11 September 2009

The Close Enough Game

Hmmm now I'm not certain whether I've ever shared this with anyone before? As frankly its actually quite a odd and embarrassing little game I play from time to time, but oddballness (whoop, whoop I've just created and made up a completely silly word)is healthy and me all over.
Now some people smoke to pass the time, others might watch some TV,complete a crossword, take the dog for a walk?
I however don't smoke,having ordinary one, two, three, four channels ( TV lacking in variety)and there for have zero programs that are worth watching (with the exception of 'mock the week')crosswords get me all frustrated and I don't own a pet dog.
So I indulge in my favorite game which I made up years ago from complete utter, brain eating boredom. The title of this game is called (wait for it...) 'The close enough game'.

How to play:
Browse way out of your price range clothes to do this simply click on to style.com or rip pages out of Vogue etc, drool over all those gorgeous and well cut garments.
Now like a magpie desperate for glitter, browse and browse again for similar much cheaper versions of your beloved designer garments.

The rules:
Colours can vary the style must not: I'm strict with this part. Erm this is the only rule.

Sadly I own many scrapbooks dedicated to this pathetic yet equally enjoyable game, I've re-created one entry from my previous scrapbook and last game using fancy (*cough-lie-cough) graphics.

Spot the difference?

all boards by:prettyneons.

'The close enough game':Results...

1.Instead of Emporio Armani shoes...Dorothy Perkins gold detail shoes.

2.Instead of Les Chiffoniers gold sequined blazer...Dorothy Perkins sequin blazer.

3.Instead of Charles Anastase graffiti tee...Miss Selfridge graffiti tee.

Do feel free to play and post your results!


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

you have good eye for these things. Im crap!

hope all is well

Enjoy your weekend girl
Peace & love xxx

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...


i LOVE making up my own words, do it all the time xx

Winnie said...

Haha this is pretty fun actually. You should totally submit these to a mag who do these sort of comparisons, you've done all the research for them!

beckyxoxo said...

haha so much fun ! i'm bad in surfing those same items . haha . and i agree with winnie :D woohoo dorothy perkins is so expensive here xD