24 September 2009

Liucia Freak

Liucia, Liucia, Liucia how I'm obsessed, my love for Liucia may never die nor fade. I'm aware it isn't all that healthy to be so smitten with a fashion website.
Only Liucia isn't simply 'a fashion website' hell no, do not confuse the two. Liucia is so much more then that, more then those online fashion sites which are influenced by current 'catwalk trends' and 'celeb style'.
Hmm how can I describe the glorious Liucia? I feel no big descriptive words can really do Liucia any justice, it would be lazy of me to insert a link and inform you to go have a looksee. I need to express exactly why I adore Liucia, if not to justify my freakish obsession with 'L'.

Right so here it goes, I'm going to type the thoughts and visuals my mind conjures up whenever I fixate my eyeballs on Liucia bags and accessories (warning: the following paragraph may read like absolutely zero sense...think back to front words. Well you will be witnessing the mechanics of my 'quirky' mind).

Liucia's Obi bags these may be as close as I ever get to experiencing Japanese culture and sight seeing around Japan (I've never yet traveled out of England or been on a plane.Soon as I have the bank balance and opportunity to purchase those golden flight tickets Japan- I -am -there!)without actually stepping foot on Japan soil.
Every stitch,every print,every little detail of Obi bags reflects both new and ultra modern Japan. Beautiful and traditional Japanese landscape prints perfectly balanced out with futuristic avant-garde Japanese elements and quirky unexpected twists.All the latter design details complement each other rather then conflict against each other.The old traditional Japanese prints inviting and embracing the young, new and fresh eager Japanese design.

Liucia goodies provide a genuine and passionate dose of Japanese culture, simply holding a Liucia clutch transports me to the heart of Japan...surrounded by bright lights I can hear the busy sounds of street traffic...err pre-daydreaming where was I? Oh yes those Obi clutch bags with their magical powers.Transporting me all the way across many oceans to Japan, which can only be a good thing? What with the chances of moi ever visiting Japan being highly unlikely... though I'm 23years of age so no giving up on that dream just yet...I shall continue to try and learn some Japanese via good ol' videojug.


Diary of a Young Designer said...

*drooling over that first bag*

Darling I also need to visit Japan!! Always wanted to since I was a wee little girl, I'm somewhat obsessed with asian things for some unknown reason, lol. Hope we both some day have those overflowing bank accounts and get to run around Tokyo shopping like crazy tourists,lol!!

Have a sweet weekend love!


Eggy said...

ahhh the japanese have such a cool and different style. thanks for introducing me to a new obsession...love your blog, did you do all those sketches yourself??


daisychain said...

Oh holy hell, what amazing bags.