21 March 2012


Hello, I'm still unemployed.Hence why today I hit the highstreet *hard*,pounding the pavement,crashing fashion stores waving around my newly updated,glittering CV/covering letter.Invading staff with my list of awesome attributes,amazing achievements and all in all doing a marvelous job at desperation,to be fed that famous,"your be put on our files for the future,Okay?"
No I'm really not "Okay",I've been stalking fashion stores all frigging day,clutching on to my CV,clutching even harder on to my hopes of stumbling upon some sort of fashion job vacancy and all I got was an application for a sandwich artist.Oh how my creativity will flourish...arranging foot longs,stuffing them with salad,sprinkling subs with various versions of yellow cheese.Brilliant except I DON'T EVEN LIKE BREAD.Subs to one side.I made my last shop stop Riverisland,I've been pestering the powers that be at Riverisland since I can remember?(Whilst naive,innocent and plagued with fashion career delusions i.e during university we had a member from Riverisland HQ pop in and dish out how to live the dream lecture.I was elated and inspired by the Riverisland visit,immediately I made Riverisland my ultimate goal)I submitted my CV to be put-on-file- where it shall sit alongside a neighbouring paper bin.There it will gather dust balls.Damn no current opportunities!Though distractions there were a plenty of ' em pesky things,only contributing towards my frustrations; making this jobseeking lark a lot more painful and grim.Whenever my next payday may be?I will make these items mine,perhaps the powers that be would be kind enough to push things forward?Give this girl a try with an HQ intern gig?Bye bye jobseeking benefits.And goodbye unemployed stereotypes I'm shaking you off.
Oopps did I blurt my daydream out loud?

images courtesy of RIVERISLAND

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