18 March 2009

Pencil In...Outfit Post & Rant

Picture both of and by: Prettyneons.

First thing first I suppose, my what I'm wearing quick run down...
** Giant plastic red heart sun shades, Oxfam
** Customized Warehouse slouchy off shoulder T-shirt
** Plastic feather necklace: made by moi, attached with lilac polka dot ribbon!
** Dasiychain Tea spoon necklace
....as you can see I have a very lazy style, erm ...if this is the correct descriptive word for myself?
Today's outfit is particularly tomboyish, with a hint of girly girl accessories piled on (I'm also sporting an array of chunky bracelets up to my elbow's!) Sorry's it isn't a full outfit post, haven't sussed out exactly how to function my new camera of yet. But I'm wearing red shiny flat shoes, school-esque style, with bright green and orange triangle print ankle socks, oh and yellow pleated high waisted granny skirt, also from a charity shop, I had to customize a little, as it was too long. And as I'm rather very short, long skirts drown me, good and indeed proper:plus I trip over the hem, not good! Also I must confess, I do not have lush pink cheeks like penciled in this is a highly embellished feature, ha ha! As truth be told, I'm very pale, however I do have a satellite dish shaped head/ face, ha!

Enough of the boring outfit post ...its time to get serious for a minute (OK, this may be a slight rant, come on! I am due a rant aren't I?) I was flicking through a fashion magazine today, and there was this feature with an ex full figured wonder bra model (now shes just a non wonder bra model). Anyway's in this interview she was asked about how she keeps her (lets just say slender) figure the model replied foolishly, something along the lines of, just running around and looking after her children, eating what she likes and downing lots of coffee. Fair enough on this model if she enjoys being extremely slim line: each to their own...But love, when your joint's of which are poking out and have replaced your once celebrated curves. Be honest with all those teenager's who have your photo pinned up in their school locker, bedroom wall and probably their wardrobe door too.

Fashion is structured and based on false ideals and high expectations lets not insert false ideas and delusions into young girl's heads. I hate to put you all on a downer, but this article has made me furious only because I had a best friend when at college some years ago, who had a terrible eating disorder, believing every single glossy fashion, model interview her eyes scanned.

Out of choice she replaced solids with large mugs of black coffee, and further wall papered her bedroom walls with numerous pull outs of models, and even kept a 'food diary' complete with a small photo of her favourite model in her college folder... To cut a very long story short, my best friend's meals became liquid form:only this time round it wasn't out of her own personal choice. For she had to be force fed via a drip, with wires and tubes coming in and out of her fragile, wafer like body and for many years this was the tragic case...Eating disorders are fickle and each case can differ, though my friend's eating disorder did in fact kick off with the heavy influence of various air brushed fashion magazines,magazines packed with similar model interviews all about them selves and their daily 'beauty regimes': for god sakes, please do take every printed word with a very large pinch of salt.
Yep I know I sound like your mother.
Rant over.


DaisyChain said...

Yay your wearing the necklace =)
gorgeous sketch doll,
you sound like your wearing a rainbow today, which is awesome.

The second part of the post, hits home, I've seen it at it's worst with people I love and how the celebrity/model culture has gone too far.

I'm not making sense (I'm drinking coffee whilst taking a sleeping pill, need I say more?)


DaisyChain said...

I'm always willing to pierce your ears, maybe not the wisest of choice, but I did my own nose and I'm still alive ;)

kandace said...

Your outfit sounds so cute. As for the rant. What was that model's name? I too know people who have suffered from eating disorders. It's kind of sad that so many people worship those who are getting paid to be anorexic. Because in the end, they don't get paid they only lose out. So i guess thats my rant. I like how you tackle real issues on your blog. I try to do the same on mine.


prettyneons said...

Damn dasiy ha ha, now I want coffee, with chocolate sprinkles on top and a biscuit too! ;)

Winnie said...

What a shame your friend had a eating disorder. I think it's far more common than we normally realise. It was worth the rant though because it's an important issue.

I like the sound of your outfit!

Annie said...

Awesome drawing!!!!