22 June 2009

Croc Off

Sisters Katie and Millie Smith aka AngelJackson, have achieved the impossible: created an luxurious and fabulous ethical fashion label. Yes luxurious and ethical sharing the same sentence, who would of thought it eh?
AngelJackson totes, bags, clutches, purses and belts are ethically sourced with no innocent crocodiles coming to harm just for the sake of a 'glamourous' croc skin bag. Angel Jackson's products appear far from ethical, there are no drab shades of cream, khaki , beige or pale blue. These are red carpet ( if of course you are lucky enough to grace a red carpet!?) worthy accessories, not just for the hardcore green protesters and tree hugging individuals (nothing wrong with either:I myself volunteer for Green Peace) but equally appealing to trend conscious celebs (Lohan and the Olsen's love them). AngelJackson's snazzy and stunning pieces introduce a much desperate dose of glamoral (glamour meets morals) to heartless and cold fashion.
Hermes do take note and do feel ashamed of yourself, breeding countless amounts of crocodiles only to live a very short life and be slaughtered: keeping up with the disgusting demands for your 'it bags'. Baffles me how Hermes, so to speak can even sleep at night? OK rant over.
AngelJacksons vibrant feather shoulder bags are glorious and guilt free, with numerous highstreet copy cats available. The electric candy yellows, pinks and orange are blinking bright with after effects being similar to that of starring at the sun for too long. Some squinting is required before setting eyes on the next AngelJackson item, to prevent vital vision. Don't say I didn't warn you!



kirstyb said...

Loving bag number 5 xoxox

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Love number 4, I'm a sucker for pastel colors. Their designs are sweet, though I'm not that much of a fan of feathers. ^-^


Annie said...

I like the feathery purses!!

joliedove said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!! I know, oh so fierce boots!!
I love those Angel Jackson chain bags!!

butterfly said...

Definately vibrant, no chance of blending in with these and so good that they're ethical. Guilt free fabulousness!

prettyneons said...

Hi all, yep you really can't beat guilt free fashion LOL! =)
prettyneOns X

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love the colours!!

nicola ticola said...
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nicola ticola said...

the pastelly Lilacally one's my fave, yummy