31 March 2012


...and cue bragging,'tis my b'day and boy did I do good bagging this lot (and a lot lot more admittedly!),anywho's I'm keeping this short.Must dash off now and get dizy dressing up in my new threads-let the oufit combo's commence!

*Insert smiles and smugness here*.

P.S...Have a pretty weekend everyone mwa's x

29 March 2012


"I'm getting down with the awkward moments"
The Kills

Really very excited about my b'day shopping spree tomorrow!!Cannot wait to gatecrash my favourite shop on the highstreet Riverisland,invade THOSE rails *hard* bagging all the above graphic Gothic tees/tank tops,aztec/animal print cardies Mosshart(Alison)is on the moodboard my source of style inspiration from head to toe.Literally.Tomorrow I'm booked into the hairdressers (...ekk commitments of such scale still scares me a tiny wee bit)loving the long length I've achieved,and patiently waited for thus it is staying put.I'm going for black.I'm going for fringe.Fuck it I'm going for an upgrade,a newer version of me and who I want to be now at this moment and that's enough.
P.S...tomorrows purchases I shall share because I'm just so kind and thoughtful!

images courtesy of Riverisland

28 March 2012


images courtesy of rockmyvintage
Admittedly there has been no further progress in regards to yesterdays culling of vintage bags/dresses that dominate my wardrobe,actually rather then moving forward,putting vintage on hold.I've gone and embraced yet more vintage .*Epic fail*
Ah ah,now before you judge and write me off as a weak-willed individual I've my valid excuses for these recent vintage cravings...it's been one of those days so comfort eating vs clothes shopping?No brainer isn't it?
And yes correct my crappy day is indeed related to that old chest nut being unemployed alas job seeking sick-of-it.Once again today I attended another tedious jobseeking interview to sign a jobseeking agreement.Cue 'upgraded' job advisor,cue condescending and cue nail in the career coffin as the job advisor suggests it's time I now become "more realistic" apparently my fashion ambitions do not meet the realistic approval of the job advisers,in fact they go totally ignored and I'm silenced with a Saturday sweet shop job vacancy.
Paper round stuff,I kid you not.
As I sit stunned in silence,lost in thought of past regrets (higher education),I'm further offended as I'm informed to attend a compulsory CV work shop course at a local college.
School drop out stuff,I kid you not.
I refuse and investigate the fashion internship route after reading the success story of an unemployed twenty something Company magazine intern-she now has a paid career at Company after being supported/backed by a new government scheme.Suddenly the shit situation is showing signs of improvement.For the first time in ages post job redundancy I'm not redundant in body,soul or mind.I'm overwhelmed with a wave of positivity,excited by what tomorrow might bring me,what is going to come my way?
" I've just looked into that government internship (...*ekk I heart you Cameron and co!*)
for you."This is it that elusive opportunity.
"The government does now recognise creative internships,all expenses involved are covered for candidates too which is a new introduction by the government (...*whoop go Cam,go Cam*) unfortunately you don't qualify for this as the age for internships are 18-24."
"Say what?" (me)
"18-24 years old are the age for sponsored/funded internships,this isn't an option for you."
I kid you not.This isn't a sick Cameron David joke.
Twenty five years old,dismissed and now depressed.I need a new dress,'tis my b'day in a few days and these beauts are high up on my wish list.
Um second only to wanting an explanation for the absurd from the government.Including a refund for my faulty degree.
That is all.

27 March 2012


Photos by prettyneons

Huff,I'm stuck.Stuck,stuck,stuck totally style static even?The sudden weather developments and general hot climate has caught me out,were unprepared.That's both the wardrobe and I collectively we are a complete utter shambles,tearing at the seams and unraveling into a downward spiral of chaos.Jeez,all I need to do is get dressed and pull something pretty together out of the complicated,colourful and clashing ingredients these clothes (see above) over spilling onto my bed can be pin pointed and traced back to the wardrobe.The trail of clothes being fail proof evidence.As for the untidy,scatty events that unfolded afterwards is a mere hazy blur.All I can really recall is being intimidated by my very own clothes rails,alas gaining a sore head in an weak effort of an attempt to detox,de-clutter and dilute down the wardrobes content consisting of carnage and contradictions.Suppose I should be willing to except some responsibility?This moment of I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR (blatantly untrue) melt down slash madness,slash state of panic was inevitable.Self inflicted.This fact really isn't helping me commit to a final getting dressed decision,nope.I remain standing here in my morning sweats-baggy leggings,ridiculous over sized T-shirt and rabbit head slippers (...not as sinister as they sound,the slippers are actually quite sweet) starring into space addressing a very real addiction to myself,'Stop it.Stop with the vintage bag buying.Culling is the way forward-time to edit'

the bossy nagging,intruding thought I mute and overide with a new 'must have' mental shopping list instead I need some skirts,summer brogues and non-saggy baggy leggings...and so here we go again.

26 March 2012


Ah so I won't name and shame despite the temptation,lets just say a popular plus size fashion label have been in touch with me today,requesting I become style ambassador for them in return I'll receive free frocks and e-t-crrrr's.
Firstly that term 'plus size',makes me cringe worse than that 'larger lady' jargon... feeling uncomfortable.It's THAT out of touch.Dusty,frumpy and so damn special needs,no?What woman is Okay with being defined and confined by her clothes size?How many girls have one consistent size in their wardrobe anyway and who bothers doing the math?Heck count me right out!My wardrobe consists of conflicting sizes which no calculator could add up accurately and equal.I appreciate those who are content with being put down as a plus size or/petite and so and so,however such tags only make me feel queasy and claustrophobic...surrounded by silly irrelevant style restrictions,which I wouldn't want to encourage free fat frocks or no free fat frocks.Rather frumpy frocks too in my humble opinion,umm *pro-tip* us size 12 and up girls really dislike being flogged bin bag's for dresses and peeeeved-off with never ending length of sleeve which overshadows our summer time style.Yes I'm a size 12.Correct I'm the owner of curves which do include the following features: tits,bum and hips.But my arms?My arms are,well an arm what else can I say?Why do I want to conceal them under miles of fabric for?In case I reveal my armpits which aren't concave?Or heaven forbid in case I reveal the slightest itsy bit off *gasp* flesh?'Fat' flesh flaunting strictly forbidden is it now?Pa-lease 'plus' size fashion observe take a look around times are a changing curves can wear crop tops too,is it not about time you adapt and alter your retro like catalogue fatter-girl image like those I remember seeing as a child,snubbed and shoved at the back end of my mum's numerous fashion catalogues.Of course,they were always outnumbered by the beach body babes which even as five year old I was cleaver enough to connect such pictures with hunger pains.
With fashion catalogues pretty much extinct and no longer a child but an adult,despite fashion's (non convincing) efforts of pretending to be cool with curves and down with double digit dress sizes so to speak.Curvier i.e very normal ordinary girls continue to be encouraged almost forced to maintain style silence,still shoved to the back of fashion designers priority.Why?Because their silhouette refuses to conform to catwalk cardboard cookie cut outs?Completely crazy and grossly old fashioned.Insert a disgusted *eww *here if you want?

23 March 2012


It isn't in my style DNA to gravitate towards denim,actually just acknowledging THAT uninviting thought is enough to make me shudder and break out in a mild sweat the product of panic,people!As you may be aware,I have a serious issue with the blue stuff.In the past suffering from anxiety attacks after forcing myself to ditch dresses departing from my comfort zone to contaminate my clothes rail with a dose of denim(...remember the flares?Where are they now I hear you ask *rejected* that's where),the trial and errors were/are documented somewhere on here (see posts- year 2010 if you must embarrass me once again!) an electronic finger print for eternity.Showing off my epic fashion fails.Ekk doesn't cut it Okay?
Post 2010's traumatic denim trials,I swiftly ditched the denim and- a- went- running back to my dresses,after stumbling upon the basic(for most.I not included) building blocks of denim in my case;each and every single piece of denim only ever spelling out disaster and doom whether it be a skinny,flared,bootcut...I know,I know 'safe' bootcut alas I was not immuned from looking out of my depth and just too,too ridiculous for words really.So why do I feel compelled to turn,do a 180 and dabble with denim once more?Stubbornness,quite frankly.I will not have denim defeat me.I refuse.Well why should I allow denim to intimidate me?Nope I'm not having it.I can.I will own denim-Von D style (Kat has always been my denim idolator),and second time round I will avoid all those hazards disguised in shades of blue.How?By opting for a patterned variety of jeans.Swaying towards Riverisland navajo jeans,yet tilting towards Moto space rocket jeans.As this pair appeals to my inner astronaut.Ah go figure!?

board prettyneons

22 March 2012


I've some hesitation before I even begin to drop my words and kick off today's post.
Aware that I may sound like a 'victim' alas aware that my unemployment rants are becoming repetitive and growing old,bear with me as I'm now making a pledge that this up and coming dreary job seeking entry will be my last for this week.Tomorrow I will keep things relaxed,fashion casual,alright?Until then I need to iron some stubborn creases out,shake off the stress and conundrums I've experienced today,and so it begins...

I attended my jobseeking appointment this morning,with a career advisor *minus the career and advice definition part* revealed the efforts I've been putting in to finding a job (compulsory to claim jobseekers),I explain how several fashion stores have failed to provide me with an interview because over half of those vacancies were filled internally (...by-the-by fucking frustration,excuse the french,I need anger management!),I mention my 6 month fashion internship I was offered last week (to my complete and utter surprise one glitch it's in NewYork.Yup stuff that dreams are made of-etc)which would mean commuting between London and NewYork whoop jet set.This jet set opportunity though is littered both with obstacles,complications and is just so...messy.I can except the internships,however unlike apprenticeships which are government funded/backed the jobseekers and my only source of income post redundancy will be discontinued.When will THEY the powers that be in government recognise how extremely tough the fashion industry is to break through in?The path to obtaining a fashion career is an array of gambles,try-outs and catch 22's.I can't work for 6 months for free,and I detest be exploited,then again seems the fashion industry is immune from basic employment laws and regulations.I can't begin to digest such an amazing shot/ career starter...how do I fix this?How do I get my fashion fix when restrictions continue to pull me back,to have to reject this offer is pulling me apart.
That is all.

21 March 2012


Hello, I'm still unemployed.Hence why today I hit the highstreet *hard*,pounding the pavement,crashing fashion stores waving around my newly updated,glittering CV/covering letter.Invading staff with my list of awesome attributes,amazing achievements and all in all doing a marvelous job at desperation,to be fed that famous,"your be put on our files for the future,Okay?"
No I'm really not "Okay",I've been stalking fashion stores all frigging day,clutching on to my CV,clutching even harder on to my hopes of stumbling upon some sort of fashion job vacancy and all I got was an application for a sandwich artist.Oh how my creativity will flourish...arranging foot longs,stuffing them with salad,sprinkling subs with various versions of yellow cheese.Brilliant except I DON'T EVEN LIKE BREAD.Subs to one side.I made my last shop stop Riverisland,I've been pestering the powers that be at Riverisland since I can remember?(Whilst naive,innocent and plagued with fashion career delusions i.e during university we had a member from Riverisland HQ pop in and dish out how to live the dream lecture.I was elated and inspired by the Riverisland visit,immediately I made Riverisland my ultimate goal)I submitted my CV to be put-on-file- where it shall sit alongside a neighbouring paper bin.There it will gather dust balls.Damn no current opportunities!Though distractions there were a plenty of ' em pesky things,only contributing towards my frustrations; making this jobseeking lark a lot more painful and grim.Whenever my next payday may be?I will make these items mine,perhaps the powers that be would be kind enough to push things forward?Give this girl a try with an HQ intern gig?Bye bye jobseeking benefits.And goodbye unemployed stereotypes I'm shaking you off.
Oopps did I blurt my daydream out loud?

images courtesy of RIVERISLAND

20 March 2012


Confession my favourite Saturday night TV show is the trashy and terrific Take Me Out,one because some of the single dudes are shockingly bad and two because of Zoe Hardman.
Oh how I REALLY want to hijack her wardrobe with a swift swoop and a steal.
With my Saturday night style observations I have concluded that this style savvy tv presenter is partial to a statement skirt and a neon or two (see below).The most annoying part is the girl sure knows how to own bright orange and totally smash it!Avoiding any of those tricky,awkward urggh-oh-dear-orange-why?accidents(...which is more then I can say as all my attempts and experiments involving orange *cringe*have resulted in such utter style carnage).Heck she even excels at neon multi-tasking,juggling loud colours with even louder volumes of print.How?Um I've no explanation,but she surely deserves a style salute...

19 March 2012


image above by Marie Zucker

Photo prettyneons

...Morrrrning!It's another brand spanking stylish and new Monday...yes really,already the weekend has been and gone,oh by-the-by thanks for all the nice emails!I'll never turn down the opportunity to absorb complements and in general roll in some glitter,so yep cheers very much for hanging out over here in this small cosy quirky fashion corner.Of all the enjoyable fashion/style blogs bouncing around and you pick prettyneons,aw I do believe my blog is blushing.Honestly I was a little concerned I may of turned you all off,accidentally encouraging clicks of rejection.As I've now altered the contents of this blog ever so slightly to adapt and make space for the odd jobseeking confession courtesy of moi.The girl without any job role,desperately digging and chipping away in the attempt to carve out some form of a fashion career;well obviously it had to have fashion involved somewhere didn't it?Yadda and so on's

...Whilst scanning through emails and reading your pretty words,I'm intrigued how you fellow fashion bloggers kick off a new week?Me?I prepare for prettyneons by compiling together my rainbow of post it notes and riffling through one of many scrapbooks (see above) followed by a flicking of fashion magazines and I'm good to go,let the blogging commence!Somewhere inbetween all of the above,I rummage around for newly undiscovered online destinations where I can drool over dresses and maybe sneak one into my unsuspecting wardrobe.Talking of dresses,the one from Friday I do believe came from Newlook two/three summers ago,it's a keeper!


16 March 2012


...Phew I found them,I found them!The family jewels,my great aunties antique necklace (see below)that I volunteered to adopted years back;after having a bit of a nose and dig around the contents of big box of grainy fragile black & white family photographs.Concealed underneath the bulky blanket of black & white snap shots lay this lavish little piece of treasure,protruding out of a photo album.Sometimes it pays off to trespass.
Though stolen this necklace wasn't.According to a reliable family source (mum),the history of this dainty necklace goes way-way back to the Italian side of my families generic cocktail (Italian+Irish=moi,hence my weakness for a rich pasta dish),in which my aunt belongs.A woman after my own heart who couldn't resist the glittering lure of jewellery in any form,bracelets,bangles,rings,lockets,earrings,necklaces and particularly partial to dramatic loud costume pieces.Despite apparently being a shy character(I-love-irony),I can appreciate such contradictions,gravitating towards the most vibrant prints and stacking on piles of mixed rings which extend over my knuckles is a daily ritual practice of mine a method (so to speak)to compensate for my own reserved character traits...
I digress,focusing back on the family jewels.It was rejected,snubbed and stuffed away into the box after being described by many as too gordy.Which completely baffled me,how could anyone disown such a lovely decorative little necklace?Encouraged by sympathy for the sweet necklace I felt compelled to get involved and rehome it,alas I failed.By misplacing her,the guilt weighed heavy on my heart.Was it karma for trespassing without permission,then assuming the reject was mine for the taking?Was this my great aunt,slapping my hand for being a greedy curious magpie?Swooping off with her shiny belongings,was my use/styling of her necklace somehow offensive?Thus greeted with much disapproval from up above..?I'll never know if all of the above is valid and the reason for being temporarily departed from my adored necklace?Lost now found.She and I are united,must do the family jewel justice...


P.S...Have yourselves a pretty weekend,dear readers! xXx

15 March 2012


“There is no shame in impulse.”

Douglas Coupland,Generation X:Tales for an Accelerated Culture

Craving escapism from what has been an awful,rubbish,one thing after another few days (I'll spare you the drab dribble and gloss over the details),consumed by career confusions I've dodged doubts and departed from the oncoming bombardment of doom via my favourite author Douglas Coupland (see below) and his sharp witty,observations of twenty something/pushing thirty Americans who are all, in short-torn.Torn,baffled and navigating through a haze of confusion,contradictions and pesky little conundrums.
Every time I return to the familiar chapters of this book ('tis my own nifty alternative bible),I'm compelled by the characters thus the vivid imagination over mine runs over time.Visualising the characters,styling them each accordingly to the descriptions and individual personality quirks including;independent,fierce,rebellious,stubborn attitudes and alternative approach to life in general.Bemused and bored the bunch of best friends,abandon their unattractive situation.Setting off on one of those classic (and always mass appealing) hot,dusty desert American road trips,park up their ride and pitch up their tents.The missguided trio digest their dilemma's collectively and comically whilst dazing over at the optimistic California horizon...

images courtesy of missguided