08 March 2012


What is that song..?Money is the anthem yeah well my anthem tune is set on mute. Correct I am about to participate and have another I'm-poor-and-sick-of-being-a-made-redundant -person episode.Episode four to be exact,jeez keep up.I'm pouring my handbag deprived heart out to you.Where you been huh?Never mind I'll inform you now this fashion blog is multifunctional,doubling up as a nice comfy counselling coach.A private little corner for me to be vexed and unashamed about my unemployed/style strops...honestly how many times can a girl recycle the same few frocks?Deal.with.it.I'm making an effort too adapt and except my financial circumstance has or is changing for the worse.One shall not shop this includes sales (*crying in the corner of despair*),ah loop hole.I've just found one...thrift shopping this is excluded right?Phew saved.Wait.Hold up,hold up my JS (jobseekers)allowance is how much..?
Sixty quid every fortnight.The sickest joke I've ever heard.Minus any laughs.After number crunching,dividing and deducting the remainder = £25.The Alternative=peanuts.
Do thrift/charity shops have a points card system and can I get a discount off their bargain bins for being so dedicated with bags of stylish donations? Didn't envision this at twenty something years of age.Only solution I can see is for me to crawl back into my mothers womb,besides I now have to remain living at home with the folks.I'm half way there already.I snatch a small piece of comfort from knowing I'm not the only one in this very non-ideal situation (thank you my dear readers,blogging is my therapy coach and you lovely lot are my cushions),many are sat in this doomed boat.Us NEET (bless such cute pet name-not in education/not in employment)elites are all queasy,sea sick with striving yet never quite sailing smoothly.After returning from my first jobseekers 'appointment' i.e turn up show your face to declare your indeed a jobless and broken person.Sign a little green book,off you go to bang on the doors of supermarkets.Obtaining a Mcjob is better than rolling up to the gritty,bleak hole which is the job centre highly embarrassing,I mean oops my skirt is tucked into my tights embarrassing times a trillion.Those unemployed 'living off the state' stigmas are not attractive and difficult to customise or shake off.Thus I can confirm this is the most shittiest Thursday EVER.Only one thing for it- a handbag fix.Expect many more of these *Drawrobe Wants* in the future...
Illustrations by Prettyneons

Bag from,Riverisland

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