16 August 2009

Germaholic Snuggle Bunch & Floating Away

Yes that's correct Germaholic, Snuggle Bunch and Floating away are the forenames which belong to artist Matthew Langille's colourful characters especially created and scribbled for Swatch. I've been a huge obsessive fan of this guy for so long now. His illustrations are often my screen saver, and I'm still yearning for one huge Matthew Langille fashion collection not a collaboration ( I do adore the patchwork cat design for Marc Jacobs not forgetting the adorable paisley tote too) but a full out and out Langille S/S 2010(for example)collection.Frocks with his imaginative, sarcastic ( poking fun at society )and witty characters printed all over them, oh I can just envision the crazy characters now manoeuvring up and down on the catwalk *sigh.

Until that full on future Langille collection materializes (lets hope it does just that soon!) I'll be wishing and yearning (my faveourite pass time it would seem?)over the FW 09 Swatch collection, heck who wouldn't want an Snuggle Bunch watch face.If it makes time keeping that much more enjoyable? I've never been one to wear a watch as more often then not their quite mundane and dull, which doesn't flow with the rest of my ensemble so I simply tolerate the time on my mobile, which is fine. Until your mobile dies, and you've missed that connecting train! However this recent Swatch collection has me-a-drooling if my wrist could scream 'I want a Snuggle Bunch right this minute' it most certainly would. As my wrist is unable to do verbal I'll do the honours...'I want a Swatch Snuggle Bunch and I want him right now (or it) right now God damn it. To have snuggle bunch as a screen saver is not satisfying!' Hmmm is the God damn it part too much?

photo: Swatch

PS...Hooray! My magical link thingymebob has returned.


daisychain said...

holy crap those are amazing

Couture Carrie said...

Those watches are adorable!


Laila Of Course! said...

Ohhh those watches are simply adorable!

Thanks for your sweet note.

♥ Indie Cindy ♥ said...

Love the middle one, where they from? Swatch?? x

kirstyb said...

ah i saw them too xoxox

Matthew Langille said...

Hi! What a sweet blog entry. Thanks for your kind words about my work. Love your blog! And trust me...I"m working on getting a whole collection out there...one day soon ;) XOXO Matthew Langille