04 March 2009

Light Weight

Lew s/s '09 collection provides a haven of escapism from the current doom and gloom atmosphere, for Amsterdam based design duo Kim Leemans and Merel Wicker, sure know how to create 'happy clothes', so to speak. Happy clothes with a bright and beautiful, super sugary, pretty pastel colours combined with marvelous muted beige's. Lew's light weight, loopy, patchwork fabric's and lively layers provide a playful, and sporty twist.

All photos from: lew

The slouchy and casual, off the shoulder printed cotton T-shirt's and candy floss turn up shorts, are ideal for up and coming lazy days on the beach, attempting to build the most impressive sand castle ever (my competitive streak is revealed when at the sea side).Sky blue and lush lime yellow transparent over sized sleeveless top (above) is delightfully dreamy, and effortlessly cool:also perfect for them yet to arrive laid back summer days, eating fruit salad's and sipping ice cold lemonade...Now I'm yearning and very much desperate for the warm summer to appear!


Georgie said said...

I adore this collection the pastel shades and the floaty theme. Love it!

DaisyChain said...

Did you get snow today too?

Joshy said...


DaisyChain said...

I'm so glad to be taking your tag virginity too,
I can't wait to nosey at your stuff, I'm such a fiend for other people's bags, I'll probably nosedive in to yours when we meet up!

prettyneons said...

Hey dasiychain;)
No we haven't had snow yet, its bloody cold though, really cold.
Haha, yep I I'm going to revel the crap in bag, sometime today.

*I cant wait to meet up!!!! So looking forward to it, hun!!!:) x

LJ said...

woven jacket...yum
xx-LJ from SOS!

IAL said...

the candy like colors are awesome. i like how the first pic moves haha

prettyneons said...

Thank you's... yeah its picture moving magic, well not that magical but, you know!
Peace and Bows...
prettyneons ;)