11 August 2009

Oh No Not Again

Oh how very fickle computers can be eh? I'm without the Internet at the moment as my broadband provider which starts with a B and ends with a T has been screwing around and this time have really messed up. Being an Aries and all I exploded down the phone line and told them where to go. Good news I should be back on line end of next week, by which time I will have the shakes after going blogspot cold turkey for what is going to feel like all eternity.

I'm sat at a Internet cafe, which I had to commute to just to find out you only get one mean hour on this thing. It took fife teen minutes just to log in and I have this annoying clock which keeps popping up giving me a countdown to how long I have left on this slow piece of crap basically.
Not to self* must save up for laptop 'hey Santa you excepting Xmas wish lists yet!?'

Right-e-o I've got to go I have five mins left and I'm typing so fast the keyboard is on fire *ouch!
I'm soaking wet as it pissed down on me: hence the pic above.

PS...I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*sOb*


Meg said...

I hope they fix your internet soon!

Glowing Doll said...

I love your work. I'm going to add a link to your blog onto mine.

kirstyb said...

Hope it all gets fixed soon! How frustrating xoxox

daisychain said...

I wish I could buy you the internet. You'd never have problems then! xx

daisychain said...

I'd also buy you a lifetime supply of ketchup