17 August 2009

Good Old Dot

I had one of those odd half days at work today, they always feel so strange of course starting work later means working until much later too. To stop my brain from processing the latter, I decided to fill today's waiting to go to work gap by visiting Dorothy Perkins.
Dot has always been my most beloved highstreet store, I feel though it is obviously mainstream big gun fashion outlet, that Dorothy Perkins fails to receive much fashion credentials. Their collections are hardly ever hyped up like other fashion biggies that exist, for Dorothy Perkins is far too modest. I can't recall how many marvelous pieces I've spotted in their store and on their online shop, the pixel floral skirt is one piece that can easily be mistaken and confused with Basso&Brooke. I remain utterly shocked at the lack of fashion coverage in regards to Dorothy Perkins Balmain-esque crystal (only difference being Dots are fake) embellished boyfriend blazer...if only some high profile 'so right now' celeb had sported it, huh? I feel my appreciation for Dot is isolated,very few people I know were even aware of half the items I'm rambling on about now in this post. 'You got to tell me where did you find that skirt, H&M right?' assumes my friend, 'no its from Dorothy Perkins (insert actually just for added smugness) actually'
'oh really Dorothy Perkins,I never bother with that place'.

So yes filling in the time waiting gaps I made my trip down to Dots and boy how Dot never fails to disappoint a fashion sale deprived girl. There were sale rails galore seducing me with their mouth watering discounts with red spot sale stickers dotted just about every where. I being the over organized, always with a note book and list sort of person. Had compiled a list of Dorothy Perkins items I craved weeks back yet were out of my fashion budget. The aim: hunt these same items down in the super sale.
I did it, I did it! Yup I succeeded in seeking the bold Basso&Brooke style floral skirt (£5) and the other skirt I was desperate for back in June.
Trouble with purchasing skirts I always feel compelled to also purchase leggings and tights, sob my neon pink tights have worn out time to replace. Only I didn't discover any funky tights in Primark ( a legging and tight life saver, well when Primark has its good days that is!)not this time round anyway. Though I did achieve to top up my legging collection, high five for that!




♥ Indie Cindy ♥ said...

Hey hello hi.......

Dotty P's i have to say i only even go in when there is a sale i dunno why? i always seem to come out with stuff tho. 50% off accessorize too brgain!

Hope your well :)
peace & Love xxx

Em x said...

I konw the blazer you mean, its gorgeous isn't it, though i'd look a fool in it sadly. Fab skirts x

Rianna Bethany said...

wow really gorgeous skirts. I love the shape of them. I bought one a few months ago from topshop the exact same shape.
Love it
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sassy said...

I love your new leggings darl! Some neon pink to them and oh, how gorgeous!

prettyneons said...

thanks girls (:

prettyneons X

Mo said...

oh this prints! Eclectic and loving it!
(I've just resurfaced on the blogosphere, feels like i've missed so much ;)

xoxo Mo

Lilee said...

great skirts!

cloth buffet said...

Love the skirt...to die for..

Jojo said...

Hey I'm back and glad to see your internet seems to have sorted itself out!!! Love the prints on the skirts. I've made a few good purchases recently too...

Love Jojo xx

Winnie said...

Those skirts are awesome. I forget about 'Dotty P's' all the time. My friend found some ace studded bangles there the other day and I definitely need to check them out more often. I feel like I am missing out on some bargains!

Bella said...

oooh, I'm loving all your new finds... the florals and leggings are de-licious!

And the DP blazer (and the wicked military jacket for that matter) are just too HOT for words! xxx