13 March 2012


Post weekend and I'm still pondering over Paloma red...or not?I lost my bottle and wimped out
minutes before I handed over my Boots points card.Fearing it would be a waste of free points, of course the problem ran deeper than that.The root (some puns just have to be inserted,HA!)of my issues being the muddled up redhead muses which make up one half of my style moodboard.Back to Boots.I stood clutching my bottle of red,the assistant reassured me it was indeed a fine bottle of red but quality aside am I really red ready?I shuffled of with my points card returned to the array of hair dye's experiencing one of those,'who am I?' moments reserved for gap years,life altering moments not frigging Boots...jeez.
Alas there I remained static and vacant revising my style moodboard,questioning my place in the scarlet red society (see such members below) eager to sign up yet hesitant to subscribe,comparing the many shades of scralet redhead girl crushes.In the lead will always be Paloma Faith and naughty Alice.There's my answer right?Stick with it and commit to the Paloma+Alice combo,free points well spent congrats you're now a redhead member!
Erm almost,almost I mean what about Alison Mosshart's alternative version of red?Loud,I like.I like alot.Also liking the more silent Evan Rachel Woods shades of red (see below),aahh how about Kat Von vibrant red!?A decision I shall make,and the conclusion you will see soon...until then I will have a brief fling with some pretty red frocks.


images from moodboard

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