31 January 2010

Granny bags paisley & pie

This weekend I discovered something new about myself, well three new things about myself actually... a)I need to curb my enthusiasm for granny/vintage battered bags as it's fast becoming an unhealthy obsession. b)Paisley really isn't that bad (will return to this subject later on). c)I have a pie phobia after a mean fight with a rather thick pie crust in Gregs (other bakers are available) in which I nearly came face to face with death: after choking for ten whole minutes. I kid you not.
Isn't astonishing how we learn something new everyday?

Yikes (...yikes? I haven't used that word since I was about five)have I had one epic weekend, I hate to brag... but heck I'm well impressed with myself and this weekends bargain bin thrift finds.I can't believe the gems I snagged.Never have I found such an array of glorious rags (I say 'rags' because I heard this woman refer to the clothes in Mind as just that-how rude!Some people have no imagination. So there are no style suggestions or trendy mannequins like you find in Topshop or H&M:mix it up go bananas, step out of your comfort zone ditch them store cards, forget fashion trends and think a little harder...urgh I hate to fashion preach).
My first stop was Mind where I had a good dig around and tried on a pair of Aztec print shorts,with bright yellow transparent shoes...this is why I go thrift shopping alone:I embarrass my friends who much prefer raiding the rails at Primark and Topper's seeking a pair of Effy-esque studded boots they saw in a episode of Skins.

...Back to those Aztec shorts, I was mad enough to buy them I'm giving them the chop right now like Edward Scissor hands on acid,got to give 'em a sprinkle of sequins too.Yet another miniature project,that is destined for the must-complete-customization- project mountain in the corner of my room, fast becoming a serious hazard...DUCK!GET DOWN AVALANCHE!

All my thrift buys were definitely influenced by a book I've just finished reading called 'Tales of Travelers' I'm fascinated by travelers, nomads and Gypsy's especially being a bit of a nomad myself forever having itchy feet. Anywho's in this book is a whimsical image of this gypsy girl, dressed in a paisley floaty fairytale frock with bells around her neck, dancing around a bonfire pointing a neon glow stick up at the stars.Until now I've rejected any hint of paisley, it's one of them prints isn't it? Like Marmite you either love it or hate it.Before now it reminded me of old man handkerchiefs,and one eyed gypsy cats.However seems I'm now converted, after pulling out a very decorative swirly paisley dress from the bottom of a bin bag (...it had just been donated)I'm looking forward to parading around in my paisley dress, embracing the inner romantic gypsy girl who's deep inside me.


Em x said...

I love it all! I would really like to raid your wardrobe, please post outfits of the day! x

daisychain said...

Bloody hell you got some amazing finds my dear.