30 July 2009

Ketchup Makes It Better

I was (as it all turned out A-0K in the end) having one of those ridiculous, challenging days today probably because I was running on empty in regards to sleep. I had zero snooze last night.I caught Skins as I was instructed to watch it and give it ago (I've never watched Skins to the disgust of my friend) personally it done nothing for me I found it pretty dull.Through out the whole program there is this OTT Topshop plug. Which when its so in your face, is kind of corny, no?
After fifteen minutes I relocated to my bedroom and began sketching in my scrapbook, singing along to some tunes. I wish I never began sketching as I found myself on a roll and didn't pass out to sleep until 4am. Mind you the phantom spider I have living in my room didn't help either: as I spent ages trying to catch it you know the old glass and piece of paper trick? However this sod of a spider is one step ahead, and once again vanished into the shadows. Some spiders I like some I hate depends on how chunky their bodies are.The long legged variety don't bother me.There's one spider in my room already, which I've named Boom (she lives at the back of my speakers) and crawls out when ever I play vintage KOL. Hmmm I suspect Boom adores the track 'milk' as much as I do, bless her.

All the above drama of last night equals to moi feeling very sleep deprived, equals tough day. Luckily enough my retail training thingy didn't begin until lunch time. I switched on the box to indulge in some dirty daytime TV, and to my delight re-runs of very vintage OC was on. 'Today is going to be a good one I can feel it', err how very wrong was I?
Firstly I get toothpaste in my hair and in my eye *ouch that stings*, then I'm seduced by none other than honey nut crunch cornflakes which I was planing to have for brunch...I spill milk all over the floor, returning to the lounge I trip over the god damn rug!
This annoying pattern has continued through out this trying Thursday.
In fact the pattern has only just come to a final end: I just got back from the supermarket and even that little task was similar to a military mission.The shelf was pesto free nooooooo I need my pesto fix! When waiting in the line at the till this woman oblivious to manners and lacking them also pushed in front. Nudging me with her fully loaded and about to collapse trolley.

So I survived the twisted events of today, and convinced myself a small fashion purchase was there for deserved if not fully justified?
I didn't go too nuts, and it doesn't make me materialistic as all my fashion buys (with the exception of one: being the red Dorothy pump brogues )were good old thrift bargains.
I discovered a gorgeous fine red leather classic clasp purse with those rare words 'Made in England' sadly a thing of the past.In Mind charity shop I picked up this bold Ketchup red bag. Which is so deep I could possibly live comfortably inside it without suffering from any claustrophobic( erm is that correct spelling ?Claus-troph-obic? Jeez this word always gets me confused)attacks. As much as I adore the red dress by quirktastic label loveyoulongtime, my purse failed to stretch that far!
All my purchases are evidently influenced by recent obsession and food phase. Tomato Ketchup, I've always been more of an brown sauce 'gal.

*PS...My link thing, yep is still dead. So like I've mentioned before if you want the website link to anything just get in touch prettyneons@live.com


Winnie said...

Oh the red is lovely, that purse is gorgeous and your bag!

I hate phantom spiders too...

nicola ticola ponders said...

Ahhh the shoes are preeetty! And the dress!

I'm giving a dress away on my blog today, come look!

Nicola xx


kirstyb said...

i love ketchup and i love those pieces xooxox

Meg said...

I'm am basically non-functional if I don't get enough sleep, so I know how you felt today! Cute red items!

knalleffekt said...

the dress is nice, with the corals

Rianna Bethany said...

i love that very last garment, and I just think the world would be a terrible place without ketchup!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

Mo said...

I adore the way you think ;)
accessories (i can't spell that word without spell check nowadays) to match your food? then i guess my lucky snack is oreos-i always wear black/white
so happy you're back!

xoxo Mo

prettyneons said...

ha ha oreos that can only only be a good thing.
Thanks Mo your so sweet x

PrettyneONS (:

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Ketchup, umm. I got hungry! Lol, love the shoes and I'm not a huge fan of Skins but I like them way better than Gossip Girl.


prettyneons said...

I've still not seen Gossip Girl I've noooo clue what its all about...I'm always very behind on TV stuff.

prettyneOns X (:

e.l. said...

What fun with red!

How is Boom doing?

simon n josh said...

Such a passion in your writing. Love the red stuff, too.

Kat said...

hope your internet works again without any problems :)

i really like the last dress!

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, that red is so pretty! I love it!! :) And I really enjoyed your post, hehe.
Just discovered your blog and am loving it!
Be sure and drop by & leave a note and follow! It would really make my day. I'm also having a giveaway, so enter!!


simon n josh said...

thanks so much for the sweet note. wishing you all the best with your art.

well, this fan fic..many of the characters are my own..I'm afraid. But hopefully, you can still find something about it to read without knowing much about the show.

SOS! said...

what a night! love the brogues!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Camille said...

Love the red!


DaisyChain said...

You know I'm all over this post ;)

I had a salad drowned in ketchup for lunch

(followed by a non ketchuped chocolate!)

LoveMarksTheSpot said...

awww thanks for leaving your supportive comments! really appreciate.

and love the red feature! so fun.


Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto said...

preety shoesss dear! =)

Cap'n NikNak said...

I do like ketchup... never tasted brown sauce!! it looks odd...
love the red purse so cute!
gave u an award on my blog btw :) x

jacquieshambles said...

I'm impressed by your use of good ol' Heinz Ketchup as fashion inspiration! Hah I like the way your mind works!
xx jacquieshambles

Emily Boop said...
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Anonymous said...
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