31 January 2010

Granny bags paisley & pie

This weekend I discovered something new about myself, well three new things about myself actually... a)I need to curb my enthusiasm for granny/vintage battered bags as it's fast becoming an unhealthy obsession. b)Paisley really isn't that bad (will return to this subject later on). c)I have a pie phobia after a mean fight with a rather thick pie crust in Gregs (other bakers are available) in which I nearly came face to face with death: after choking for ten whole minutes. I kid you not.
Isn't astonishing how we learn something new everyday?

Yikes (...yikes? I haven't used that word since I was about five)have I had one epic weekend, I hate to brag... but heck I'm well impressed with myself and this weekends bargain bin thrift finds.I can't believe the gems I snagged.Never have I found such an array of glorious rags (I say 'rags' because I heard this woman refer to the clothes in Mind as just that-how rude!Some people have no imagination. So there are no style suggestions or trendy mannequins like you find in Topshop or H&M:mix it up go bananas, step out of your comfort zone ditch them store cards, forget fashion trends and think a little harder...urgh I hate to fashion preach).
My first stop was Mind where I had a good dig around and tried on a pair of Aztec print shorts,with bright yellow transparent shoes...this is why I go thrift shopping alone:I embarrass my friends who much prefer raiding the rails at Primark and Topper's seeking a pair of Effy-esque studded boots they saw in a episode of Skins.

...Back to those Aztec shorts, I was mad enough to buy them I'm giving them the chop right now like Edward Scissor hands on acid,got to give 'em a sprinkle of sequins too.Yet another miniature project,that is destined for the must-complete-customization- project mountain in the corner of my room, fast becoming a serious hazard...DUCK!GET DOWN AVALANCHE!

All my thrift buys were definitely influenced by a book I've just finished reading called 'Tales of Travelers' I'm fascinated by travelers, nomads and Gypsy's especially being a bit of a nomad myself forever having itchy feet. Anywho's in this book is a whimsical image of this gypsy girl, dressed in a paisley floaty fairytale frock with bells around her neck, dancing around a bonfire pointing a neon glow stick up at the stars.Until now I've rejected any hint of paisley, it's one of them prints isn't it? Like Marmite you either love it or hate it.Before now it reminded me of old man handkerchiefs,and one eyed gypsy cats.However seems I'm now converted, after pulling out a very decorative swirly paisley dress from the bottom of a bin bag (...it had just been donated)I'm looking forward to parading around in my paisley dress, embracing the inner romantic gypsy girl who's deep inside me.

29 January 2010

Insomnia scribbles all over these pages

Really Friday already? Where the heck did this week go huh? The last few days have been one big blur which somehow morphed into one?
My brain has been bursting with various artyfarty ideas,the light bulb (in my head) blinking on and off then on again at such a pace that I just cannot keep up.
These fingers feel sore and numb from clutching pencils, and scribbling away through the night despite the lighting in my room being quite poor...must-replace -bulb- in-lamp.
There's something really extra special about drawing when the rest of the world is fast asleep?Kind of rebellious?Which might explain this rebel rocker...

illustration by:prettyneons
...this feisty ,girl with attitude has been re-visiting my art book on and off for the last couple of weeks.Finally here she is ready for the weekend, ready to rip up the dance floor (or mosh pit rather)get inked, fall in lust with the drummer from her favourite Punk band and down whisky like it's water.
I on the other hand, will be doing some investigating...of the fashion kind. As I set out to see what banging thrift bargains I can grab from charity shops on my tight budget of £30. Of which I want change from to indulge in some coffee and cake time.Cunning I know.The thrift finds I will reveal at some point this weekend and
whatever your getting up to this Saturday and Sunday have a good one yes?

peace x

25 January 2010

Miss blue

Sigh. Will this pitch black otherwise known as winter ever just disappear into oblivion? Feels like spring is still many light years away,wish it would hurry up I've had it up to hear (pointing at my head)
these winter blues are no fun. Plus I really want to eat a big bowl of salad which I seem to cut out of my diet during the bleak winter season. Salad needs sunshine to season it...this I'm convinced of.
As much as I'm missing green leaf salads (with lemon and garlic.Drool) and listening to Vampire Weekend (who sound best when being a beach bum...this I'm also convinced of)I find myself mourning peep toe pumps,pretty ditsy prints and light weight dresses even more. I can't wait to finally see the back of heavy Velvet dresses and skirts:like oil and water, velvet and I do not mix...makes me shudder and cringe.
Another winter wardrobe item I'm desperate to edit out of my life has got to be opaque tights, I'm over them. Pass the transparent patterned kaleidoscope variety already. Now before I made the extreme decision to erase patterned tights and knee high socks from my winter wear all together, I did test them out one drab cold day. And after my knees and ankles turned numb I thought this just ain't gonna work anymore, time to get practical and keep those knees and toes warm.Frost bite isn't cool (see what I did there? Did ya, did ya?)nor too comfortable for that matter.I may or may not be speaking from experience.

So slowly as the sun makes the odd brief appearance(though blink and you might miss it)and the evenings are steadily staying lighter for longer, could it be time to jump into spring?Re-introduce frocks and knee high socks, embrace the peep toe?To hell with practical style, screw knitwear.Or is this a bad not very fashion savy step?I mean thinking more in depth about the whole situation, could I really tolerate the sweet old folk?Which there's plenty of on my daily bus ride.I can just imagine them all marching over to me with their concerns and over dramatic comments,'Young girl your catch your death dressed like that.'
Death by dress?Really?This would be highly unlikely,what are the odds of that?
Even if my fashion fate were to be that harsh, I'd kick the bucket quite happy (if not smug?) as long as my ensemble consists of Missselfridge pieces.Pieces such as: bird print dress,heart crop cardigan, wizard of oz red patent heels and star print tights.I'd enter the afterlife one content woman!

all images from:missselfridge.

22 January 2010

Pencil it in

For months now I've been reading this beautiful blog caitlinquiet.blogspot.com,artist Caitlin produces some of the most enchanting and imaginative illustrations I have ever seen making every post a delight to read and see.Her blog is a glorious visual adventure which provides great escapism from the norm.I adore the wonderful whimsical little tales and musings which are often illustrated by Caitlin's gorgeous gals(seriously snazzy individuals)who's wardrobe you want to own (even if their dresses are made of paper and their shoes of ink)and become best friends with...OK so they're drawings and?

Caitlin's illustrations are a whole bunch of awesome and cute characters they vary from a fairy tale princess searching for her soulmate of a prince to darling and dashing diva's who get exactly what they want no questions asked!These curious girls are intriguing and way too realistic, you just want to know more about them... where do they shop?Do they prefer flats or stilettos?What parties do they go to?Which labels do they love?Do they dig vintage?
I'm besotted with every single one,heck I almost wish I could dive straight into Caitlin's sketch book and hang out with them all,talk trends and swap style tips with.Which explains why I'm so ecstatic about Caitlin's collection of printed tee's,that feature a selection of her fierce fashionable girls.
At last I can hang out with them.Erm sort of anyway,now which one do I pick?

all images from:Caitlinquiet


20 January 2010

Barriento is thread banging!

It has been a while since I had a looksee around Etsy, hence why I dedicated pretty much the whole of last weekend sat in front of the computer getting lost in the world of Etsy:who doesn't enjoy a dose of Etsy every now and then?I was happily clicking from one thing to another until I found myself distracted,and super excited. So excited in fact that for a minute I forgot how to string a sentence together,as the only word (or rather stupid sound)I could utter was a giant gobsmacked gasp.I must stress this was a positive gobsmacked gasp. Not the what- the- fudge- has- gone -on- here? gasp.
I can't even recall the last time I felt such excitement (you could suggest I don't get out much,such a statement may be very true or a blatant fib)if I scan my memory bank and compare the excitement I'd compare it to that of receiving my first ever Disney video, or better yet my first ever Disney lunchbox.
Yes the Etsy discovery is that very special and amazing...

I'm assuming you've no doubt noticed that when it comes to all the following:loud colours,embellishment,geometric patterns and accessories, I'm a bit of an obsessive freak.So much so I would be daft enough to replace food with all the above (balanced diet? I like to think so), and heck do I adore food!
Though I'd happily binge on clever crafter creative Lorena Barriento's mighty mad (good mad) mind blowing jewellery created by the underrated art form that is embroidery.Poor old embroidery it remains to get as much lurrve as her (yup embroidery has a gender:female) fellow textile techniques print and knit.
If anyone can bring attention to needle work and make it 'cool' it's Lorena Barriento.Who pours her heart and soul into working those needles to achieve gorgeous,dizzy and damn delightful geometric necklaces, earrings and brooches.The way in which Lorena aka 'Maranon' combines colour,pattern and embroidery is fresh and unique,you can't help but be almost hypnotized by the flow of funky decorative embroidery.Lorena has a sharp eye when it comes to detail,with touches of delicate lace and lovely ribbon that give the strong geometric pattern a feminine twist.
Needless to say... I REALLY WANT ONE.
Yes capitals are required,as I'm seriously serious in love with this thread banging jewellery!

all images from:spinthread

18 January 2010

Sweet Candy

I've never had much of a sweet tooth,I can walk straight past pic&mix and easily snub strawberry shoe laces. Yet I'm finding it extremely difficult (if not very impossible?) to resist Candy.
I've tried and tested every trick in the book to fool myself into believing Candy doesn't exist, Candy whaaaat?
I've removed it from my fashion favourites, only to go and add- it- again soon as my cravings for Candy return.And all this time I thought I had strong willpower. Turns out I really don't. Willpower what is that?
I was also mistaken for assuming my Candy cravings had gone, vanished, disappeared forever along with my addiction to Pixiemarket and pesto (erm, not together silly).
But noooo this stupid girl went and opened that can of worms again. Fashion relapse...

Why? Why did I cave into the Candy? How? Where did it all wrong? Hmm might have something to do with me accidentally sort of on purpose enter the dangerous website address www.candystorecollective.com.Enter.Followed by foolishly clicking on the big, bad, bold 'NEW ARRIVALS'.
Damn too late now, this is the point of no return isn't it? Yup thought so. As two hours had been and gone (not that I noticed)while I'd been drooling over divine vintage dresses and playing make believe:pretending to add Candy items to my basket. Sad?Me?No never,whatever makes you think that?
I can't be the only gal guilty of this? Can I?
Changing the subject,the Candystore has some sweet,sweet delicious and way too tempting gems.The vibrant graphic print dress and magical necklaces soon had me well and truly hooked to the old Candy.Once again ('tis not the first time after all).
There's so much Candy enough for everyone!If vintage isn't your thang,there is a whole long and never ending list of lovely little labels and unknown shy independent but hugely talented designers that will soon enough have you reaching for that pesky basket.All your friends will soon be asking 'Nice, where did you get that skirt from?'In which you reply, 'You know what I really don't know?I've completely forgot! H&M I think?'Because Candystorecollective is your own secret fashion Narnia

Warning:You will become addicted...possibly for all eternity.
So don't say I didn't warn you guys.

all images from:candystorecollective

15 January 2010

Whos a brat?

When it comes to online fashion us girls are spoiled for choice, are we not? What with a whole array of fashion stores just a tiny click away.Meaning fashion is never out of reach.The downside being the damage it causes to ones purse. *Ouch*
Fashion is without a doubt seductive, however some online fashion sites don't have the same effect.
I find their either incredible or seriously drab.See I'm a sucker for nice web design and pretty presentation, if the home page doesn't get my fashion pulse going I immediately exit and abandon in a fashion nano second (well I have places to go, sales to browse and wardrobe wishing to crack on with! ).

I was guilty of dismissing spoiledbrat

when I first stumbled upon the site ages ago. Variation there wasn't it lacked contrast and focused on 'celebrity fashion' too much. Sure I appreciate celeb's have a strong fan base and heavy influence upon us and our fashion hungry wardrobes.Only there are several elements of fashion not just 'celebrity fashion' and 'celebrity style' ( besides not all of us have a celebrity style idol and not everyone is the same.After all fashion means different things to different people no?)spoiledbrat contents simply didn't reflect this enough. It didn't cater for those of us who crave something other than mainstream fashion labels and WAG fashion 'must haves'.

board by:prettyneons.

Whoa how it's transformed and morphed into a beauty of a boutique!I regret not adding spoiledbrat to my fashion favourites.The homepage jumps out at you,with it's bold fashion features, heck I couldn't click away fast enough. Gone is the huge emphasis on WAG and z-list celeb style.Spoiledbrat sure is now worhty of such a title, packed with more off-beat and alternative fashion choices such as my beloved Whitehorse (for your tee's are quirky and divine)rainbeaux (cute retro-esque dresses) and Sauce (combining scary skulls with sweet 'ickle rabbits.What's not to love about Sauce?)Spoiledbrat has something for everyone: from the a-list trend conscious to the girl who just wants to be a bit bold and stand out from the crowd.Embrace the inner brat, and allow her to fill up that empty basket.
Please note: I will not be held responsible for any reckless impulse buys.

image:whitehorse tee


image:Sauce tee