17 March 2009

Ghost Buster Gem's

All photos from: Sabrina Dehoff.com
OK I have this sudden urge to go and get my ears pierced after stumbling across these spooky earring's by designer Sabrina Dehoff
I have to say these 'ickle ghouls are more adorable than Casper the frigging ghost! And damn Casper tugs the heart string's does he not? Enough about Casper, this post does not concern Casper and his three ghostly chum's. Sabrina Dehoff is also the individual behind making a piece of neon rope, appear attractive and much desired:or perhaps it's just moi, who finds the rope creation's rather genius? I am often seduced by fluorescent colour's, and well this rope bracelet has got the two required shades of electric pink and blinding yellow: check and indeed tick off 'a few of my favourite thing's list'... I kid you not, I have compulsive lists for every aspect concerning both fashion and accessories, perfectly healthy behaviour I'm positive?

After neon colour's my check list also states molecules and birdcages as much adored fashion element's, alright perhaps not molecules, for this is a fib and embellished exaggeration, though I do really find vintage style bird cages very pretty and delicate. Sabrina's Dehoff bird cage necklace is truly glorious and magical, the design detail is marvelous! As for the molecule necklace, I never would have predicted mundane molecules could be so funky: nor did I ever see molecules morphing into playful pompom's any time soon... Um how could I underestimate science? Damn, I really want to visit a lab now! Is it too little too late to sign up for a science course?Time for a career change, me thinks!? Lets all wear a molecule, yeah!?

I want a bird cage around my neck.

Scribble by: prettyneons.

... Just thought I'd insert in a random scribble right here, there isn't really much of a tale behind this illustration, other than I liked the girl's fierce, sharp shades and intense black lip stick: When I asked her name she just responded...'call me stupid idiot girl, its the name of my band, oh man are you really going to put me on your blog, 'coz you like my shades? That's insane! Can you tell your readers my band has a mmmmyspaaaace, cheers!' - She really over emphasized the 'm' and 'a', for some unknown reason?


Jojo said...

Oh I love the rope bracelet and the bird cage necklace...are we going to see an outfit post soon..


Kat said...

the bird cage necklace is fabulous!

DaisyChain said...

I NEED those earrings in my ears. Right now.

prettyneons said...

LOL, yes, yes a outfit post real sooney I promise? No really though I will ha ha, famous last words!!
I'll try and take a pic of my scruffy self tomorrow ;)
PeAcE & BoWs...moi x

prettyneons said...

Oh daisycahin... we may have to fight over those earrings, I call an arm wrestle ha ha---no wait not a good idea I'm weak as hell ha ha =)
PeAcE* x X


genial blog!

Julio Cesar said...

Hi! Thank you for following my blog! I like the pieces you feature on yours - very interesting and innovative. :)

Emz said...

haha those earrings would be SO perfect for halloween!