29 January 2010

Insomnia scribbles all over these pages

Really Friday already? Where the heck did this week go huh? The last few days have been one big blur which somehow morphed into one?
My brain has been bursting with various artyfarty ideas,the light bulb (in my head) blinking on and off then on again at such a pace that I just cannot keep up.
These fingers feel sore and numb from clutching pencils, and scribbling away through the night despite the lighting in my room being quite poor...must-replace -bulb- in-lamp.
There's something really extra special about drawing when the rest of the world is fast asleep?Kind of rebellious?Which might explain this rebel rocker...

illustration by:prettyneons
...this feisty ,girl with attitude has been re-visiting my art book on and off for the last couple of weeks.Finally here she is ready for the weekend, ready to rip up the dance floor (or mosh pit rather)get inked, fall in lust with the drummer from her favourite Punk band and down whisky like it's water.
I on the other hand, will be doing some investigating...of the fashion kind. As I set out to see what banging thrift bargains I can grab from charity shops on my tight budget of £30. Of which I want change from to indulge in some coffee and cake time.Cunning I know.The thrift finds I will reveal at some point this weekend and
whatever your getting up to this Saturday and Sunday have a good one yes?

peace x


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Cool drawing the eye are eye catching!

Enjoy the mosh pit & charity shop rumage

Peace & Love


daisychain said...

you know how much I love your drawings :D

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Love the sketch dear! Hope you find lots of lovelies and enjoy your treats. =)

I've been stuck at work so this weekend isn't much of that, lol. Looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday.