27 March 2009

Sorry No Comment

Hey, hey this is just a super speedy post to inform all of you lovely fashion blogging friends that for some unknown reason I'm unable to leave comments: yep slight technical hitch hiccup. God knows what I've gone and done? I'm trying to figure it out, um could take a while though, damn I hate it when PCs go up the wall. Do stick with me (well if you desire, that isn't a strict order) and I (hopefully fingers crossed) shall be commenting away and chatting fashion frocks and food once again with you all, I'm not being rude by ignoring all your kind feedback: I just cannot comment, so frustrating...Oh yes one more thing, I'm going to be away for a short while (a week) as its the day I was greeted / introduced into the world day, or for short my birthday ha ha!
So I'm packing my bags (and scrap book, of course!), and off to blow out some neon coloured candles, eat jelly (not yellow jelly though: yellow jelly gives me the spooks) and no doubt seeking some gig band to go and sing along merry to (to fellow gig goer's delight I'm sure?).
Here I leave you in the splendid company of yummy rainbow, OTT bags! All of which I heart alot! Hope you all do too?

Wizard of Oz make up bag: very exciting I'm going to wee myself!
Angel Jackson feather bag: the true definition of funky.
My obsession with feathers is spiraling way out of control, and this Angel Jackson feather bag is only fueling the addiction, neon green and shocking pink, ah I can't help but feel the strong desire to obtain this bag and make it mine! Of course I would only own this gem, inside my dream world, its pricey.

Angel Jackson bag repeat: this is ideal for those disco's so go on... retro and rainbow it up 'gal's!

My fashion taste buds are too predictable right? This accessorize striped, and embroided flower power shoulder bag, has the most wonderful details and the exotic colour combo is delicious (bag's are capable of being delicious, not edible though, no, no this would be silly and foolish).

Mogil: Is this a unlucky python or what?
Mogil python panel clutch bag, once again I'm blinded by the colour pallet of this clutch, the colours shouldn't go but they totally do:if this makes sense? Though I adore snakes and such so really couldn't hang this off my arm.

River Island accessories are on fire!

River Island cross bag, patent electric pink and chunky stitch detail makes this bag literally stand out from the high street bag crowd 'tis a winner in my eyes!
Balenciaga: weave it in and out

Balenciaga.... primary colours and weaving? Oh my good god, this bag is a b-e-a-u-t-y (I watched Bruce Almighty yesterday, as evident).

Marks and Spencer: putting their posh biscuits to shame.

Marks and Spencer, this bag is more wonderful than those fresh baked biscuits of yours. OK can you compare biscuits to bags? Hey ho because I just did.

Mickey & Minnie tote: Mickey is such a catch, and so is this cartoon tastic tote!

Last but not least...Mickey & Minnie tote, whats there to say? They're the queen and king of Disney and Minnie is rarely spotted without a bow, there for she is my fashion icon and I place all blame on to Minnie for my ever growing bow collection. Now I can also blame her (Minnie) for my soft spot for bag's: oh you's have gotta lurv her, haven't you!?

Bye, bye for now and I'll be back soon fashion dreaming and fashion ranting until then peoples...
*PeAcE & BoWs <3>

26 March 2009

Fashion Visits The Zoo

I heart and very much adore animals big and small: lion and cats, giraffes and gerbils, parrots and penguins...erm yep I suspect you've got the idea. Perhaps my passion for animals is a result of my over ambitious dream as a child 'when I grow up I want my own zoo mummy, can I do that?'
Ah ones never too young and little to think big and begin considering a desired career path, how the heck I went from wanting a zoo to bashing bobbins and falling head over hills in lurvvve with fashion and sewing machines I haven't the foggiest!?
So obviously and naturally I'm very delighted and ecstatic with the insane amount of animal prints (I'm not talking leopard or zebra print either: I've snapped out of the obsessive leopard print phase, of which I've been stuck in for what seems all eternity) as for the Christopher Kane mandrill jersey dress, well a zoo keeper would be mighty proud. However the £135 price tag is indeed a loud raw, and makes my eyes water.

Christopher Kane £135

Flamingo fun from: Mika Machida

Mika Machida knows exactly how to tug on the heart strings of a animal lover, as some of you may already be aware of, from a by gone post of moi's: I'm a huge, huge flamingo fan! I adore their various shades of pink, knobbly knees, and clumsy yet elegant manor (sorry dear flamingo's but you do appear clumsy, to me anyways). My bedroom has little photos of flamingo's dotted about all over the place, so this flamingo frock would fit in rather well me thinks? The emphasis and detail focused on this flamingo's wing is stunning and the bemused facial expression also has me lusting after this printed flamingo frock, yet again the $378.00 puts me off ever visiting this dear flamingo at the zoo!

Lion T-shirt from:newlook

Oh new look how I can always rely on you for mirroring high end designer delights, whats not to love about this lion T-shirt? Look at his 'ickle cheeky feline face and exaggerated whiskers, 'Kane eat your heart out, please who needs a frigging fierce mandrill when you can have your very own lovable long whiskered lion, for £8.00.

Dumbo tee from: truffle shuffle

Now there's elephants and there is dumbo, in a whole other league, I'm sure you'd all agree?Them large floppy pink ears and all, oh yes and dumbo is a rather major Disney movie star too! I personally believe this tee shows off all that is marvelous about Dumbo, this is by far Dumbo's best performance yet: as a fashionable print, £20 from truffle shuffle

Polka dot giraffe from: peoplesmarket

Giraffes the old friendly giant's, this peoples market embroided tunic reflects the care free character of those long necked, tree munching giraffes. Only these giraffes are instead the pretty, funtastic dotty variety: £48.00.
Twit - a-ttttttwooooooohh this big bold owl has been all 'aztec upped' and puts all those tiny robin type birds to shame. With this fashion wise owl bright yellow feather faced features, and loud zesty red, navy blue and pale pink embellished zigzag patterned neckline, £67 from same as above.
After all this zoo appreciation, oddly enough I feel compelled to arrange a day out at the zoo, I'm also gravitating towards that dumbo tee too and with my birthday shortly approaching I may just re-visit truffle shuffle: I need to own Dumbo, damn it!

24 March 2009

Ink Tart & Creative Block...

Ummm, seems there has been a post void here on prettyneons, sorry's about that been occupied and tied up in the not so glorious mundane demands of life, combined with serious creative block. I almost panicked as silly fear dominated me and for a while I doubted myself and abilities 'shit what if I'm never creative again, what the hell is going on and why on earth am I struggling with general ideas etc...was I ever really creative in the first place?' I know, I know over dramatic seriously I really was going through a minor breakdown, where all of a sudden and out of the blue my trusty pens and paint become my worse enemy! I managed to over come the creative block tidal wave, before my pen dried up for good...I dug out some old Cd's and turned the volume up (to not much effect I have a one speaker CD player, so all music sounds generally wonky, and very unbalanced:strange). It was so joyful re-discovering some top class tunes, at one point I almost morphed back to the 14year old me, complete with customized skateboard (skateboarding I never really excelled at, to be honest) and big yet vain ambitions: to get inked, I still haven't got a tattoo!

For ages I've wanted a elephant and this lyric inked on me, to no avail though. Last year I stepped into a tattoo place which smelt of cheese (I'm not even joking) a blank canvas I sat down waiting for the first line to be applied, I ran out making my excuses... So embarrassing as I was with a pal who is pretty much fearless of both tattoos and piercings, my fearless friend chased me down the road screaming for me to come back. I never and instead abandoned him... However in a few weeks I'm finally getting my tattoo and I will see it through this time, and shall not chicken out (I'll have to keep reminding myself of that!) for I can tolerate pain. Having said that I got stung by a wasp not long ago, and could have easily cried my eyes out, sad admission for a girl (almost) 23 years of age!Oh well, whilst I'm making mental notes to myself on what I must achieve and also put an end to...I must *STOP BUYING TARTAN!

I went around rummaging the charity shops and came across some top gems, here's one of them a high waisted tartan skirt. Its a mini skirt really, well it would be on someone who hasn't been deprived of a growth sprout: I have.Being under the average height and all, this tartan number isn't very mini on moi, instead its knee length. Which is fine as it isn't warm enough over here in England to parade around in mini skirts anyways! I've lost all count of how much tart I have in my jumbled up and jungle like wardrobe...the tartan item count is over fifteen, that's definite!
This tartan skirt was only £2.00, so I feel my latest tartan purchase is there for very justified.No?

19 March 2009

Pipe Cleaners & Crochet

Photos: Romancewasborn

Romance was born, oh indeed it was my love for design due Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales goes way back and today I've decided to re live the very moment I developed an ridiculous fashion obsession with Romancewasborn.My fascination began about a year and a bit ago? When living in a messy and disgusting student house,via a friend of another friend who upped and moved away from Sydney after a short term at Sydney technical school... the ex Sydney student made me aware of Austrailian fashion design and explained to me about these two creative students named Anna and Luke. ..Need I continue this story, since that insightful encounter I've followed (with great difficulty too, aah so pleased they now have a webby) the growth and impact of Romancewasborn ,in a ever so slightly compulsive manor! In the process my love for them has just grown and grown...

Romancewasborn seem to have an almost care free approach towards fashion design, not taking any aspect too seriously refusing to conform and in the process throwing in everything except the kitchen sink and adding a whole lot of avant-garde into the eccentric mix into their collection's. Such as flamboyant and exotic high waisted silk, velvet skirts with lashings of beads and sequins. Lets not forget the chunky knitted dresses featuring knitted and crochet bumble bees, little ladybirds, comical giant ducks, goggle eyes, miniature pompom's and erm...hundreds of multi coloured pipe cleaner's, as you do. Long live the romance I say!

****visit: Romancewasborn.com***

18 March 2009

Pencil In...Outfit Post & Rant

Picture both of and by: Prettyneons.

First thing first I suppose, my what I'm wearing quick run down...
** Giant plastic red heart sun shades, Oxfam
** Customized Warehouse slouchy off shoulder T-shirt
** Plastic feather necklace: made by moi, attached with lilac polka dot ribbon!
** Dasiychain Tea spoon necklace
....as you can see I have a very lazy style, erm ...if this is the correct descriptive word for myself?
Today's outfit is particularly tomboyish, with a hint of girly girl accessories piled on (I'm also sporting an array of chunky bracelets up to my elbow's!) Sorry's it isn't a full outfit post, haven't sussed out exactly how to function my new camera of yet. But I'm wearing red shiny flat shoes, school-esque style, with bright green and orange triangle print ankle socks, oh and yellow pleated high waisted granny skirt, also from a charity shop, I had to customize a little, as it was too long. And as I'm rather very short, long skirts drown me, good and indeed proper:plus I trip over the hem, not good! Also I must confess, I do not have lush pink cheeks like penciled in this is a highly embellished feature, ha ha! As truth be told, I'm very pale, however I do have a satellite dish shaped head/ face, ha!

Enough of the boring outfit post ...its time to get serious for a minute (OK, this may be a slight rant, come on! I am due a rant aren't I?) I was flicking through a fashion magazine today, and there was this feature with an ex full figured wonder bra model (now shes just a non wonder bra model). Anyway's in this interview she was asked about how she keeps her (lets just say slender) figure the model replied foolishly, something along the lines of, just running around and looking after her children, eating what she likes and downing lots of coffee. Fair enough on this model if she enjoys being extremely slim line: each to their own...But love, when your joint's of which are poking out and have replaced your once celebrated curves. Be honest with all those teenager's who have your photo pinned up in their school locker, bedroom wall and probably their wardrobe door too.

Fashion is structured and based on false ideals and high expectations lets not insert false ideas and delusions into young girl's heads. I hate to put you all on a downer, but this article has made me furious only because I had a best friend when at college some years ago, who had a terrible eating disorder, believing every single glossy fashion, model interview her eyes scanned.

Out of choice she replaced solids with large mugs of black coffee, and further wall papered her bedroom walls with numerous pull outs of models, and even kept a 'food diary' complete with a small photo of her favourite model in her college folder... To cut a very long story short, my best friend's meals became liquid form:only this time round it wasn't out of her own personal choice. For she had to be force fed via a drip, with wires and tubes coming in and out of her fragile, wafer like body and for many years this was the tragic case...Eating disorders are fickle and each case can differ, though my friend's eating disorder did in fact kick off with the heavy influence of various air brushed fashion magazines,magazines packed with similar model interviews all about them selves and their daily 'beauty regimes': for god sakes, please do take every printed word with a very large pinch of salt.
Yep I know I sound like your mother.
Rant over.

17 March 2009

Ghost Buster Gem's

All photos from: Sabrina Dehoff.com
OK I have this sudden urge to go and get my ears pierced after stumbling across these spooky earring's by designer Sabrina Dehoff
I have to say these 'ickle ghouls are more adorable than Casper the frigging ghost! And damn Casper tugs the heart string's does he not? Enough about Casper, this post does not concern Casper and his three ghostly chum's. Sabrina Dehoff is also the individual behind making a piece of neon rope, appear attractive and much desired:or perhaps it's just moi, who finds the rope creation's rather genius? I am often seduced by fluorescent colour's, and well this rope bracelet has got the two required shades of electric pink and blinding yellow: check and indeed tick off 'a few of my favourite thing's list'... I kid you not, I have compulsive lists for every aspect concerning both fashion and accessories, perfectly healthy behaviour I'm positive?

After neon colour's my check list also states molecules and birdcages as much adored fashion element's, alright perhaps not molecules, for this is a fib and embellished exaggeration, though I do really find vintage style bird cages very pretty and delicate. Sabrina's Dehoff bird cage necklace is truly glorious and magical, the design detail is marvelous! As for the molecule necklace, I never would have predicted mundane molecules could be so funky: nor did I ever see molecules morphing into playful pompom's any time soon... Um how could I underestimate science? Damn, I really want to visit a lab now! Is it too little too late to sign up for a science course?Time for a career change, me thinks!? Lets all wear a molecule, yeah!?

I want a bird cage around my neck.

Scribble by: prettyneons.

... Just thought I'd insert in a random scribble right here, there isn't really much of a tale behind this illustration, other than I liked the girl's fierce, sharp shades and intense black lip stick: When I asked her name she just responded...'call me stupid idiot girl, its the name of my band, oh man are you really going to put me on your blog, 'coz you like my shades? That's insane! Can you tell your readers my band has a mmmmyspaaaace, cheers!' - She really over emphasized the 'm' and 'a', for some unknown reason?

16 March 2009


Whoa has it been hot in England today, could summer be ever nearer? Of course you can't completely have faith in the glorious weather holding out all day, not in the UK no,no, no. It can turn around and piss it down at any given time. Only today it surprised me, as the sun stayed out to greet pm: yep this evening is light out side, whoop, whoop!
When the weather begins to turn around from winter to spring/ summer I panic, I panic because I never have a clue what to throw on myself, um...do I continue the lazy layering routine, familiar and loyal...or cut back on the amounts of layers and opt for simply a long light rain mack...or heaven forbid actually expose my pale as a ghost flesh? ( I don't do exposing skin: ever)
Whilst pondering whether to banish my winter wardrobe from here on, as I felt a little ridiculous in today's large summer sun shades, bright red ballet flats and erm... long rain mack- all items contradicting one another, I know...Sat in a taxi, downing coffee I whip out my scrap book and pencils, the friendly foot ball mad taxi driver enquiring what my desired destination actually is. I almost completely forgot as this girl who looks as if shes just stepped out from a glossy magazine page with immaculate 'airbrushed' complexion, catches my eye (not like that: I don't swing that way!)
Sporting hair I can only dream of , this funky sixties inspired individual had her spring wardrobe sussed, parading around in this muted orange, cream and pale pink floppy hat appearing rather bemused and unaffected by the freakish hot weather and hustle and bustle of many fellow commuters . ..'hey come on, I may be a genius but I'm not a mind reader love!' expresses the restless taxi driver...'Oh yep, um I'm looking for this road, is it near or...whilst he studies my map, I continue to sketch this snazzy girl, I have a starring problem, is most likely her thoughts as she obviously caught me carefully studying the fine details of her beyond brilliant spring ensemble...'Got it, this road isn't near town, will cost you about eight quid, love'... So the over charming taxi driver puts his foot down, my pencils go flying across the seat, hot coffee splashes up and against the taxi door and the girl in the, summer hat has vanished from my view...here's her stripey over sized hat, still so vivid, where did she discover such a gem?
Sketch, from my scrap book by: Prettyneons.

Just hope this rushed sketch has done her justice!?

13 March 2009

Bat It

Bat Bonkers collage by: Prettyneons.

OK firstly apologies, for what has to be the most random unrelated week of blog post from moi, what with wardrobe sales and such, my week has been just as random a bit up and down, round and round. But it's also been a very exciting week for me as well, erasing all shades of mundane. Which is rather refreshing: I detest familiar routine, anyways whilst just kicking back and being lazy with good back ground tunes ( Santogold) playing nice and loud out of my speaker's. With a over spilling bowl full of both savory snacks (spicy crackers, umm delicious) and a colourful fruit salad ( a taste of summer, sort of?). I began shredding through piles and piles of old magazines stacked up high in the corner of my bedroom, blowing off the dust I picked up my polka dot scissors and begin chopping through my favourite pic's... Arranging them half spontaneously, half organized, than for some bizarre reason I decide to start scribbling some funky bats? Perhaps because I came across a photo of my pal dressed up last Halloween, I'm not certain where the bat influence came from? I turned around to aim for the bin a hand full of scrunched up paper, misses, and my sewing machine happened to catch the corner of my eye, it appeared a bit lonely and well, generally neglected. So I I stuck the plug in, chucked in a bobbin and simply began some much needed 'free style stitching', all over my bonkers bat collage creation... So yep there's yet another insight in to my prettyneon 'world', ha ha!

Just to let all of you snazzy blogger's know: I am considering an out fit post, though it shall be in pencil: does that count? So many of you are eager for me to snap my style, erm, of which I lack. Honestly do not let the fashion frocks etc that I write about fool you, for my own sense of style is all so average, grunge like and oxfam-esque... I'm often in one of the three a) tartan b) black c) clashing dose of neon's...and that's about it folks, oh I drown myself in clumsy, chunky accessories and long strands of necklaces too. ;)

12 March 2009

Before Your Very Eyes

'Before Your Very Eyes' Illustration by: Prettyneons

So finally I've got around to posting up and revealing my completed Illustration, and I am putting it up for sale, so if anyone is interested here are the all important detail's...

* Media: oil pastels & Pencil on high quality drawing paper
*Aprox Size: Length 84cms x Width 59cms
or in inches
Length 33inch x Width 23 1/2

Your be pleased to know I'm willing to ship this outside of the UK, here are some more important information...

* UK price includes p&p : £60
* Outside of the UK includes p&p: £75

****Please drop me a email PRETTYNEONS@LIVE.COM if you'd like to purchase this illustration and to discuss a preferred method of payment.

I must stress my fashion friend's that this illustration won't include a frame but will include excellent packaging!

Well I think that's pretty much it for now, if you have any other questions, feel free to email me at the email address above...I look forward to hearing from you ;)
Got to go now have many other projects to complete, hope your all having a fabulous thursday! Xx

09 March 2009

Go Crazy For The Cool Cute Cardies!

Photo: Moschino
Photo: Marni

Photos: Luella

Has anyone else noticed the amount of cardigans dominating the catwalk's? Just about every designer from a-z have featured the cool and pretty cardigan, Luella is especially loving the cardie!
As far as I'm concerned the cardigan is a girls best friend, and should not by any means simply be consumed and then banished to the back of your wardrobe, (along with last year's 'reinvented' jelly sandal nope I wasn't manipulated nor fooled into that rather tricky s/s '08 trend!) a cardigan is for life not just for spring summer '09. I'm very pleased the cardigan is receiving some fashion credential, at long last. I can breath a sigh of relief and actually consider myself to be two percent stylish and dare I say it? A little bit fashionable? As a fashion misfit (and I don't mean that in the American movie-type-cast-emo-misfit context, if that makes any sense, at all!?) a misfit because, I refuse to conform and be tricked into fashion's dicey trend's, alas the mismatched and colourful concoction of daily outfits, of which I literally pull out my disorganized wardrobe. It would be fair to suggest my commitment to seasonal trend's is non existent. However it seems all of a sudden, I'm not the only individual with much admiration towards the ever reliable and versatile, comfy cardigan, and as a slave to cardigans I felt compelled to seek the most colourful eye catching cardies. From geometric to bow print, sleeveless to draped: there are a whole array of crazy as can be cardigan's and the brighter the better, me thinks...

Chloe £240, from: net-a-porter.com

Coral drape cardie, £10, from: dorothyperkins.com

Tory Burch geometric cardigan, £303 from:net-a-porter.com

Miso stripy sleeveless cardigan £22.50 from:republic.co.uk

Baby pink unicorn cardigan £53.81 from: republic.co.uk

cropped bow print, cardigan £29.35 from:republic.co.uk

New Look purple animal print cardigan £20 from:newlook.co.uk

06 March 2009

I've Hit A Brick Wall

Photo: Peter Jensen brick wall silk print dress

So um, I haven't got anything better to do on this, dismal Friday evening (I feel my title, is brilliantly descriptive ) Hence I suppose, the reason why I'm back to the 'old time waster that is 'wardrobe wishing' i.e aimlessly browsing around and popping by numerous and my own personal favourite online fashion web site's. Today I re-visited my all time favourite creatureofcomfort - a frigging fashion haven, I 'tell'sa ya. The novelty of this web site never, ever wears off, and well if you prefer your clothes to be more than, just clothes and instead make a unique style statement (fashion can speak many words, my friend's!) look no further than creatureofcomfort. Makes asos look like a desperate hollow wardrobe mourning over it's sorry deprived clothes hanger's, asos are the pleasing chips. Where as creatureofcomfort are the marvelous mush'ie pea's! I feel compelled to illustrate, my controversial online fashion opinion: I'm aware an awful lot you would hang me and dunk me in water, for stepping on asos, little toe's what with all its ppq dresses and 'celeb style' feature's ( beyond genius?)...yes asos, because we all want to appear and resemble a freaky celeb clone type: Alexa Chung or Pixie anyone? Pleasssse, spare me.

Photo: Henrik Vibskov button denim dress

Photo: Alexandre Herchovitch floral shirt dress

Photo: Henrik Vibskov abstract body hugging dress, * I need*

Photo: Therese Rawthorne black distressed sheer dress, * oh and the needing continues!

PS...Asos I'm not completely rejecting you and passing you the cone shaped hat, stamped with a capital 'D', after all I am (now and again) still blown away by the odd fashion gem I stumble upon your web site.

visit: www.creatureofcomfort.us/

05 March 2009

My Life: In Bits & Pieces...

Erm....Surprise!? Yep I've finally lost my 'tag virginity' I'm always too lazy for taking part in this tagging game, though its rather fun and enjoyable once you throw your self into it. I must admit I've ignored so many tag's, sorry to be so bloody anti-blog- social (if that of course is the correct term, ergh I'm not functioning very well today, not well at all) its not that I'm arrogant, just extremely laid back (well at times, any way: other times I'm so ambitious and have so many idea's , I burn myself out!)
Anywho's here it goes my life...in a bag...aah firstly I must give a shout out to the ever so snazzy and sweet dasiychaindreams, the 'gal inspired me to take part in this bag business, haha ;)
Right, right so I'm tipping my bag upside down right now...hang on...

So I guess this would be the bag in question...my leopard 'bucket' bag ( from a charity shop, as always, cheap and chic?).

OK so here we have... a lot of shit, no seriously now, I spy with my little eye: perfume L.A.M.B, black eye pencil (I'm not too keen on make up, it irritates the hell out of me and I just cannot be asked: I find a quick line of eye pencil will do the job nicely . If I'm venturing out some place, I push the boat out and add eye shadow, oh and lippy) pocket size Vaseline my loyal,and trusty multi- functional friend ( magic I swear: eye gloss and lip gloss!) MGMT CD album (constant companion at the 'mo, must take it with me no matter where I'm going)

Yep I have so much shit in my bag, I have to take two separate snap shots just to reveal all of its contents (I feel as if I'm giving evidence, here haha!) and the crap continues...mobby (mobile: always empty, don't know why I bother to keep it?) tissues (both new and um, used!) mirror, various pencils/ pens (I'm lost and useless without these) scrap/ ideas book (more treasured than any other materialistic item I own: its where I scribble word's, drawings and other close kept secrets for its my prized possession!) memory stick (if only I could plug it in to my brain, I'm sure scientists are working on it!?) and the exciting book I'm reading at the moment 'by any means' Charley Boorman: fantastic escapism, this read! Not related to fashion at all, I know. I don't really tend to over buy too many fashion magazines, their too expensive most the time: and I can pick up a book at the exact same cost as two different magazine issues: I'll take the book any day!

Well sorry if I bored you with my bag blabbing's, however if you found it amusing, great! Hope it gives you a better insight in to my vibrant life? I'm off to finish with my art, I got my cup's of coffee lined up in a row ready to go! Bye x