29 August 2009

Tomorrow's just a song away

There I go again pinching song lyrics for post titles, though this lyric (thanks Hockey) is post title perfect if I do say so myself. Because its the sound track to my summer Caravan holiday,obviously I've returned and those familiar mundane days and rubbish routine awaits around the corner. I'm going to unpack as slow as possible to prolong harsh reality, for the caravan has abandoned me or rather I abandoned it sadly.
I adored every moment of my short but sweet holiday, I erased the facts it pissed down and gale force wind almost blew the caravan and all its surroundings away.
The first day of the holiday was brilliant with a pleasant freak heat wave.First stop the world downhill skateboard championship (in case you don't already know extreme sports is my very, first love!).
The day was insane, I stalked the extreme sports TV channel crew whilst eating some carrot sticks ( I'm too cool eh? *cough-doubt-cough)I began talking alot of random awkward crap when I met the extreme sports DJ and presenter.
This was shortly followed by much much much embarrassment when taking a few snap shots of the race and this American guy (more colourful then moi) began talking to erm me? I looked around at first as I assumed he was talking to the sign post or something behind me.

I felt such a bloody idiot when I finally (two hours later and only because he informed me)realised he was on my mp3 playlist, I could feel this wave of bright red paint my face (its not something you ever expect).To make matters worse I spat out something like, 'oh I'm here to perv over the skater boys not band members'
What?! I was half there to perv, though most the "skater boys" were much older men, even better! I did complete my mission and achieved to slip behind the ramps to (noooo not that you have a dirty mind) have a chat about skate equipment, techniques and the horrible stench of fried chips that filled the air: my inner geek ever so obvious by this point. There were many model like girls doing what cool girls do best. Flirt. I avoided flirting, as a) I'm tragic at flirting b)I genuinely wanted to gain knowledge on just how these men managed to use only the heel of their foot as a break when getting up speeds of 60 c)I was a 'professional journalis't there 'to cover the backstage goings on' (at least that's what I told the intimidating security.

After quizzing the skaters I collapsed on the grass with a non toxic drink and finished consuming my carrot sticks and ketchup, when the person on my playlist sat down. What the heck do I say? I felt so rude not knowing who he was especially when I listen to his tunes. So I broke the ice by offering him a carrot stick. He explained how it was refreshing to meet a girl oblivious to his high profile status and joked that I really didn't listen to his band at all and asked me to name a song. Note to self; read up more on the bands I listen to for future reference. He accepted the carrot stick, took out his lighter and lit up (not the carrot stick but his fag).
The whole situation was surreal and the conversation was amusing, I tried to keep the nerd like banter minimal before deciding to embrace my inner nerd and just let it go. Baffled he requested to stay in touch. Hmmm why? I'm not at all that interesting nor exciting,my idea of fun is reading books on art history and sea creatures.

My holiday was indeed hectic and freezing cold ( them caravan walls are thin as my dear friend warned me) but despite the freakish storm weather and sight seeing I still found time for my normal fashion musings contributing towards my scrap book. One dark evening when the rain was lashing down hard as rocks. I came up with this wonderful brain storm forward slash idea(question mark insert) create a draft mock love letter to LA fashion designer Brian Lichtenberg. Paragraphs dedicated to expressing my love towards his marvelous lace Lycra ensembles, and why I deserve one...I struggled with this part, the best explanation I could think of was because I f$*!**$ admire the complete S/S collection which is highly contemporary and there for genius.
Impressive and convincing enough, no? God I hope so as the love letter has now been sent.

photos by prettyneons: Speedy Skater Boys.

Board by prettyneons: Brian Lichtenberg s/s pieces I'm desperate for.

21 August 2009

I really really like sprouts.

Soon I embark on my first ever (sad admission I know)caravan holiday, I'm a caravan virgin. So I'm pretty pre-occupied right now cramming my bag with too much of everything, useless items of clothing I probably won't need such as a summer dress, yeah right there's no sign of a heat wave arriving anytime soon. Heyho what can an indecisive caravan clueless girl do? Not much at all is indeed the answer.
I've packed tee's, cardies, shirts,skirts, tights, cowboy boots, plenty of knitwear and my scrapbook. Admittedly I almost went into a right fit and general state of panic when I couldn't find my scrapbook. Where ever I go my scrapbook comes with too,for we must never part we need each other or I need it simple as. Why? Scrapbooks are my heroine with out it I'm dull, my creative thoughts simply wouldn't survive nor process and I'd be a wreck, guess you could say I'm a scrap-head. I can't live or function properly without my scrapbooks, I don't know how to? As writing, sketching creating collages in the form of a scrapbook is all I've ever known.There's something magical about the simple scrapbook,creating mood boards and writing is more enjoyable, more intense, more precise,compared to that of the keyboard, word and photoshop. Technology is so rapid and sometimes there's pressure to keep up,computers rush you along and all the time your completely oblivious to it...new, save as, upload quick, quick!
So I stopped making sense at "scrapbooks are my heroine" didn't I? Hmmm thought as much, whatever I rummaged around for my scrapbook and found it (this part is two percent amusing) in my scanner. Suppose anyone with half a brain would have checked there first. I blame the 'stress' of packing for a holiday!

Its when rummaging around for my scrapbook, I decided to have a flick through my vintage scrapbooks (scrapbooks from a few months back or so)this was the moment my memory was reminded of my most beloved knitwear collection to date this year:drum roll...Everlastingsprout S/S 09 inspired by Post-impressionism the collection consists of an whirly array of intriguing, compelling effective textures injected with glorious vivid colours.With witty and wonderful dresses in the form of retro lampshades complete with hoop tassel trim with a hint of elegant Marie Antoinette.
Its no big secret I'm fascinated with knitwear, which is ironic considering I studied fashion print,go figure? Maybe I'm rebelling against my own knowledge? This is not to suggest I'm bemused by print.Knitwear has another quality and brings elements print is not yet capable of providing. Plus I live in England where the average knitwear available (and much needed during cold chills)on the high street is uninspiring, grey cable knit. Pass.

I'm baffled by many a UK fashion magazine who rarely print or feature everlastingsprout. Why on earth not? Everlastingsprout is a serious knitwear contender and its collections should be printed and featured as regular and often as the likes of Mark Fast.
Everlastingsprout A/W '09 collection illustrates my point,for its evidently jumped up a gear.Maybe just maybe everlastingsprout wearable art is yet to grace the safe glossy UK pages of Central Saint Martin fixated magazines?

Board by prettyneons: everlastingsprout S/S 09 collection

photos from: everlastingsprout S/S '09 collection

photos from: everlastingsprout A/W '09 collection


18 August 2009

B-Blown away

I was beyond excited when Japanese label BbyAperire amazones S/S collection was revealed some time ago,the volume, colours curves and patterns had me drooling, yearning and lusting all at the same time too. It had transformers appeal, for certain, hence why I was ecstatic when I discovered a pair of BbyAperire S/S shoes on ebay.Though I was naive to the unforeseen hazards when actually wearing the platforms: their extremely distracting and leave no time for looking left and right when crossing the road...*ouch I didn't spot that double deck bus.
BbyAperire has that effect on me, I also find (and try to stop) myself from singing and you tube'in spice girls songs...come on those platform silver moon boots are one hundred percent awesomeness.Plus its difficult not to conjure up images of spice girls style platforms when admiring BbyAperire space age, funky boots. I appreciate they might not be to everyone's personal taste. I'm however partial to over the top, drag queen spice girlesque shoes. Besides platforms are a useful tool for reaching those tricky high shelves in Asda (other supermarkets are available) and I don't recall 'girl power' being done and dusted. Power to us 'gals and power to our platforms and the dizzy heights they bring!

Moving swiftly on...B's S/S collection was genius, and more a form of art then simply plain old kick about shoes,for these heels are display worthy!I couldn't imagine BbyAperire ever beating any of their own previous collections, especially their epic mermaid inspired collection. How and what could BbyAperire possibly do next,I assume its all been done already? Mermaids tick, lucky stars tick,melting summers tick...Aperire source of inspiration knows no bounds. There for it was foolish of me to write of this avant-garde Japanese shoe label, even more ridiculous of me to just reach the incorrect conclusion that BbyAperire design ideas had dried up. Far from it.
BbyAperire A/W collection has a familiar title amazones, only this time there's more bold colours, humongous polka dots, sky high heels and structure then you can shake an ex spice girl at.

photos:BbyAperire A/W amzones collection

photos:BbyAperire S/S amzones collection.

photos: BbyAperire Lucky stars collection


17 August 2009

Good Old Dot

I had one of those odd half days at work today, they always feel so strange of course starting work later means working until much later too. To stop my brain from processing the latter, I decided to fill today's waiting to go to work gap by visiting Dorothy Perkins.
Dot has always been my most beloved highstreet store, I feel though it is obviously mainstream big gun fashion outlet, that Dorothy Perkins fails to receive much fashion credentials. Their collections are hardly ever hyped up like other fashion biggies that exist, for Dorothy Perkins is far too modest. I can't recall how many marvelous pieces I've spotted in their store and on their online shop, the pixel floral skirt is one piece that can easily be mistaken and confused with Basso&Brooke. I remain utterly shocked at the lack of fashion coverage in regards to Dorothy Perkins Balmain-esque crystal (only difference being Dots are fake) embellished boyfriend blazer...if only some high profile 'so right now' celeb had sported it, huh? I feel my appreciation for Dot is isolated,very few people I know were even aware of half the items I'm rambling on about now in this post. 'You got to tell me where did you find that skirt, H&M right?' assumes my friend, 'no its from Dorothy Perkins (insert actually just for added smugness) actually'
'oh really Dorothy Perkins,I never bother with that place'.

So yes filling in the time waiting gaps I made my trip down to Dots and boy how Dot never fails to disappoint a fashion sale deprived girl. There were sale rails galore seducing me with their mouth watering discounts with red spot sale stickers dotted just about every where. I being the over organized, always with a note book and list sort of person. Had compiled a list of Dorothy Perkins items I craved weeks back yet were out of my fashion budget. The aim: hunt these same items down in the super sale.
I did it, I did it! Yup I succeeded in seeking the bold Basso&Brooke style floral skirt (£5) and the other skirt I was desperate for back in June.
Trouble with purchasing skirts I always feel compelled to also purchase leggings and tights, sob my neon pink tights have worn out time to replace. Only I didn't discover any funky tights in Primark ( a legging and tight life saver, well when Primark has its good days that is!)not this time round anyway. Though I did achieve to top up my legging collection, high five for that!



16 August 2009

Germaholic Snuggle Bunch & Floating Away

Yes that's correct Germaholic, Snuggle Bunch and Floating away are the forenames which belong to artist Matthew Langille's colourful characters especially created and scribbled for Swatch. I've been a huge obsessive fan of this guy for so long now. His illustrations are often my screen saver, and I'm still yearning for one huge Matthew Langille fashion collection not a collaboration ( I do adore the patchwork cat design for Marc Jacobs not forgetting the adorable paisley tote too) but a full out and out Langille S/S 2010(for example)collection.Frocks with his imaginative, sarcastic ( poking fun at society )and witty characters printed all over them, oh I can just envision the crazy characters now manoeuvring up and down on the catwalk *sigh.

Until that full on future Langille collection materializes (lets hope it does just that soon!) I'll be wishing and yearning (my faveourite pass time it would seem?)over the FW 09 Swatch collection, heck who wouldn't want an Snuggle Bunch watch face.If it makes time keeping that much more enjoyable? I've never been one to wear a watch as more often then not their quite mundane and dull, which doesn't flow with the rest of my ensemble so I simply tolerate the time on my mobile, which is fine. Until your mobile dies, and you've missed that connecting train! However this recent Swatch collection has me-a-drooling if my wrist could scream 'I want a Snuggle Bunch right this minute' it most certainly would. As my wrist is unable to do verbal I'll do the honours...'I want a Swatch Snuggle Bunch and I want him right now (or it) right now God damn it. To have snuggle bunch as a screen saver is not satisfying!' Hmmm is the God damn it part too much?

photo: Swatch

PS...Hooray! My magical link thingymebob has returned.

14 August 2009

Little Potty Perhaps?

So I arrived home today expecting another night of mourning over the loss of my Internet connection 'oh computer for you are nothing without the wonderful webby, don't despair your be better soon and good as new'. I refuse to acknowledge I may be a possible fashion blogspot junkie? Stuff it, OK OK I confess I am indeed one shameless fashion dork there I said it.
To my delight ( whoa is that one enormous understatement, if ever there was one)I have my net back, yes yes the Internet connection has returned! First thing I did was check my inbox full of goodies and not- so-good -goodies...*take note giant fashion labels/ companies who keep pestering me about featuring various items...I only blog fashion items that I genuinely adore and find interesting: the more sequins and structure the better!

Once I finished spam'in away all the pointless junk I turned my attention towards finishing what will be a indulgent and selfish extension to prettyneons...prettyneons thrift finds. I began working on it about two, three weeks ago but as your already aware I've been through hell (too dramatic?) and back with my PC
so its been a case of stop and start and stop again. Progress is finally underway on the project, I had planned to complete it tonight however I now know that was over ambitious when blogshere is luring me in. Alas I opted to instead browse about fifty fashion blogs/ fashionzines and stop by Jukupop (dot com, I don't think my link thingy is ever going to re-appear).

I'm rather partial to jukupop, the name is amusing and I get kicks from simply saying the best made up word ever jukupop,jukupop, jukupop its just so bouncy and er, I'm going to shut up now. I'm beginning to suspect I may be going a little potty or more potty than usual over jukupop, due to their ever expanding My Little Pony T-shirt collection.Dash was always my most beloved Little Pony (sshh don't tell the others)with her neon pink, green,yellow highlights and rainbow tattoo,thinking about it perhaps Dash is to blame for my neon cravings I experience from time to time?

Board by: prettyneons

visit: Jukupop.com

13 August 2009

Clock Please Stop

As you know I'm on borrowed time once again, yep I made the long journey to my nearest net cafe( an hour and a half away) only to receive one hour on the computer which isn't long enough when the computers are slow as snails loading each time.
So once again this is a poor, poor dull post. Well lets just call it a picture post seeing as I only have time to post up a picture, though its better then nothing and *Confession I quite enjoy indulging in bit of good old wardrobe wishing and plus lets face it, its what photoshop is for right? Though to be frank my photoshop skills (cough) are not alot to be desired, agree? Yes thought so. Though I forgot what joy photoshop can be, so you may have to tolerate these crap moodboards on atleast a weekly basis until the novelty of photoshop once again fades into oblivion.

Anywhos I'm craving... lots of bows (nothing new there) feathers and er...unicorns?

mood board by prettyneons.

Well until tomorrows wardrobe wish... I have to love you and leave you the dreaded countdown clock has just popped up across the screen... Damn I didn't even get time to check my emails!

11 August 2009

Oh No Not Again

Oh how very fickle computers can be eh? I'm without the Internet at the moment as my broadband provider which starts with a B and ends with a T has been screwing around and this time have really messed up. Being an Aries and all I exploded down the phone line and told them where to go. Good news I should be back on line end of next week, by which time I will have the shakes after going blogspot cold turkey for what is going to feel like all eternity.

I'm sat at a Internet cafe, which I had to commute to just to find out you only get one mean hour on this thing. It took fife teen minutes just to log in and I have this annoying clock which keeps popping up giving me a countdown to how long I have left on this slow piece of crap basically.
Not to self* must save up for laptop 'hey Santa you excepting Xmas wish lists yet!?'

Right-e-o I've got to go I have five mins left and I'm typing so fast the keyboard is on fire *ouch!
I'm soaking wet as it pissed down on me: hence the pic above.

PS...I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*sOb*

06 August 2009

Santi Style, Yeah?

Bet you know already? Yes... technical difficulties.My bloody blogger has been up the wall acting all crazy with all the following problems such as...denied access to my own frigging blog, unable to access epic fashion blogs which I've been addicted to since I arrived at this place the glorious fashion blogsphere, and of course the classic blogspot problem not being able to leave comments and the magical link thingy is still down and out! I'm going to try and try again to leave comments and access my fave blogs, if these issues continue I may have to seek another blogshere to go and erm, blog obviously. I 'll keep you all informed if this ever be the case.
Oh my god, by the by I had nooooo idea about the follower feature at the bottom of this page I forgot all about it...and oh gosh I really cannot believe that number 32 readers...whoa.
I honest of god never imagined my 'ickle blog ever having dedicated readers, jeez I never even set out to do achieve such a thing! Moi is gobsmacked, amazed and a little baffled anyone would ever want to read my random fashion musings, and weekly fashion rants. For those of you who have been browsing prettyneons since day one back in cold October '08 your already be aware that I simply felt the need to write and de-clutter this messy fashion head of mine, often overloaded with a whole array of opinions, thoughts and ponders about yes fashion.
I've made some good fabtastic friends with fellow fashion bloggers (you know who you all are)and I can't wait to meet up with some of you in the future.
So to express how thankful I am I'm working on something special a golden give away (well minus any kind of gold) I'll keep you all posted!

Anywhos now I've cleared up all that blog stuff, let me tell you I've been experiencing a real bad case of wardrobe playlist i.e my outfit influenced current tunes pouring out of my stereo speakers. I'm currently ripping of Satigolds ( I read she had to change her name from Santogold, because some dude claimed it was his stage name...confused? Yup so am I)vibrant, loud street style. Though to be honest I hope I don't bump into her as I'm not really doing the whole Santi style much justice, or any slight justice at all in fact.
I adore this 'gals style, for me she is up there with No Doubts Gwen and The Licks Juliet Lewes. Santo I mean...Santigold album is jam packed with catchy quirky beats and lyrics and her style really reflects her art, which can only be a marvelous thing, no?

photos Google: Santigold Outfit Inspiration

I'm not as cool as Santigold and my shallow bank account is not one of a pop/rockstar, these are my excuses for looking ridiculous and I'm sticking to them!
Whilst singing along to Sant's album this morning I felt compelled to hunt out neon items from my wardrobe and my floordrobe.Craving neons like never before (that is a blatant lie I'm prone to neon cravings) I pull and tug on this piece of bright blue leopard print denim, with great effort (the denim in question was way back in my wardrobe with a gigantic box of crap mounted on top)I tug a little harder. AAAHHHH my short arms can't reach, I grab a hanger hook it under the patterned denim and with great force pull once more. Joy finally the bright blue leopard denim is mine all mine ha ha (cunning/ evil laugh to self).
Right so tick Santi style bottoms, now one must seek a fun slouchy T-Shirt, hello cartoon vest top complete with hole, hmmm no big deal I'll slash it some more...wheres my scissors?
Slip into ensemble, check in mirror. Nope nooo too much blue going on I'm similar in appearance to a smurf and as much as I adore them blue creatures...no smurf like I don't like!
Change again, fuck my own wardrobe will reject me and tell me where to go in a minute,hurry, hurry just make a decision already whatever you chose you won't morph into Santigold(I remind myself)so just get on with it and step out the damn front door.
Done.Here is my take on Santi cool...oh dear.

Henley Top (republic.co.uk)
Darkside Jeans (darksideclothing.com)
Mulit Coloured leather jacket from Oxfam
Pink Shades (can't remember)