21 August 2009

I really really like sprouts.

Soon I embark on my first ever (sad admission I know)caravan holiday, I'm a caravan virgin. So I'm pretty pre-occupied right now cramming my bag with too much of everything, useless items of clothing I probably won't need such as a summer dress, yeah right there's no sign of a heat wave arriving anytime soon. Heyho what can an indecisive caravan clueless girl do? Not much at all is indeed the answer.
I've packed tee's, cardies, shirts,skirts, tights, cowboy boots, plenty of knitwear and my scrapbook. Admittedly I almost went into a right fit and general state of panic when I couldn't find my scrapbook. Where ever I go my scrapbook comes with too,for we must never part we need each other or I need it simple as. Why? Scrapbooks are my heroine with out it I'm dull, my creative thoughts simply wouldn't survive nor process and I'd be a wreck, guess you could say I'm a scrap-head. I can't live or function properly without my scrapbooks, I don't know how to? As writing, sketching creating collages in the form of a scrapbook is all I've ever known.There's something magical about the simple scrapbook,creating mood boards and writing is more enjoyable, more intense, more precise,compared to that of the keyboard, word and photoshop. Technology is so rapid and sometimes there's pressure to keep up,computers rush you along and all the time your completely oblivious to it...new, save as, upload quick, quick!
So I stopped making sense at "scrapbooks are my heroine" didn't I? Hmmm thought as much, whatever I rummaged around for my scrapbook and found it (this part is two percent amusing) in my scanner. Suppose anyone with half a brain would have checked there first. I blame the 'stress' of packing for a holiday!

Its when rummaging around for my scrapbook, I decided to have a flick through my vintage scrapbooks (scrapbooks from a few months back or so)this was the moment my memory was reminded of my most beloved knitwear collection to date this year:drum roll...Everlastingsprout S/S 09 inspired by Post-impressionism the collection consists of an whirly array of intriguing, compelling effective textures injected with glorious vivid colours.With witty and wonderful dresses in the form of retro lampshades complete with hoop tassel trim with a hint of elegant Marie Antoinette.
Its no big secret I'm fascinated with knitwear, which is ironic considering I studied fashion print,go figure? Maybe I'm rebelling against my own knowledge? This is not to suggest I'm bemused by print.Knitwear has another quality and brings elements print is not yet capable of providing. Plus I live in England where the average knitwear available (and much needed during cold chills)on the high street is uninspiring, grey cable knit. Pass.

I'm baffled by many a UK fashion magazine who rarely print or feature everlastingsprout. Why on earth not? Everlastingsprout is a serious knitwear contender and its collections should be printed and featured as regular and often as the likes of Mark Fast.
Everlastingsprout A/W '09 collection illustrates my point,for its evidently jumped up a gear.Maybe just maybe everlastingsprout wearable art is yet to grace the safe glossy UK pages of Central Saint Martin fixated magazines?

Board by prettyneons: everlastingsprout S/S 09 collection

photos from: everlastingsprout S/S '09 collection

photos from: everlastingsprout A/W '09 collection



daisychain said...

good luck, have fun!

I'm now craving sprouts, with ketchup.

Vik said...

love your blog just found you!! love the spotted shoe sin ur wishlist!
would u like to exchange links?

magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

hope you have a magnificent trip!!! those Everlasting Sprout collections are amazing, haha i might just reach for those knitting needles :) and your illustrations are beautiful, linking your blog, loving it!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Remember to take your toothbrush with you! Lol, I usually forget that on trips. Hope you have an awesome time. Btw those designs are ultra cool!


Natalie said...

Have fun on your trip... I always overpack... but NEVER forget the necessities like toothpaste or contacts/glasse! I always forget those!
and sprouts in vietnamese soup is the best!



Kat said...

hope you're having fun :)
i always pack my bags with too much things, too. well, you could need them...sometime...somehow ;)

Jojo said...

Wow great post, I've never heard of them before....

Good luck with your caravanning hol, I used ot go on loads as child and loved them!!

Love Jojo xxxxxxx

Glowing Doll said...

I love the dresses

Kandace said...

Hey Love! Missed you since Brighton. As you can see I've made it back to the States safe and sound. I still laugh about how our first convo was a mainstream fashion bash, but I guess thats why we have blogs right? Anyway Everlasting Sprout is amazing. Their lampshade dresses remind me of Erin Fetherston but knitwear. Very chic.

La Fée said...

ahh those knits are beautiful!!!