06 August 2009

Santi Style, Yeah?

Bet you know already? Yes... technical difficulties.My bloody blogger has been up the wall acting all crazy with all the following problems such as...denied access to my own frigging blog, unable to access epic fashion blogs which I've been addicted to since I arrived at this place the glorious fashion blogsphere, and of course the classic blogspot problem not being able to leave comments and the magical link thingy is still down and out! I'm going to try and try again to leave comments and access my fave blogs, if these issues continue I may have to seek another blogshere to go and erm, blog obviously. I 'll keep you all informed if this ever be the case.
Oh my god, by the by I had nooooo idea about the follower feature at the bottom of this page I forgot all about it...and oh gosh I really cannot believe that number 32 readers...whoa.
I honest of god never imagined my 'ickle blog ever having dedicated readers, jeez I never even set out to do achieve such a thing! Moi is gobsmacked, amazed and a little baffled anyone would ever want to read my random fashion musings, and weekly fashion rants. For those of you who have been browsing prettyneons since day one back in cold October '08 your already be aware that I simply felt the need to write and de-clutter this messy fashion head of mine, often overloaded with a whole array of opinions, thoughts and ponders about yes fashion.
I've made some good fabtastic friends with fellow fashion bloggers (you know who you all are)and I can't wait to meet up with some of you in the future.
So to express how thankful I am I'm working on something special a golden give away (well minus any kind of gold) I'll keep you all posted!

Anywhos now I've cleared up all that blog stuff, let me tell you I've been experiencing a real bad case of wardrobe playlist i.e my outfit influenced current tunes pouring out of my stereo speakers. I'm currently ripping of Satigolds ( I read she had to change her name from Santogold, because some dude claimed it was his stage name...confused? Yup so am I)vibrant, loud street style. Though to be honest I hope I don't bump into her as I'm not really doing the whole Santi style much justice, or any slight justice at all in fact.
I adore this 'gals style, for me she is up there with No Doubts Gwen and The Licks Juliet Lewes. Santo I mean...Santigold album is jam packed with catchy quirky beats and lyrics and her style really reflects her art, which can only be a marvelous thing, no?

photos Google: Santigold Outfit Inspiration

I'm not as cool as Santigold and my shallow bank account is not one of a pop/rockstar, these are my excuses for looking ridiculous and I'm sticking to them!
Whilst singing along to Sant's album this morning I felt compelled to hunt out neon items from my wardrobe and my floordrobe.Craving neons like never before (that is a blatant lie I'm prone to neon cravings) I pull and tug on this piece of bright blue leopard print denim, with great effort (the denim in question was way back in my wardrobe with a gigantic box of crap mounted on top)I tug a little harder. AAAHHHH my short arms can't reach, I grab a hanger hook it under the patterned denim and with great force pull once more. Joy finally the bright blue leopard denim is mine all mine ha ha (cunning/ evil laugh to self).
Right so tick Santi style bottoms, now one must seek a fun slouchy T-Shirt, hello cartoon vest top complete with hole, hmmm no big deal I'll slash it some more...wheres my scissors?
Slip into ensemble, check in mirror. Nope nooo too much blue going on I'm similar in appearance to a smurf and as much as I adore them blue creatures...no smurf like I don't like!
Change again, fuck my own wardrobe will reject me and tell me where to go in a minute,hurry, hurry just make a decision already whatever you chose you won't morph into Santigold(I remind myself)so just get on with it and step out the damn front door.
Done.Here is my take on Santi cool...oh dear.

Henley Top (republic.co.uk)
Darkside Jeans (darksideclothing.com)
Mulit Coloured leather jacket from Oxfam
Pink Shades (can't remember)


Laila Of Course! said...

Ooo nice outfit! And thanks for the awesome comment, haha. :)

And please do follow-- it would really make my day.


Couture Carrie said...

I rather love those leopard leggings!


simon n josh said...

Oh..gotta love the santigold! Hopefully, blogger will behave itself. Really, I like so many things about blogger.

Lov'n the post. Thanks for the note. Thanks for making my day.

prettyneons said...

Hey oh no probs simon n josh, am so addicted to your blog!

prettyneOns (:

e.l. said...

I'm glad you are back blogging. Thanks so much for the comment. I do so appreciate it. Say your wonder self. Hoping you have a good week with everything.

Winnie said...

I had no idea about 'Satigold' and the name change! How wierd!

Love those leopard leggings. Though I'd never get away with wearing them without looking a little emo. I do however, have a blue leopard cardigan...but somehow I don't look emo in that!

Blogger is really annoying sometimes, I'm sure it's only a temporary problem! Fingers crossed anyway!

Meg said...

I love dressing in bright colours.

Joshy said...


Fashion Moment said...

Hi! Thank you for your lovely comment!
Fantastic post!


daisychain said...

I can't think of what I wanted to say to youuuuuuu. How crap am I?!
I need to creat some rings and things for youuuu.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Ooh neat style!! Hope your blogger starts behaving soon, I'm kinda missing you around here, lol. If you have to move or something, make sure to let us all know ok?


Jojo said...

She has such an ecletic style.

I did get your comment so thanks. Good to see you back here again!!

Love Jojo x

Kat said...

thanks soo much :)
i love the cover of santigold!

Sassy said...

I hate when my computer f**s up!

Cool clothes, I love all the colors and prints!