20 January 2010

Barriento is thread banging!

It has been a while since I had a looksee around Etsy, hence why I dedicated pretty much the whole of last weekend sat in front of the computer getting lost in the world of Etsy:who doesn't enjoy a dose of Etsy every now and then?I was happily clicking from one thing to another until I found myself distracted,and super excited. So excited in fact that for a minute I forgot how to string a sentence together,as the only word (or rather stupid sound)I could utter was a giant gobsmacked gasp.I must stress this was a positive gobsmacked gasp. Not the what- the- fudge- has- gone -on- here? gasp.
I can't even recall the last time I felt such excitement (you could suggest I don't get out much,such a statement may be very true or a blatant fib)if I scan my memory bank and compare the excitement I'd compare it to that of receiving my first ever Disney video, or better yet my first ever Disney lunchbox.
Yes the Etsy discovery is that very special and amazing...

I'm assuming you've no doubt noticed that when it comes to all the following:loud colours,embellishment,geometric patterns and accessories, I'm a bit of an obsessive freak.So much so I would be daft enough to replace food with all the above (balanced diet? I like to think so), and heck do I adore food!
Though I'd happily binge on clever crafter creative Lorena Barriento's mighty mad (good mad) mind blowing jewellery created by the underrated art form that is embroidery.Poor old embroidery it remains to get as much lurrve as her (yup embroidery has a gender:female) fellow textile techniques print and knit.
If anyone can bring attention to needle work and make it 'cool' it's Lorena Barriento.Who pours her heart and soul into working those needles to achieve gorgeous,dizzy and damn delightful geometric necklaces, earrings and brooches.The way in which Lorena aka 'Maranon' combines colour,pattern and embroidery is fresh and unique,you can't help but be almost hypnotized by the flow of funky decorative embroidery.Lorena has a sharp eye when it comes to detail,with touches of delicate lace and lovely ribbon that give the strong geometric pattern a feminine twist.
Needless to say... I REALLY WANT ONE.
Yes capitals are required,as I'm seriously serious in love with this thread banging jewellery!

all images from:spinthread


Em x said...

They are really beautiful, not something i could get away with but they are soo you x

Rachel said...

These are gorgeous!

daisychain said...

wow her work is amazing.

and so are you,
I have e-mailed you but fear you are still avoiding your inbox,
THANK YOUUUUUUU for the super amazing parcel of joy xx

Carrie said...

oooo these are beautiful! now officially a favourite seller! :)