20 October 2009

Pencil Food

Guess what this idiot (pointing at me) went and lost? My blogger account password,I for the life of me couldn't remember the frigging correct password I have so many various passwords for all different accounts etc.
Nightmare. OK maybe that is a slight exaggeration? A nightmare is gasping for breath or starving for food...
In which case I am experiencing a very real nightmare.

My kitchen cupboard is completely empty,with the only contents being half a jar of Marmite and cake cases perhaps I could knock out a batch of Marmite cakes? No not a brilliant idea, though it is original and makes a refreshing change from chocolate chip cakes.
I'm rambling again aren't I? Yes, yes I am.
Lets return to the nightmare shall we? The nightmare of being all out of food and general energy sources.How did I get into this mess? Well it was all a bit of a conundrum to be honest. With the choice of food vs art equipment such as pencils and good quality paper, I prone to making the wrong decisions opted for the latter.
The words 'Foolish, little silly girl' repeat and echo around my head. Though the other half of my brain has a very different if not contrasting opinion on food vs art equipment topic, 'well done pat on the back, you can scribble away now. Nothing worse then a build up of creative frustration,besides you can't sketch using carrot sticks.'
Hmmm, why not? Its just a case of dunking carrots into some paint.

I'm half pleased with my decision to purchase art stuff as now I have all I need to feel happy and content, all except food that is. On the brighter side of things and trying to keep up beat, my head above the gloom that is hunger pains!
I've been holed up in my room, sketching away at crazy times of the night, talking and singing to myself.Occasionally complaining and being harsh towards myself too when failing to capture details or just failing to conjure up ideas etc.For some unknown reason I always work best during twilight time,when ideas begin to flow easily and pieces of the puzzle connect themselves without me really having to try too hard.It was during twilight time yesterday or rather today when I was reminded and inspired by this Paolo Roversi shoot for Vogue August 2008. I can't put my finger on what or why exactly even how these particular images nudged me? But they have, thank god prevented creative block.
Now if only I could eat these pages, note to self: never-again-opt- for -art tools- over- food. Huge mistake.

images from: vogue august 2008

12 October 2009

Thrift Whore

Right now I'm literally drowning in neon post-it notes, I've been bursting to blog I almost returned to the blog scene last week after having lots of techno issues. Only soon as I logged on I had to log off AGAIN.
Why? Well my email account got hacked into:yeah because having my blog account hacked into and a computer virus wasn't enough in the space of Oh three weeks.
So far October has been one dead blog post month, due to all the annoying above. And wow have I been feeling the blog void, being unable to post daily is a similar shit feeling to not brushing your teeth twice a day everyday.
Returning to the post- it notes. I have a whole months worth of various fashion notes/ topics and rants in draft form ready, that should have been posted up. Perhaps its a good thing though? God knows the fashion blog scene really doesn't need my random musing inputs, and especially rants!

Anywhos apart from screaming at my PC and calling hackers every name under the sun I've been working (yep I got that waitress job, and what a joy serving starters, wiping down ketchup stained tables and dealing with rude customers is. One customer treating me like a piece of shit, I put him straight,'why don't you shut your trap and think before you speak, and if your not capable of the latter then go chock on your food'.
I got in a 'ickle bot of trouble with the manager. But I can't tolerate people assuming I'm 'thick' because I'm "just a waitress" when unknown to them I have brains and ambition. I can't help but think sometimes it might be easier not to have any ambitions at all).
I achieved to get some tips the other day, so I decided to be bold live on the edge and instead of attempting to pay off my student debt (which really isn't do-able on the minimum wage)I morphed into a thrift whore.

I stuck my headphones on and in, turned up Paloma Faith (who I adore I saw her ages ago and so glad at long last shes beginning to get some acknowledgment. Though why its took this long baffles me?)and hit the charity shops/ thrift stores. Rummaging around, playing dress up in the changing room escapism at its best.
Exiting the Salvation army with a big smile stretching from ear to ear across my face, feeling content and very delighted with my cheap and cheerful thrift purchases.

board by:prettyneons.

1. Dress, £3
2. Red Shoes, £1.50
3. Leopard print necklace,55p
all thrift items from the Salvationarmy.

05 October 2009

The Glam Rock Trash Up

Boy oh boy have I been experiencing some blogger/ technology drama, big time.
Firstly my PC had to go to the erm computer doctors as it gave up on me completely,three days ago I was reunited with my beloved computer and blogger account. To discover some nutcase with too much time on their hands had hacked into my blogger account and in the process dropped a one messy, nasty virus attacking the insides of my computer. The poor thing (my PC) has really been in the wars.
All is fine (touch wood) I'm working my way through lots and lots of emails, spam and of course numerous online fashion news alerts. One week away from the blogshere is pretty much a lifetime in regards to fashion.Whats going on out there? Come Wednesday last week I was experiencing the shakes,style.com cold turkey aaahhhh. By Thursday I was a complete wreck...fashion- blog -buddies-I- need- to- talk (or rather comment) to- my -fashion- blog- buddies-I need-to-feed-my-eyes-with-fashion...for they have been deprived.

So guess what I'm off to do right now? Yep read my fave fashion blogs and have a serious catch up session, I've got my tunes on and a cup of tea at the ready.Just one hour since I've been back online and I've managed to do some wardrobe wishing: I'm currently going through what can only be described as this freakish glam rock wardrobe phase. Feathers, fake snake skin and bold colours...the tighter the fit the better.
I call this current and strange fashion phase the "glam rock trash up" phase. I blame the new(ish) short edgy haircut its gone to my head.Quite literally it would seem!

photo: Minimum dress from Pixiemarket

photo: Feather jacket from Miss Selfridge

photo: Fierce shoes from Matalan