29 August 2009

Tomorrow's just a song away

There I go again pinching song lyrics for post titles, though this lyric (thanks Hockey) is post title perfect if I do say so myself. Because its the sound track to my summer Caravan holiday,obviously I've returned and those familiar mundane days and rubbish routine awaits around the corner. I'm going to unpack as slow as possible to prolong harsh reality, for the caravan has abandoned me or rather I abandoned it sadly.
I adored every moment of my short but sweet holiday, I erased the facts it pissed down and gale force wind almost blew the caravan and all its surroundings away.
The first day of the holiday was brilliant with a pleasant freak heat wave.First stop the world downhill skateboard championship (in case you don't already know extreme sports is my very, first love!).
The day was insane, I stalked the extreme sports TV channel crew whilst eating some carrot sticks ( I'm too cool eh? *cough-doubt-cough)I began talking alot of random awkward crap when I met the extreme sports DJ and presenter.
This was shortly followed by much much much embarrassment when taking a few snap shots of the race and this American guy (more colourful then moi) began talking to erm me? I looked around at first as I assumed he was talking to the sign post or something behind me.

I felt such a bloody idiot when I finally (two hours later and only because he informed me)realised he was on my mp3 playlist, I could feel this wave of bright red paint my face (its not something you ever expect).To make matters worse I spat out something like, 'oh I'm here to perv over the skater boys not band members'
What?! I was half there to perv, though most the "skater boys" were much older men, even better! I did complete my mission and achieved to slip behind the ramps to (noooo not that you have a dirty mind) have a chat about skate equipment, techniques and the horrible stench of fried chips that filled the air: my inner geek ever so obvious by this point. There were many model like girls doing what cool girls do best. Flirt. I avoided flirting, as a) I'm tragic at flirting b)I genuinely wanted to gain knowledge on just how these men managed to use only the heel of their foot as a break when getting up speeds of 60 c)I was a 'professional journalis't there 'to cover the backstage goings on' (at least that's what I told the intimidating security.

After quizzing the skaters I collapsed on the grass with a non toxic drink and finished consuming my carrot sticks and ketchup, when the person on my playlist sat down. What the heck do I say? I felt so rude not knowing who he was especially when I listen to his tunes. So I broke the ice by offering him a carrot stick. He explained how it was refreshing to meet a girl oblivious to his high profile status and joked that I really didn't listen to his band at all and asked me to name a song. Note to self; read up more on the bands I listen to for future reference. He accepted the carrot stick, took out his lighter and lit up (not the carrot stick but his fag).
The whole situation was surreal and the conversation was amusing, I tried to keep the nerd like banter minimal before deciding to embrace my inner nerd and just let it go. Baffled he requested to stay in touch. Hmmm why? I'm not at all that interesting nor exciting,my idea of fun is reading books on art history and sea creatures.

My holiday was indeed hectic and freezing cold ( them caravan walls are thin as my dear friend warned me) but despite the freakish storm weather and sight seeing I still found time for my normal fashion musings contributing towards my scrap book. One dark evening when the rain was lashing down hard as rocks. I came up with this wonderful brain storm forward slash idea(question mark insert) create a draft mock love letter to LA fashion designer Brian Lichtenberg. Paragraphs dedicated to expressing my love towards his marvelous lace Lycra ensembles, and why I deserve one...I struggled with this part, the best explanation I could think of was because I f$*!**$ admire the complete S/S collection which is highly contemporary and there for genius.
Impressive and convincing enough, no? God I hope so as the love letter has now been sent.

photos by prettyneons: Speedy Skater Boys.

Board by prettyneons: Brian Lichtenberg s/s pieces I'm desperate for.


Diary of a Young Designer said...

That is sooo cool! So glad you had a great time. I also love skateboarding, though I am gross at it. Can imagine you sharing carrot sticks with a band memeber, lol.


Meg said...

That sounds like so much fun. I thanks for clarifying things, because I was totally picturing a guy trying to light a carrot stick! I'm a dork.

Em x said...

I thought he was lighting the carrot stick too!! Sounds like you had an amazing time, its a shame about the weather but sometimes its nice to be all cosy inside when its rainy and cold x

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Thanks darling! Music is going absolutely incredible, I'm having the time of my life learning a tonne of new stuff. By the end of this semester we already have to give a concert (for a grade) but still I think it will be fun.


prettyneons said...

Oh Sophie that's brilliant news! Well done it sounds so cool!(:
Best of luck with the concert, your so brave!
I'd crap myself!!lol


simon n josh said...

thanks so much for the very sweet note. i adore it..oh, and your post..so modern romantic. i want those choco biscuits you spoke up. i hope you bask in your holiday a while longer.

Chels said...

hha thats awesome! love your awkward stories!

daisychain said...

Welcome back my wonderful crazy girly!

LJ said...

Brian Lichtenberg yummy yummyyyyy
xx-LJ from SOS!

Kristin said...

I just found your blog, but I would hazard a guess that you are extremely interesting and should not sell yourself short. : )

Mo said...

Ooh skaterboys! I wish i had the sense of balance to even attempt skating ;)