15 January 2010

Whos a brat?

When it comes to online fashion us girls are spoiled for choice, are we not? What with a whole array of fashion stores just a tiny click away.Meaning fashion is never out of reach.The downside being the damage it causes to ones purse. *Ouch*
Fashion is without a doubt seductive, however some online fashion sites don't have the same effect.
I find their either incredible or seriously drab.See I'm a sucker for nice web design and pretty presentation, if the home page doesn't get my fashion pulse going I immediately exit and abandon in a fashion nano second (well I have places to go, sales to browse and wardrobe wishing to crack on with! ).

I was guilty of dismissing spoiledbrat

when I first stumbled upon the site ages ago. Variation there wasn't it lacked contrast and focused on 'celebrity fashion' too much. Sure I appreciate celeb's have a strong fan base and heavy influence upon us and our fashion hungry wardrobes.Only there are several elements of fashion not just 'celebrity fashion' and 'celebrity style' ( besides not all of us have a celebrity style idol and not everyone is the same.After all fashion means different things to different people no?)spoiledbrat contents simply didn't reflect this enough. It didn't cater for those of us who crave something other than mainstream fashion labels and WAG fashion 'must haves'.

board by:prettyneons.

Whoa how it's transformed and morphed into a beauty of a boutique!I regret not adding spoiledbrat to my fashion favourites.The homepage jumps out at you,with it's bold fashion features, heck I couldn't click away fast enough. Gone is the huge emphasis on WAG and z-list celeb style.Spoiledbrat sure is now worhty of such a title, packed with more off-beat and alternative fashion choices such as my beloved Whitehorse (for your tee's are quirky and divine)rainbeaux (cute retro-esque dresses) and Sauce (combining scary skulls with sweet 'ickle rabbits.What's not to love about Sauce?)Spoiledbrat has something for everyone: from the a-list trend conscious to the girl who just wants to be a bit bold and stand out from the crowd.Embrace the inner brat, and allow her to fill up that empty basket.
Please note: I will not be held responsible for any reckless impulse buys.

image:whitehorse tee


image:Sauce tee



Girl said...

They have lovely, lovely stock but they get really appalling reviews for customer service and not sending stuff out for months : ( . Such a shame.

Em x said...

They have some fab dresses on there! Its straight onto my favourites now x

daisychain said...

I recently fell in love with their stuff again, great picks m'darlin x