23 March 2012


It isn't in my style DNA to gravitate towards denim,actually just acknowledging THAT uninviting thought is enough to make me shudder and break out in a mild sweat the product of panic,people!As you may be aware,I have a serious issue with the blue stuff.In the past suffering from anxiety attacks after forcing myself to ditch dresses departing from my comfort zone to contaminate my clothes rail with a dose of denim(...remember the flares?Where are they now I hear you ask *rejected* that's where),the trial and errors were/are documented somewhere on here (see posts- year 2010 if you must embarrass me once again!) an electronic finger print for eternity.Showing off my epic fashion fails.Ekk doesn't cut it Okay?
Post 2010's traumatic denim trials,I swiftly ditched the denim and- a- went- running back to my dresses,after stumbling upon the basic(for most.I not included) building blocks of denim in my case;each and every single piece of denim only ever spelling out disaster and doom whether it be a skinny,flared,bootcut...I know,I know 'safe' bootcut alas I was not immuned from looking out of my depth and just too,too ridiculous for words really.So why do I feel compelled to turn,do a 180 and dabble with denim once more?Stubbornness,quite frankly.I will not have denim defeat me.I refuse.Well why should I allow denim to intimidate me?Nope I'm not having it.I can.I will own denim-Von D style (Kat has always been my denim idolator),and second time round I will avoid all those hazards disguised in shades of blue.How?By opting for a patterned variety of jeans.Swaying towards Riverisland navajo jeans,yet tilting towards Moto space rocket jeans.As this pair appeals to my inner astronaut.Ah go figure!?

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