02 July 2009

Leftovers I Don't Mind

Firstly my computer has (so far touch wood) been performing well today *joy as now I shall browse the glorious fashion blogs and leave my 'ickle comments complete with various smiley faces and such.
Hopefully my computer should hold out long enough for me to complete this post, I'm typing rapid
and breaking out into a sweat whilst doing so.Attempting to cool myself down eating an ice pop, and listening to some mellow Nirvana tunes, I was bouncing around to Beyourownpet before I almost collapsed from heat exhaustion. Hence my decision to change the CD.

As my computer is in a good mood and functioning allowing me to finally upload, download, sideload etc etc I'm taking this opportunity to show off my recent cheap summer fashion finds, from of course various charity shops. I'm very lucky to have such a brilliant selection of charity shops so near by. I'm assuming my local charity shops are often stocked with fashion gems from miss selfridge, topshop, asos etc ,because the other side of this small ghost like town are where the extremely, extremely wealthy folk exist and where the novelty of fashion labels soon wear off.
The Plastic fantastical (credit cards at their finger tips) youth stop by from time to time to discard numerous fashion goodies which have only been worn twice, if that? Often many garments in my local charity shops have their brand new labels still intact.
As I've mentioned before I never ever organize a summer wardrobe as in England there is little point really, given eight times out of ten our summers are wet!My wardrobe contents are versatile pieces for ever changing weather i.e sudden down pours of rain. Slide across my wardrobe door and I'm greeted with way too many over sized items ( I cannot tolerate figure hugging/ fitted cuts) tee's, slouchy shirts, about twenty embellished waistcoats (I've been collecting them since I was fourteen) long cardies, skirts and a few dresses. Oh and just three pairs of jeans ( I still refuse to fully embrace jeans) on the floor with my shoe box of accessories.
Anywho's here are my thrift finds, discovered about two three weeks ago...

photos: My thrift fashion gems

I've no problem with buying others leftovers, I couldn't care less what labels are attached, nor do I care what others may think when they see me leaving a charity shop gripping my basic blue plastic carrier bag, over spilling with thrift treasure. Why should I feel ashamed? So odd the frowns and looks I receive when I snub the hightstreet for charity shops or glorious car boot sales!
Others attitude towards thrift shopping concerns me, as snazzy fashion labels shouldn't define a person, neither should a fashion item minus the label define a person. Let go of both the labels ( its only a label after all) and the preconception's of second hand clothing.

Summer items I'm avoiding!

I've still some way to go before I can say I have a 'summer wardrobe' to be honest the thought of creating a summer wardrobe fills me with complete dread. As I'm hopeless in so many summer essentials such as flip flops...oh them bloody things. I trip over and smash my face every time I give flip flops a 'second chance'. No, no more flip flops for we are enemies its over. Other summer essentials I fail to see the appeal in are straw hats, as my long curly, wavy bird nest hair gets caught up within all that pesky straw. Its a shame because I do love this style its just too much effort, I'll remain loyal to my pain free summer beanies instead thanks.


butterfly said...

I love the dress...nice bright pattern :) I think shopping in charity shops is great especially if you can get new things for so much cheaper :)

Em x said...

I love the tunic, the pattern is so summery. I love charity shops but sadly the ones in my town aren;t that good x

♥ Indie Cindy ♥ said...

I love all of what you said & you made me laugh ;)

Charity shops are the dogs bollocks eh? you go girl! love your finds!

Peace & love

x x

kirstyb said...

those thrift finds are great xxxxx

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Darling I'm loving your finds. I find it absolutely wonderful that you shop second handed, I love to too! You are helping the environment by keeping good clothes out of landfills and dumps plus you are saving yourself some cash!


DaisyChain said...

I love the dress, where is it from originally, I recognise it!

I wish we had better charity shops here, I'm not kidding when I say most of the stuff for sale should be classed as hazardous waste.

prettyneons said...

Hey daisychain well the dress has a new look tag on it.
prettyneons X

chloe said...

the dress is so cute! and the shirt is cool too, will you wear them together? it would be interesting!

prettyneons said...

Hey yeah I've worn them together, it looked alright so comfortable too!
moi x