08 June 2009

Arts & Crafts

Larisa Katz shes re-introducing and injecting a much needed dose of arts and crafts into the very seams of fashion, making fashion once again a little more, or indeed much more authentic whilst also creating daring depth.
Once a painter and now turned designer Larisa Katz has not abandoned her strong artistic roots and methods of observing, making discoveries and creating outcomes from pure curiosity.With such a imaginative and spectacular outlook of the world and the worlds many marvelous wonders: such as the diversity of eastern and western cultures. Of which are evidently a strong influence and design reference point, fusing the two together perfectly.
Sometimes when designers decide to stitch together, so to speak contrasting cultures it is often too much of a blur. With the final result being an awkward and unbalanced blunder, relying on the too obvious elements of both eastern and western.
However Larisa fuses both eastern and western effortlessly,and avoids highlighting the same old same old of both the two cultures carefully pealing away the layers unafraid to explore a lot deeper.

Combining cultures is only really the basic foundations of Larisa's designs, putting to great use her portraiture skills to human form, producing visceral sculptured haute couture style dresses, constantly experimenting with an array of exciting fabrics and complex shapes. To construct not just beautiful couture style pieces, but to create classic, timeless, romantic and ethereal designs to treasure forever.
Once again it all comes down to those intricate art and crafts techniques that ripple through those origami-esque ruffles and sharp, strong yet soft shapes. Structures and textures that are light as air, delicate and dreamy.
To sum up Lardisa Katz creations in two short words: Meaningful style

credits photography Salvador Pozo
model Ellis
concept fashion Larisa Katz
makeup Dainora Dulcyte

visit: www.larisakatz.com


Couture Carrie said...

What exquisite designs! Love these photos!


Em x said...

What gorgeous photos x

prettyneons said...

Hey hands off 'cause these pieces are all mine he he he!
prettyneOns X

Winnie said...

Oh these photos are to die for. How gorgeous!

I love my cupcake jars too! Yay.

Silje said...

Strange photos, but a little cool though!=D

chloe said...

wow, those feather-type sleeve things are amazing!
feel free to email anything you like, i'll do my best with it, im so flattered!
kisses! x
p.s i love my boots too, they just magically adhere to my feet when its out-time! and they so go with everything!

Jojo said...

I love these images the detailing is amazing. Pretty jealous. If I had the money I might share these outfits with you..

Jojo xxx

Diary of a Young Designer said...

The photo shoot is incredible, I love it how she combines fantasy and reality in her designs, simply gorgeous!


Annie said...


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, these are gorgeous!!

The Magic Doll said...

I love this, it reminds me of dreams you have at dawn or dusk. Thanks for the comment, hope your computer getsbetter soon.

LoveMarksTheSpot said...

beautiful! angelic inspo... thx for sharing this light! pretty pretty pretty...

prettyneons said...

Hey all (:
these pieces are indeed super dreamy,
If I had to chose one piece (in my dream world) there is no way I could decide!!
prettyneons X

knalleffekt said...

the models look like birds. very romantic. love the first one

Rianna Bethany said...

Love these wacky crazy beautiful designs.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

prettyneons said...

A 'gal can never get enough quirky fashion, he he (:
> Moi is guilty of that!

Jasmina said...

wow those clothes are amazing :ooo they look so dreamy and a bit like beautiful cakes ^__^