10 June 2009

Basket Case

I've been having just one of those days, well yesterday was also one of them days...hey hey tomorrow is just around the corner so all is not lost.
We all have our own very different methods of dealing with a god awful day (or day's). Whether it be heading to the gym and taking part in some fierce kickboxing, smoking cigs (Mmm now and then I wish I smoked) downing mugs of coffee, dancing your head off, comfort eating etc etc...
Me? How do I cope, and soften the blow of a bad day. Simple, I pretend to go fashion shopping. Casually popping in and out of pixiemarket (jeez I wish they would knock their prices down: even their sales make my eyeballs water) brownsfashion (yeah as if, I can't even purchase a sock from that place!).

Whilst being all delusional, filling up my basket only to chuck out all of its colourful contents when I arrive at the 'buy now' finish line. I must have the essentials with or rather by my side, important items such as the random following... cup of tea with two giant doses of honey ( sugar is disgusting, I cant tolerate the grain like texture against my teeth. Yes I'm a freak)
one giant pot of yogurt and banging background tunes, Hole it shall be.
After much backwards and fourth between one fashion webby to another, during my meaningless materialistic moment I decided to 'buy' (though not really) an adorable Kate Garey purse,freepeople super dangerous stud wedges, one rude Bernhard Willhelm orgy print dress (definitely not one to wear on a first date, could send out the wrong sort of message?) opening ceremony eyelit cardigan ( I've a fascination with frigging eyelets... Eyelit this eyelit that eye-eye)
Lanvin shoulder bag, and last but by no means least...Allsaints creepy like T-shirt the longer the better (being short they double up as dress: I'm a fashion cheat eh?).
I got a little bit carried away in my materialistic mayhem, loading my basket (only to of course empty it once again) full of pretty shit really, because I can!
Introducing the contents of my heavy basket...


Bernhard Willhelm

truffleshuffle ( I just might buy this, for real)




Kate Garey


DaisyChain said...

oh that purse at the end...amazing.

I must work on a pick you up package I reckon.

If you smoked, I would send you one of my treasured sobraine cocktail cigarettes. Those things make me so happy, especially the pink ones!

Kandace said...

Haha I totally do the same thing too when I'm bored or feeling down. By the way, I love your picks. That OC sweater is awesome as is the Lanvin purse. But cheer up and send me that email about London. I would love to meet up :)

prettyneons said...

Oh yeah, yeah Kandace I will do ----tomorrow I promise*
Gosh I'm sooo forgetful, soz.
prettyneOns Xx

Em x said...

That purse is super cute! x

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Cheer up! I also do the same thing actually, fill up my cart and empty at buy now finish line. The orgy dress was pretty strange, lol, definitely don't want to wear something like that on any date!

Btw, I also want to go to England too! and it's funny I also hate the feeling of sugar and use honey with my tea.


prettyneons said...

Oh bless you hun, I'm OK now just had a crap day but that was yesterday today is going smoothly LOL!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates sugar.
When you come to England let me know ;)

prettyneOns X

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

aaah....i feel like i wanna steal those dress, shoes, and bag.

prettyneons said...

ha ha go ahead steal, I don't mind!
prettyneons X

Silje said...


LJ said...

i love that all saints tee. Although that printed skull tee is kind of redundant around here!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Annie said...

love the dress, and OH MY GOD PLEASE BUY THE ROCKY HORROR TEE! basically the best movie in the entire world.

hahah, sometimes i wish i smoked too.


She's Dressing Up said...

Great picks! I think that pretend-shopping is the perfect way to cheer yourself up - much better than smoking anyway!!!

Jojo said...

I do this all the time when I need a bit of a pick-me-up. I pop to any online site and pretend to shop. It makes me feel so much better... hey we can dream right??

Love Jojo xx

a decadent thing said...

haha yeaahh. i've done tt before too.. add things to the basket and then delete the items

oh woe betide us, one day.. ONE DAY we shall not empty the whole lot!? ahaha. love the items u posted though. and yeah, get tt awesome shirt!


Diary of a Young Designer said...

hi love! Just wanted to invite you to enter my blog giveaway, I'm offering 2 headbands from my collection!


Annie said...

I totally do that too! It's nice to dream...

prettyneons said...

Oh my gosh , I had no idea how many others pretend to shop *yay* I'm not alone!!!WHoop!=)
prettyneOns X

DaisyChain said...

one does hope you are going to update soon ;)

prettyneons said...

updated done my love ;)
PrettyneOns XxXx

Janelle said...

omg!! those heels are crazy amazing

Jasmina said...

"the wrong sort of message" lol :''D I love that Bernhard Willhelm dress is totally awesome and tells people just what a perv I am xD lol

prettyneons said...

Ha ha you made me chuckle!!!!!=)
prettyneOns X

Sassy said...

Yeah, you and me should have a crazy shopping date! You have such a cool taste!