26 June 2009

Get Ugly

photos: Betty

All hail Ugly Betty for she has returned to our screens at long last. Jeez talk about keep the UK fans waiting, I almost forgot what happened in the last episode. However I didn't forget how epic and vibrant Betty's style is, yellow ankle socks with purple patent shoes, bold polka dot frocks with one very fun bright belt lets not forget those crazy as can be headbands. Betty sure knows how to work layers, some refer to this character style (must remind myself Betty is nothing but a fictional character) as geek chic. I on the other hand refer to Bettys style as Avant-geek-arde.
Betty adores her bows, prints, colours, cardie's and volume dismissing those pathetic fashion do's and don'ts of less is more, working only one colour pallet, avoiding ruffles if your curvy, pleasssse some genius actually sits in their wardrobe office drawing up such fashion rules and regulations! Thank goodness rules are to be broken eh? Or by now we would all resemble cut out paper doll fashion clones.

Ironically Betty has become some what a fashion icon, not bad for an 'geek' 'gal. Many girls who aspire to get their foot through the fashion door can relate to bett'sta and her struggles, and often tough challenging experiences whilst running around at Mode and being taken advantage of, granted for i.e used. Its an all too familiar experience if you've ever signed your life away slogging it out for three months completing a slave labor internship/ work experience. The first thing that hits you on your first day as 'the intern' ( when you signed your life away you also erased your name) is how groomed and sleek many girls appear, their garments over ironed their hair too over ironed, their voice too robotic and samey.
If your wearing an array of patterns and sporting a quirky accessory or two they (your fellow bitchy interns ) will slaughter you with their cold harsh stares, claw your eyes out in a desperate bid to be editors pet fave and attempt to take the credit for all your hard work.If you don't do toxic drugs and casual sex, just forget it: you and them will never be sharing a table at lunch time, yep its high school repeating.
Betty provides some hope for those of us who are quirky, enjoy eating food (with carbs) and are normal genuine, and just so happen to love fashion so much it hurts.

Once again I hail Betty her collection of funky bows and belts but mostly of all, I admire her brave anti- fashion- fashion- statement...

photo: Betty

Matalan big bold floral skirt

Miso heart cardigan

juicycouture icecream necklace

Its back the Matalan Monet print dress

Miso patchwork dress

Siren cardigan's
forever21 multi colured belt

Marc Jacobs heartleaf vest top

purple ruffle shoes

urbanoutfitters neon stripe socks

forever 21 zebra and patent belts

Voom Polka Dot floral frock

yellow socks

Sergio Rossi platform shoes

Ditsy floral print dress

yellow stud belt

shopcurious hairband

Ragas bright check dress

silly me clothing belts

H&M red spec's


butterfly said...

Ooooooh I love this post...so many fantastic things here. I started watching ugly betty when it first came on tv but for whatever reason stopped. Betty definately does the whole "anti-fashion" look well.

DaisyChain said...

this is 300% unrelated to your post,
but THANK YOU for the super awesome fantastic card! x

Em x said...

Gorgeous things. I have the monet print dress from matalan but i haven't worn it yet! x

kirstyb said...

Im so glad Ugly betty is back on too! Great post xoxox

Emilee said...

Lovely post. I was just looking at new blogs this morning and I must say that I adore yours. :)

Have a good day.

Winnie said...

The funny thing is, I used to dress like Ugly betty when I was about 16. All bright colours and clashing tights and crazyness. It was fun though!

Em x said...

Hi hun, i've left you an award on my blog x

prettyneons said...

Hey girlie's I can now catch up with you, my PC crashed again many sorry's x

Glad your all lov'in Betty as much as moi is LOL!!
Happy Sunday Folks!!(:
prettyneons X

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

i love your choices as always.
um um,,,i prefer the cardigan and the dress,ouwh..and the platform.

Kat said...

thanks :)
the white cardigan is great!
have a great day!

Sassy said...

oh, all these colors and prints, I love them!

♥ Indie Cindy ♥ said...

how much are these in H&M!?!?!? xx

prettyneons said...

They are four quid my dear---go get them!
moi X