04 July 2009

That Looks Like Shit

Erm yeah, let me explain the story behind my post title, as it isn't completely random! Once upon a time (like today) I visited the charity shops today donating some of my much loved items such as history books ( this was very painful, I heart my history books however there are only so many times you can read about history events. At least that's what I'm telling myself!) DVDs I've watched over and over again and last but not least some special wardrobe bits. I figured someone else should get joy out of my beloved river island skirt, Led Zep tee ( I've got five, so admittedly that is just greed anyway!) polka dot dress, hello kitty shoulder bag and some studded bracelets and charm necklace.

I walk into the heart foundation and honestly had no intentions on purchasing anything ( OK perhaps just one 90p Aztec style skinny belt that caught my eye. Sugar! Size small too bad) I was desperate to get in and out of the place knowing to well I'm likely to give in and purchase. Being the annoying mag pie and pest I am. I rush over to the counter 'hey hey make sure these adored history books and fashion goodies get a good home alright, have a good weeken ...too late a compact, old fashioned school like shoulder bag caught my eye before I could finish my sentence. ' You alright you've got that look on your face?' asks the guy behind the counter 'What look would that be? 'You pull this face when you've spotted something of interest.' Shocked I spit out 'You what!? Oh god yeah, yeah I have a twitch don't I? I know.Though I never knew it was so obvious?'
Oh well.
I gravitate towards this vintage shoulder bag. This is it the point of no return ( by the by I'm not forever thrift shopping: my last pick up was two three weeks ago I was slow posting the finds).
Before getting my hopes up high I first of all check to see if I've any pennies in my bag. Yes! I found four quid and ten pence meant for lunch and a book fine but hey I can deal with the hunger pains as for the book fine that can be delayed for one more day! Decision made, I shall ignore my hunger pains and buy the damn £2.50p bag. As I'm about to commit to the bag and buy it once and for all I see this faded floral denim waistcoat, 'aaahhh oh my I love it! Similar to the one I saw over on pixiemarket months back and couldn't afford. Except the pixiemarket version had studs on the pocket and along the bottom.' Followed by strange girly scream which I don't often do as I'm a bit tomboyish so the sudden high pitched scream took me by surprise. Where did it come from?
Enough pondering.
'Don't you just lurrrve this waistcoat? Its great gran-grunge' (gran meets grunge, cleaver eh?)
'You are kidding me? That is some vile shit, don't even go there please leave it put it back!' Harsh honesty coming from my friend behind the till.
'I'm liking it, use some imagination! When its teamed with my BRMC tee or KOL tee (complete with holes I've had it for a while now. Four years yet I refuse to let go because the print is so retro) and a skirt of some sort it will be fine. Besides I'm not asking you to wear it so don't you worry it isn't your concern' Yes I was hurt that my appreciation for the 40p denim floral waistcoat wasn't a shared appreciation. 'I'm telling you now that looks like shit.' Lucky enough I just so happen to have selective hearing.

On a thrift roll now I rummage through the bin bag of second hand clothes not fit for sale because their too badly damaged. Too badly damaged for those who can't operate a sewing machine that is (*joy I knew my fashion degree would be great for something). I tug and pull a colourful neckline which is sticking out from all the other grey, denim, coral pink crap... 'Whoa can I take this off your hands? I'll pop some pennies into the donation box' Eye lashes flutter, and I curl my toes up in suspense, 'Well can I please?' 'Go for it!' Whoop whoop I drop my pennies into the box and leave with yet another plastic shopping bag.

As I leave I'm called back by the powers that be i.e the boss/ manager located upstairs. 'We see you going in and out of this place and come back a week later wearing a outfit using the clothes you got from here.The way in which you put things together is fantastic.Believe it or not your encouraging younger fashion aware teenagers to take a look around in here. What do you think about fashion retail? ( Hmm is this a trick question. Panic!) Perhaps you could help BHF out fundraising by creating fashion themed events and other tasks like selecting items for sale and styling those clothes to pull in more younger people. What do you reckon? We really could do with someone who has creative flare.'
'Creative flare?Err well I'm no Mary Portas. Did you see that program?'
'Yes, yes I did, but I had never before heard of her, I'm not into fashion not like that. Have a think about what I've mentioned and if your keen do fill in this application form'
Still shocked, as I never once thought anyone really took much notice of my ensembles. Wait ensemble is too grand... clothes, I never realised anyone took much notice of my clothes. Who walks around thinking their it, I certainly never, never have those confident thoughts nor super style swagger! Usually when I get dressed its a case of 'that will do'.
My gob smacked response...
'Have a think!? Believe you me I don't need to consider or even ponder over this opportunity. I've been struggling to find a job since I graduated, and this is a great start on the fashion career ladder and definitely better then nothing.'

My training begins next week, jeez this really isn't going to help my thrift addiction is it?

Oh before you have a look at the thrift finds below, I received one email from a kind, kind reader who likes my thrift posts, explaining how they wish they could see me in my thrift finds. I've not yet the bulls to post photos of me for the whole world to view (I'm a 'ickle shy). However I don't mind creating a selfish thrift extension. I'll attempt creating a extended section of prettyneons where there will only be post pic's of my thrift finds. That way you can simply skip all the reading( I won't be offended, I write too much I know) and look at the photos instead.
This idea will either a) develop into a beautiful thing or b) collapse and be neglected as the commitment is too much,a sure case of trial and error it shall be. Ha ha!
I'll give it a shot, let me know what you think?

Here's my charity shop finds from this sunny Saturday...

photos: prettyneons thrift find's

I took in the sides of the waistcoat and cut it to make it shorter (it was rather long, wide and frumpy, I embrace slouchy. Not frumpy) I also customized the neckline, got my packs of studs out and began a-studding-and-a glue gunning (cheat, it will do for now though) the pockets etc.
On a 100% unrelated note, I've been having problems leaving comments I tried for ages last night trying to figure out to as why I couldn't comment. Turns out I managed to go and disable myself. How? I've no idea? Right I'm off to say a few hello's to my fellow fashion blog buddies.
You know who you are ;)


butterfly said...

Blocking yourself from leaving messages? I'm quite impressed :) Good work on the job...for those who say shopping is bad, this just proves otherwise! I can see why that bag caught your eye...its so gorgeous!

butterfly said...

PS. I've linked you from my blog :)

DaisyChain said...

holy crap miss neon
1) incredible finds
2) I might be snagging you for a charity shop spot on cant help but be!

I will talk to my friend about the bag tomorrow,
send some pennies your way for more thrifting if she decides to go ahead!
I also have a brooch to send you that I made you a while ago, then lost, then found!

Winnie said...

Love that denim waistcoat!

I know what you mean when you don't think anyone really takes any notice of how you dress. At the end of the day, I dress the way I do because it makes ME happy. The other day someone complimented me and I was quite flattered! It's such a great feeling!

That's amazing about your new job, I hope it goes well and even better that you were hired because of the way you dress!

Bella said...

Babe that's fantastic! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear more about it... (p.s.) ahhh, so in love with your vintage treasures!


Nicci said...

waistcoat is amazing!

Em x said...

Wow fab finds and well done on the job, thats fantastic! It shows what a good eye you have! x

prettyneons said...

Oh wow thanks everyone for your super, super kind words! Your all so super LOVELY<3 <3

Do I use the word super too much, hmmm yeah I do don't I!?he he he

Once again really many thanks for your touching words it means a lot to me. And Of course I'd be happy to report on my progress with the job.

Happy Sunday
KiSsEs !!

kirstyb said...

cute waistcoat xoxox

Diary of a Young Designer said...

My darling congrats! You are on your way to stardom! Really take a hold of this opportunity as hard as you can, you never know what can come next of it! Love the purse, and see sometimes other people have their eyes on us and we don't even notice. ^-^


Fashion Moment said...

Thank you for the comment! Fantastic blog!


Demi said...

thank you for your comment, honey!
wowwwww, your so lucky!
1. for finding such AMAZING finds- completely in love with the waistcoat and bag!
and 2. for the great opportunity! OMG, your soooooo lucky!!! :)
have fun with it, honey!

prettyneons said...

Cheers Demi Xx

ITSCCChaneey. said...

-gorgeousss purse(: