10 July 2009

Training Day Three: I've Seen This Somewhere Before?

I've got to say a massive thank you's to all of you lot who have left nothing but super positive, encouraging comments in regards to my first week of training. I really cannot express how very wonderful it is to read such fab lovely words (especially as I'm feeling exhausted from the overload of new skills I'm obviously expected to require).
By the by I'm going to be dipping deep into the fashion blogspehere later on this evening to pass on awards to a few of my fave blogs (this is my first time and its so difficult deciding who to award:So I'm passing giving out awards to a) the very first blogs I ever got addicted to and added to my blog list thingy b)blogs I always, always never fail to read on a daily basis. Good system eh?)Apologies as I'm unable to pass on awards the traditional way i.e in my post with links, the magical link feature thingymebob has completely vanished! I've contacted the blogger gods so hopefully I can resume to linking once again sooney.
This is hundred percent unrelated to any of the above: I purchased a brand new computer keyboard (the letters r, s, y, m, and p wore out oh and the r also got stuck resulting in a whole bunch of rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's),it feels mighty odd.My hands are failing to adjust to this new unfamiliar style of keyboard, strange huh?

Rambling through with.Warning I'm about to embark on yet another post dedicated to my fifth day of training, so if your sick of it already please do scroll on down (yes, yes scroll and skip its OK I won't be offended).
Training began at ten am today(lay in and a enormous bowl of crunchy honey nut cornflakes, flicking through the newspaper. I flicked straight to the music section and was over the moon to spot The Dead Weather's tunes being reviewed. Jack looks pure sex: bizarre Jack has not appealed to me before but in the picture below. WHoa!).The icing on the lay in cake was when at long last my Hockey album arrived, *joy,the drummer in Hockey is one fierce drummer indeed.
Rambling again aren't I?

Lay in over, my cereal bowl empty I'm up and out the door the office was pretty empty today with the manager off on some meeting or other. She didn't leave before giving me instructions, and the glorious news that I'm due in again this Sunday starting at seven and finishing at seven,painful bad times. My lay in today is now justified: instinct told me to have that lay in! Today consisted of shifting,sorting out boxes of shoes and accessories, I'm not complaining not at all. I came across some gorgeous bits and bobs, including this dreamy unicorn and bow ( I lurrrve bows!) long charm necklace.In a rage I also came across two new look handbags, fuming because the purple fringe bag I bought (full original retail price and all) than wrote about on here back in January was there amongst BHF stock.

After organizing the shoes and accessories it was admin time,another daunting task I've not yet got the hang of this is admin on a whole other level to any admin I've ever experienced before.I'm the sort of girl who fails to keep up with her post it notes and maintain my ring bind folder: full up with my important fashion design paper work. Needless to say I don't excel in admin big or small. I gave it my best shot and that is all anyone can really do.If someone else has a issue with it, tough luck. Along with failing the admin task I also found myself failing at remembering the girls names oh and guys names. Confusing and mixing Sues name with Jades name etc. Had such a hilarious moment today, when dealing with the admin this camp guy (think comedian Alan Carr, you've got it!) in the office. Bounced through the door, throwing his arms around me 'you've got to look at this talk about sequin over kill' baffled I go have a looksee to suss out what on earth he is referring to. 'What are you talking about I'm obsessed with sequins and this sequin bag is brilliant. I'd happily buy it.'
Awkward moment, bless him how was he supposed to know I adore sequins more then chocolate biscuits and my drum kit combined.


DaisyChain said...

Argh that anchor bag has been haunting my dreams. WANT

prettyneons said...

ha ha!!!! You do make me chuckle Laura!:
I'll see if I can try and blag one for you, I'm not promising anything but I'll try ;)

prettyneons X

Meg said...

Oh my gosh, I'm kind of obsessed with Jack White. He is probably my favourite living singer. I think he looks really cool these days, but a little bit scary because I'm worried he will whip off a top hat and kill me or something. Probably completely unfounded. I liked him when he first started the White Stripes and he was young and had chubby cheeks and looked like he played guitar in his garage. He has definately had a style evolution since then!

prettyneons said...

its funny I didn't take to white stripes at all but I love all of his other projects he is a modern day creative genius and a true artist me thinks?
His style is pretty epic!ha ha

PeAce* and have a nice weekend (:
prettyneons X

butterfly said...

Another crazy day at the office huh?! I have a feeling that whole bought for full price, turns up at BHF to be sold for much less annoyance may reoccur a lot. Love the nautical and fringed bag though, I'd be annoyed too! :)

Chels said...

YAY!!! thanks for the award! so exciting!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

You are such a talented lady!! I've been away for such a long time and your new layout left me in awe... WOW!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Hugs and Kisses!!! ♥

kirstyb said...

Oh I am loving the purple bag! I want it! Looks like you've been having fun this week xoxox

Em x said...

Thank you so much for my award :) It sounds like you're having a fantastic time this week x

Demi said...

aww, thank you very much for the award honey! you're so lovely :-)
wow, good luck with your training, it sounds tough!!
love that bag! xoxo

Kat said...

thanks so much, it turned out so nice!
the shoes in your last post are just... awesome!
have a wonderful week! :)

prettyneons said...

Hey Kat glad you like ;)

Sassy said...

Thank you so much for the award, I'd like to pass it back to you as I love your blog too, sweetie!

Oh, Jack IS sex in that pic, amazing! i have to listen to his new band, especially since Alison Mosshart of The Kills, one of my fave bands, is a member as well!