21 September 2009

Falling For You...

There really is no denying that fall is beginning to make itself visible, as premature as it may be ( what with the sun rays still beaming and the weather abnormally warm )I can't help but acknowledge fall creeping up.The once dull grey ground is decorated with this colourful cluster of fire red's and golden orange crisp dried up leaves (which admittedly I do have to prevent myself from running through the leaves and resist kicking the vibrant dead leaves up-up into the air).
Of course with fall and winter arrives the not so colourful fashion window displays: with an array of shades in the following... black,grey, purple and a serious lack of imaginative, pretty eye catching prints. For colours and prints are strictly for spring/ summer only not winter fool...Moi being the fool for expecting any different from last years fall/winter highstreet spread. Yawn.

Obviously I'm failing to understand fashion,sure I'm aware of the fashion trend structure and the whole from catwalk to highstreet process and so on. The part I always find completely baffling is this unwritten fashion rule/ guideline of: Spring/summer sport bold florals, swirls and general bohemian-esque ensembles. Fall/ winter avoid all of the above and embrace bland basic blacks,greys maybe purple if you must be so damn adventurous!
Um the thing is when the nights begin drawing in and the hours of daylight seem to pass by at an alarming and rapid pace, the last thing I want to embrace is more dark moody colours. If anything I often feel more compelled to experiment with brighter, exciting colours and mix up the patterns and prints. Every fall without fail I have a neon/ golds/ rainbow relapse (not just for the sake of rebelling against any particular fashion trend/rule, as such)I simply opt for colourful doses (in ridiculous high measures) to distract me from the harsh reality... that outside its cold,miserable and bleak.
I adore fashion for that very reason: it is a pleasant distraction or at least should be. Alas I won't be conforming to all those seasonal fashion guidelines, though I will be experiencing another fashion relapse. A relapse of the Orion kind that is...

I have what I can only describe as an Orion addiction with all the symptoms that are attached to addiction. You know? Symptoms such as: craving,anxiety and erm denial.
I refuse to except I have this weakness for anything Orion, yes-I-can- go- one- week without- obsessively- checking and re-checking- Orion online contents...alright so I can't. There you go I've admitted it I lack all will power and what do you know another confession...yep I have been seduced by their 'Just arrived' section.
Shock-horror Orions fall/winter items include both prints,pops of bold colour and (here is the utterly shocking part folks)busy loud florals. Orion also has an impressive selection of fabulous accessories. My two most beloved accessories being the tiger feather hairband and last but not least the fabulous orange, lilac, red and gold harlequin weave shoulder bag!
Also adoring and wishing I owned these Orion beauties...I believe the correct word is yearning?

board by:prettyneons

1.Annie dress, £59
2.Metallic stripe leggings, £13
3.Feather hairband, £16
4.Harlequin chain shoulder bag, £49



♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

oh love the first dress.

we have freaky weather here too (what to wear eh)

Hope you had a fabby weekend!

Peace & love xx

Escapist said...

Oh beautiful..


Mo said...

your style is so eclectic, i love it! The fall is arriving, and it makes me happy, but i think i might miss the summer...

xoxo Mo

prettyneons said...

Um yeah I shall be missing the summer too...though fall has never been so appealing ;)

prettyneons X

Meg said...

I always use bright colours to cheer me up in winter. That's why I have (besides my traditional charcoal winter coat) a purple winter and a bright red one, as well as a rainbow scarf/gloves/hat set.

daisychain said...

I love Orion.

You were totally in my dream last night. We ran out of ketchup. Perhaps a nightmare?!

prettyneons said...

hahahaha noooooo quick go fetch some ketchup hun...run, run!!!!!
hahaha ;)

moi XxX

Chels said...

yea the weather is really bizarre cold, then hot and humid the next day. Iknow!! cannot say enough about Scar Tissue almost as goos as Please Kill Me, not quite though. And nope, still have red hair, i'm going to wait a while before i do anything too drastic

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

love the last pict...