and sketch.You all have a cracking weekend, yeah?

photos: Bespoke 'Is that a luvbug?' T-shirt by prettyneons.

24 September 2009

Liucia Freak

Liucia, Liucia, Liucia how I'm obsessed, my love for Liucia may never die nor fade. I'm aware it isn't all that healthy to be so smitten with a fashion website.
Only Liucia isn't simply 'a fashion website' hell no, do not confuse the two. Liucia is so much more then that, more then those online fashion sites which are influenced by current 'catwalk trends' and 'celeb style'.
Hmm how can I describe the glorious Liucia? I feel no big descriptive words can really do Liucia any justice, it would be lazy of me to insert a link and inform you to go have a looksee. I need to express exactly why I adore Liucia, if not to justify my freakish obsession with 'L'.

Right so here it goes, I'm going to type the thoughts and visuals my mind conjures up whenever I fixate my eyeballs on Liucia bags and accessories (warning: the following paragraph may read like absolutely zero sense...think back to front words. Well you will be witnessing the mechanics of my 'quirky' mind).

Liucia's Obi bags these may be as close as I ever get to experiencing Japanese culture and sight seeing around Japan (I've never yet traveled out of England or been on a plane.Soon as I have the bank balance and opportunity to purchase those golden flight tickets Japan- I -am -there!)without actually stepping foot on Japan soil.
Every stitch,every print,every little detail of Obi bags reflects both new and ultra modern Japan. Beautiful and traditional Japanese landscape prints perfectly balanced out with futuristic avant-garde Japanese elements and quirky unexpected twists.All the latter design details complement each other rather then conflict against each other.The old traditional Japanese prints inviting and embracing the young, new and fresh eager Japanese design.

Liucia goodies provide a genuine and passionate dose of Japanese culture, simply holding a Liucia clutch transports me to the heart of Japan...surrounded by bright lights I can hear the busy sounds of street traffic...err pre-daydreaming where was I? Oh yes those Obi clutch bags with their magical powers.Transporting me all the way across many oceans to Japan, which can only be a good thing? What with the chances of moi ever visiting Japan being highly unlikely... though I'm 23years of age so no giving up on that dream just yet...I shall continue to try and learn some Japanese via good ol' videojug.

21 September 2009

Falling For You...

There really is no denying that fall is beginning to make itself visible, as premature as it may be ( what with the sun rays still beaming and the weather abnormally warm )I can't help but acknowledge fall creeping up.The once dull grey ground is decorated with this colourful cluster of fire red's and golden orange crisp dried up leaves (which admittedly I do have to prevent myself from running through the leaves and resist kicking the vibrant dead leaves up-up into the air).
Of course with fall and winter arrives the not so colourful fashion window displays: with an array of shades in the following... black,grey, purple and a serious lack of imaginative, pretty eye catching prints. For colours and prints are strictly for spring/ summer only not winter fool...Moi being the fool for expecting any different from last years fall/winter highstreet spread. Yawn.

Obviously I'm failing to understand fashion,sure I'm aware of the fashion trend structure and the whole from catwalk to highstreet process and so on. The part I always find completely baffling is this unwritten fashion rule/ guideline of: Spring/summer sport bold florals, swirls and general bohemian-esque ensembles. Fall/ winter avoid all of the above and embrace bland basic blacks,greys maybe purple if you must be so damn adventurous!
Um the thing is when the nights begin drawing in and the hours of daylight seem to pass by at an alarming and rapid pace, the last thing I want to embrace is more dark moody colours. If anything I often feel more compelled to experiment with brighter, exciting colours and mix up the patterns and prints. Every fall without fail I have a neon/ golds/ rainbow relapse (not just for the sake of rebelling against any particular fashion trend/rule, as such)I simply opt for colourful doses (in ridiculous high measures) to distract me from the harsh reality... that outside its cold,miserable and bleak.
I adore fashion for that very reason: it is a pleasant distraction or at least should be. Alas I won't be conforming to all those seasonal fashion guidelines, though I will be experiencing another fashion relapse. A relapse of the Orion kind that is...

I have what I can only describe as an Orion addiction with all the symptoms that are attached to addiction. You know? Symptoms such as: craving,anxiety and erm denial.
I refuse to except I have this weakness for anything Orion, yes-I-can- go- one- week without- obsessively- checking and re-checking- Orion online contents...alright so I can't. There you go I've admitted it I lack all will power and what do you know another confession...yep I have been seduced by their 'Just arrived' section.
Shock-horror Orions fall/winter items include both prints,pops of bold colour and (here is the utterly shocking part folks)busy loud florals. Orion also has an impressive selection of fabulous accessories. My two most beloved accessories being the tiger feather hairband and last but not least the fabulous orange, lilac, red and gold harlequin weave shoulder bag!
Also adoring and wishing I owned these Orion beauties...I believe the correct word is yearning?

board by:prettyneons

1.Annie dress, £59
2.Metallic stripe leggings, £13
3.Feather hairband, £16
4.Harlequin chain shoulder bag, £49


16 September 2009

Fashion Hear Me Out

The email read...
...Hi prettyneons we follow your blog and would really love to offer you a placement within our exciting fast paced fashion PR company, please get in touch Best Wishes...
My instant reaction being gasp, 'Whoa jeez is this serious? Mum, mum,lookseeeeee!'
Mum scans through the email followed by encouraging words (though they may not read that encouraging?)'You work so so so hard and you deserve this. Those years of hard bloody work and your degree may have been worth the slog after all? Go on then what are you waiting for reply, reply.'

Before typing out my message I let out another gasp and a sharp Ekk. This is happening this is really real? I'm not going to wake up with my face in the drool covered ( I drool in my sleep, yeah you wanted to know that about me didn't you?) wet pillow? Hit by harsh cold reality? Sugar this is it, deep breath life's going to change and kick off at full speed now, prepare yourself. What to write? I've waited for this moment since I was a fashion naive child, sketching delightful zigzag, polka dot, primary colour ensembles with the aid of the famous fashion wheel (how I loved that toy).
Think and remain cool (nope its never too late to be 'cool')...
...Dear PR person (you kind kind fashion PR person yoooou)
How could I turn down such a fantastic opportunity? When you say "placement" do you mean actual job vacancy and wage? Or are you referring to a internship? Forgive my dimness.
How long is the placement and assuming its an internship would it be possible to cover my pesky travel expenses and lunch as I'm currently unemployed.
Thanks again, kind regards...

I'm all nervous now its been days too many days and I can't sleep, eat or think straight completely overwhelmed. The normally plain and simple task such as food shopping is proving to be too much, I left my purse behind at home and can't pay for my bread, soup and toilet roll ( yeah huh my shopping sprees are that mind blowing, don't hate me hahaha) all in all I can't function. Its that sort of anxious feeling when mind is fully preoccupied the pondering and 'what ifs' dominate your life. A similar gut wrenching feeling when awaiting feedback any feedback from that fine fella you met for a first date,as far back as three days ago and still no phone call
(Erm that's a whole other blog post and one I shall not be putting into type any time soon).

For the next annoying mundane days that followed I sat, sat and intensely starred at my computer screen eyes fixated on the old hotmail inbox. Ooh Ooh one "new message" let me at it, let me at it!
Yes, yes yes thank youuuu God (check me out all religious)its from them the lovely fashion PR peeps...
... Hi prettyneons,
Delighted with your interest (correction I'm delighted and over the moon with your interest in little old fashion blogging me)in our placement which we would like for you to fill.This placement is a 2-4month internship in London and could lead to possible full time employment in the near future.
We cannot cover your travel due to your location (what the!? I live a stones throw away in Sussex hundreds of fellow Sussex people make this expensive commute every day. This doesn't add up?). But (joy I'm still in with a chance, go on go...because of your catch 22 circumstance were happy to cover your travel)we can pay your lunch (wow that's very generous of you, however I'm not that purse broke and skint I can't afford to take my own homemade sandwiches!) and the insight your gain will be invaluable. Placement begins the start of November, Kind Regards...

Kind regards? You can shove your "kind regards" up your ass. Whats 'kind' about refusing to pay my travel expenses and in the process ONCE AGAIN putting my career on pause. Whats kind about building my hopes/ expectations? Since when was crushing someones dreams ever 'kind'?
Within ten minutes I received an instant reply...
...Hi prettyneons,(don't "hi" me)
We do not cover travel I'm afraid, here's a few suggestions (Um I've got a few for you honey)can you not borrow from your parents/ friends? Or work a part time job? (now I know I excel in multi-tasking, but how can I possibly juggle the two when the placement days are 9:30am-8:00pm mon-friday + long commute ( I live in the middle of nowhere) + moi returning home at 10pm = no part time job hours.'Duh).
As for "borrow from your parents/ friends" no can do we aren't all that highly privileged, some of us struggle with the weekly food shop hence the soup in bulk.

Funny enough yesterday I had another email like this one from a fashion publication, yep you guessed correctly "we do not cover travel expenses".
I ONCE AGAIN explained all, my fucking circumstance and all that jazz blah , blah, blah.
Fashion listen up all of you listen carefully (or rather read carefully)as what I say often no wait ALWAYS falls on deaf ears...
...*Do not offer me 'internships', 'placement's (whichever way you wish to address slave labor and general exploitation) if you cannot pay my travel expenses I have to get on two trains and one hellish long bus ride. Now please tell me is this really requesting too much? When I'm yours for four whole months running around after your coffee's,licking envelopes happy to be exploited if it means I may possibly achieve a step on that career ladder?
Is contributing towards my travel and lunch costs really going to leave a dent in your American Express black card? Is it really going to affect your gym membership and frequent designer shopping sprees?
Once again all you fashion insiders who are eager to offer me an internship until I mention those two little words 'travel' and 'lunch' expenses in which you leave me hanging and feeling somewhat a big fat ( Ooh forgive me did I use that dreaded word fat?) fashion outcast and very much a lost creative soul.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself either. I'm instead feeling very frustrated and very fucking sorry for myself.

*Insert ironic,positive upbeat, sickly sweet and happy fashion image

image from:thesundaytimesstyle magazine.

14 September 2009

Pink & Silver Wishes

Yes, yes its that time of the month again (oh no no nooooo I'm not referring to that time of the month) where I find myself going through a very sudden and random fashion related phase (hence why I could never truly describe my 'style' I often dread being asked that question.As my brain goes into panic mode failing to think up a exact and descriptive answer. So I simply shrug and divert attention, works every time).
My fashion head is indeed a fickle one,and has been known to play tricks on me:fooling me to believe I looked fab-frigging-tastic in a pair of spray on neon studded bottoms(I say bottoms as they weren't exactly jeans nor exactly leggings either)though I made that dreaded fashion fuck up well over a year ago, it remains to haunt me.
Note to self,I don't have long Vogue legs.But rather ordinary, average pins, sigh.

Um so its time to confess my latest fashion fixation, now I know, I know gasp what on earth is she thinking? Pink and silver? Tasteless and very nineties Aqua too.
Yet Pink and silver I cannot get enough of! Where to place the blame for this fashion phase? Hmm let me think, there must be some reason to as why I feel compelled to jump into pink and silvers?
Pondering over the matter, I suppose my Klaxons Poster ( 23 years of age and still digging posters? Correct: I just adore certain album art)is responsible as it consists of various shades of silvers and pinks.After three years of being pinned upon my plain boring white walls ( I rent and therefor am not allowed to dabble with paint. Unless I wish to be made homeless, its becoming to cold for that right now).The futuristic funky Klaxons poster has some what influenced my fashion taste buds and shaped my recent fashion decisions for better or worse. But what to do? Fight against the pink and silver urge? For it shall not suck me in! Or simply embrace and invite?Introducing the clashing colour combo to my bff. The wardrobe.

I've never feared fashion experiments before, so why is it then I find pink and silver both appealing and inexcusable?
Like reaching for another biscuit, when you've already had two.Fully aware two if not the one biscuit was enough.All that biscuit consumption won't do me any favours, that's simple and clear common sense.But the temptation proves too much and I crack under pressure, same goes for this bizarre craving for pink and silver, side by side together at the same time...
In simple terms it must be accomplished!

1.Miso print tee from republic, £20
2.Miso sequin blazer from, same as above, £39.99
3.Bright pink skirt from, Matalan, £12
4.Silver buckle boots from, Office, £90

all boards by:prettyneons.

1.Silver print vest from,Missselfridge, £28
2.Embellished jacket Balmain, £4,110 (*ouch)
3.Hot pink bandage skirt from,Bardot,£27
4.Leather studded fan detail shoes from,Riverisland, £84.99(added to my wardrobe wants!)

12 September 2009

I'm Just A Girl

"Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I'm exposed
And it's no big surprise
Don't you think I know
Exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me
To hold your hand
'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights"

No Doubt 'Just a girl'

Today I had my wig (or rather long, long curly, wavy frizz ball hair) chopped off, there is no going back (well until my hair grows and gets all long again)for I can't return to the hairdressers and collect my dead hair off the floor and stick it back on my head. Or can I?
No no I can't that's crazy talk.
The whole experience was a horrid one, the atmosphere of them places makes me feel uneasy, I can't explain why I find hairdressers so very daunting. Perhaps its because I become very attached to my hair (in more ways then one).
It sounds so silly and stupid, I cannot stand sitting in front of a full length mirror (why do the mirrors have to be full length anyway? Hmmm probably just my local hair place i.e the 'Hair House'. Shit title eh?) being quizzed by some random ultra girly girl on 'what hair products I use because it really is like so wild'. Excuse me that's my hair your talking about!
God please let me gag on a falling hair ball, so I no longer have to tolerate such mindless chitchat.

The hairdresser I was so lucky to of had (blatant fib) was not too dissimilar to Edward Scissor hands, she was waving her scissors here there and everywhere, chip-and-a-chopping-away. When she turned her back to grab the hairdryer I pegged it...nah joking.
I slowly looked up at myself in the big old intimating full length mirror, shock horror and oh bugger me shes had a field day with my locks: I suddenly felt exposed naked, no longer very feminine. Thank Christ she never cut my tits off,that's all I can say.

I've always been slightly tomboyish with a touch of girly going on and my style obviously reflected that. As I got up to pay and walked out I caught my reflection in the door mirror...I need to tweak my style, I must add more girly touches more then ever before to compensate for the lack of long hair I now have. Though I don't want to completely lose my old 'long hair me' identity either, my long messy hair which made me feel oddly enough a bit 'rock & roll' for some unknown reason?
How do I keep the old me alive and kicking? I'm going to give the fashion squad a heart attack and just combine lace up biker style boots with edgy,elegant accessories, and turn the floral tea dress volume up louder alot louder!

Board by:prettyneons

1. All gems from, astleyclarke.com
2. Floral frock from, shopruche.com
3. Biker style boots from, Miss selfridge

11 September 2009

The Close Enough Game

Hmmm now I'm not certain whether I've ever shared this with anyone before? As frankly its actually quite a odd and embarrassing little game I play from time to time, but oddballness (whoop, whoop I've just created and made up a completely silly word)is healthy and me all over.
Now some people smoke to pass the time, others might watch some TV,complete a crossword, take the dog for a walk?
I however don't smoke,having ordinary one, two, three, four channels ( TV lacking in variety)and there for have zero programs that are worth watching (with the exception of 'mock the week')crosswords get me all frustrated and I don't own a pet dog.
So I indulge in my favorite game which I made up years ago from complete utter, brain eating boredom. The title of this game is called (wait for it...) 'The close enough game'.

How to play:
Browse way out of your price range clothes to do this simply click on to style.com or rip pages out of Vogue etc, drool over all those gorgeous and well cut garments.
Now like a magpie desperate for glitter, browse and browse again for similar much cheaper versions of your beloved designer garments.

The rules:
Colours can vary the style must not: I'm strict with this part. Erm this is the only rule.

Sadly I own many scrapbooks dedicated to this pathetic yet equally enjoyable game, I've re-created one entry from my previous scrapbook and last game using fancy (*cough-lie-cough) graphics.

Spot the difference?

all boards by:prettyneons.

'The close enough game':Results...

1.Instead of Emporio Armani shoes...Dorothy Perkins gold detail shoes.

2.Instead of Les Chiffoniers gold sequined blazer...Dorothy Perkins sequin blazer.

3.Instead of Charles Anastase graffiti tee...Miss Selfridge graffiti tee.

Do feel free to play and post your results!

08 September 2009

Beha is the best

Freja Beha Erichsen, the only model I really admire to be honest.For one whenever shes in any fashion campaign or on the catwalk you just know it.Because Beha's the beautiful contradiction of all the following; pretty, fragile, fierce and elegant.
You can't but help pay attention when shes on some glossy fashion page, her features are simply striking, meaning shes difficult to ignore.So quickly flicking the page over isn't an option: as a fashion illustrator/ artist (that sounds too grand, for I just scribble and flick some paint around)it would be my fashion dream come true to study and sketch Freja Beha,*dreams.

And now Beha is my hair style inspiration too...

Let me explain for ages now I've had long, wavy, curly frizz-messy locks (this is probably self inflicted as I never-ever can be asked to use any hair products what-so-ever. I detest the gunk like textures and horrible chemical smell, and have this phobia when it comes to hair spray)I'm bored and find myself frustrated when ever I have to bloody pick up the damn hair brush and untangle my wig.I'm ready for the chop.
There's no doubt I use my hair as some sort of security blanket, and the fringe is really brilliant for covering any spot break outs on my forehead.But its knots enough (see what I've done there, genius huh? I'm more then ready to do stand up) to convince me to keep hold of my long hair...its got to go...now, right now!

Wheres the scissors?

board by:prettyneons

photos from: vogue & gettyimages

07 September 2009

Leather With Lots Of Love

Bags.My one true weakness.They make me go all funny at the knees, and the amount of time I will happily waste and throw away just admiring and drooling over bags on some fancy window display is I admit ridiculous. I have in the past dedicated a whole weekend seeking special vintage bags. There's this village in Sussex and once every month this woman (with a love of bags even far greater then mine)puts on display the most amazing array of vintage bags and unique bags shes collected from here there and everywhere. The most impressive ones I've seen (so far) has to be this vintage feather fringe clutch which belonged to a funky famous Sixties Rolling Stones groupie, whoa right? The stories it could tell if only it could speak...imagination runs wild.
The second impressive and mind blowing bag on display at her monthly exhibition/ market homage to bags is Anuschka bags, of which I've never heard of before until I discovered this tattoo print leather slouch bag...a little out of my price range but still very much whoa-wow worthy.

Hence this decision to pay homage to all bags Anuschka style, Anuschka still being this fashion novelty for me, as its a label recently discovered.
I'm now obsessed with these leather beauties:yep I'm a vegetarian who digs these leather bags.Calm down no need to jump the gun, its fine for this is leather with love...I'll revisit this later on.
Anuschka bags are a rare unique combination of art, fashion and functionality. The erm function bit being a bag ideal for belongings (just in case you don't know that's what a bag is for, he he excuse me pointing out the obvious).
All the bags are crafted from soft cow leather, and what makes these leather bags different from all other leather bags is the ethical part.Their all individually crafted and hand painted by actual craftsmen and artists these bags are empowering those who would otherwise struggle.

Returning to the shallow fashion part, the prints are colourful strong, attractive with dreamy imaginary scenes of rainbows, orchids and beautiful elegant butterflies floating around. Its a fabulous fantasy dream applied to a bag,perfect for any wannabe gypsy 'gal like moi! Anuschka bags are not simply bags for chucking everyday crap into, these bags are mobile pieces of art. To be adored by all and forever treasured.

Board by: prettyneons
All images: Anuschka
visit: www.anuschkaleather.com

03 September 2009

Candice Wren Pretty Pashminas

Pashminas, pashminas often practical and versatile for those cold lazy days,layer it up with long knit tops and knit cardies, but sadly that is about the only fashion outing and opportunity so to speak pashminas receive. For after that pashminas are dismissed and discarded, left to collect cotton dust in the back of the wardrobe.
Because sadly pashminas have always just been practical. That's it, that's the short fate of the understated pashmina a timid fashion accessory,lacking behind other fashion accessories in regards to snazzy fashion points.
For their often too ordinary, drab and dull.To avoid further fashion neglect the pashmina needs to shred its original skin and prove to its harsh pashmina haters that the pashmina can be a much desired, popular wardrobe item.

Designer Candice Wren may just be about to kick off a pashmina revolution!Injecting pashminas with a dose of colour. Whilst on her holiday in Turkey Candice Wren couldn't help but notice how popular pashminas were, but also how they lacked surface design and decoration.It was that moment illustrator and print designer Candice conjured up a cracking idea, combine the two.
Candice bought up a few pashmina souvenirs returned home and began experimenting applying her adorable and fun prints to the plain pashminas,"It was a trial which just snowballed into a fashion brand of printed pashminas!" Candice's besspoke pashminas was born.
Using designs from her graduate work such as dolly costumes and perfume bottles. Expanding ideas and designs into her first ever pashmina collection which is evidently screaming out for an extension... Could a S/S Candice Wren fabulous fashion collection maybe on the cards? "I would love to do a collaboration Id particularly like to team up with a good seamstress/pattern cutter where beautifully developed clothes could be made using the printed fabric I would supply. I think a range of tea dresses would be perfect since all my designs are ultra girly.
There is a particular label on Portobello market where a girl makes all her own clothes under the name Millua. Her style is gypsy and girlish and she uses pretty light and floaty materials, mainly dresses which you could dress up or down with a pair of leggings. I would love to work with her."

photos: Candice Wren pashmina collection.

visit:candicewren.co.uk info@candicewren.co.uk

02 September 2009

Lace Lush

Needle work and lace the domain of grans across the globe, wrong. For needle work and lace are receiving much love right now and I for one am lurvving the delicate Gothic lace spilling out of Dorothy Perkins AW collection. The lace leggings are very material girl.
Fashion is overwhelmed with eighties inspired garments right now, however Dorothy Perkins collection is full of eighties silhouettes but with an ultra sleek, modern twist which gives DP's pieces a tough 'gal edge.
Lets return to the lace, of which has been giving a complete make over, mixed with acid denims, leather and velvets topped with an injection of bold colour. I'm referring to the lace insert vibrant yellow dress of course!
The attention to detail means its quite possibly the best catwalk copy ever, way too expensive though I assume...wait whats this? Whoa how looks can be deceiving, deceiving indeed, I can actually grab this lovely lace frock and it won't get moi into trouble with the burden that is a tight (and tiny) bank account. Whoop whoop for that.

Hmmm whats this more lush lace? I spy lace and velvet boots...Ooh perfect for those crazy rock & roll nights (when I say "crazy rock & roll nights" I'm referring to some tiny gig in the pub down the road...what? Its still a bit rock & roll. Alright so it really isn't).
I swear the more I stop to admire THOSE lace boots the more they begin to whisper to me the following convincing words 'I'm lovely, come on chose me I'll go with any wardrobe item too...jeans, skirts, dresses' Stop stop! I can feel myself slowly swaying, should I sell my soul and bloody press buy already just for the sake of some lace and velvet boots? Is it do you think, too materialistic of me to give up my soul for a pair of shoes? A pair of very impressive, hot and gorgeous shoes that is.
The shoes do have much required benefits too. for one their keep my toes warm (all I own in terms of shoes is peep toe summer shoes and now summer is dead and gone, as painful that is to admit. With it only being early September and all!) and safe from frost bite, the heel of these boots are very generous.Meaning more height for elf like me and they have the whole turning head factor too. Which is a nice added bonus.
Right I feel I've justified whats going to be my first winter wardrobe purchase. DP here I come...well once I've saved up for a while by which time other fashion savvy sisters would have beat me to it.Damn.

Board by: prettyneons

1. lace leggings, £30
2. yellow lace dress, £50
3. lace detail boots, £42

all from Dorothy Perkins