06 June 2009

Candy Pins

This blogging once maybe twice a week is so annoying! My damn, damn, damn idiotic piece of shit aka computer is still on the blink and refusing to play ball. I've been (trying) to achieve my daily fix of flog- fashion-blog-browsing to no avail. Itching to leave my 'ickle comments which normally consist of the following descriptions 'lov'in it', 'super lov'in it', 'would you let me raid your wardrobe', 'too adorable'...what can I say? Except theres an awful lot of snazzy 'gals who have far more styling knowledge and way too cunning with their wardrobe outfits than moi. Who is lets say laid back in comparison, and abuses long tee's and slouchy cardie's much too often: heavily relying on accessories such as strands of necklaces, bracelets and chunky poke my eye out rings ( chunky rings are indeed an serious hazard, for me anyway's).
Oops I seem to of gone off on an unrelated ramble?
Hopefully judging my computers performance over the last two days, I shall be back to the odd spot of flog and posting shall return back to its dailyish, random fashion musing self sooney. Like this week with some luck!

Now, now how very fickle am I? More fickle then fashion itselft it would seem, how I've changed over the course of a week (noooo not a new hair cut, my hair remains defunct: long, frizzy, wavy bedhead complete with DIY fringe. Created beginning of this year in my kitchen, whilst waiting for my dinner to cook).
I've found myself (alarming as it is) flirting with trends.
Yes me and trends combined. Surely this experiment could only lead to one place? Utter disaster. I avoid fickle one trick pony trends and often, well always bypass the 'must haves' according to some fashion editor from some look like a member from girls aloud obsessed magazine. Shudder, who on earth desires that cardboard cut out doll style?
Am I ruffling up a few feathers here?
Moving swiftly on...

The relationship between changing trends and I is one huge contradiction, trends are obviously round about half of fashions DNA. Fashion consumes me and fascinates me, and part of that fascination there for and naturally includes the structure of trends. From the very early beginnings of trend influences to the very end when presented and in the spot light of many a shop window and splashed across glossy fashion pages. By which time another fashion trend is already being researched and carefully constructed all over the globe, in time for spring summer 2010 correction 2011.
As 2010 has already been dealt with, so I predict?
How can this be? I've such a passion and all consuming interest with trends yet, couldn't give a monkeys about sporting really any of them. Neither festival chic or that bloody worn out tribal trend! Mind you both have had their day.Alas, I suppose fashion will be fashion and go round and around: only each time slightly adapted to reflect the shift in popular culture, subculture and general mood of current social climate.

So how I have to ask myself, have I been sucked in like one mighty powerful Dyson hover by colored denim? There is something so very appealing about denim jeans turned candyfloss pink or lollipop yellow. Cupcake legs? Delicious! Heck how could I resist?
Note to self: must not bite and take a chunk out of my leg. For it is not actually a cupcake, but rather plain old flesh and bone 'duh.
Another note to self: Ignore Gap simply skip and erase their impressive range of bright denim jeans from my fashion absorbing, baffled brain.

Que the coloured denim which has me all in a fashion frenzy...


Winnie said...

Sorry...you had me at cupcake legs.

Haha. I like this trend but I don't know how they would work on me. I like the idea of the pale yellow ones.

xs said...

those colors are so purtty!

Chels said...

hmm kind of on the fence about this. if done right, it'd be killerr. Loving the yellow ones and i've been looking for a pale turquoise colored jeans, no luck tho. yet another great post!
chels x

Andrea Staats said...

I love the candy-colored denim but fear it would look utterly horrendous on me.

knalleffekt said...

wow, love the pastell tones.
perfect for the hot summer...

i tagged you. you can find more informations on my blog

have a great weekend

Em x said...

The coloured denim is gorgeous but sadly i'd look a bit weird in them i think! x

butterfly said...

There is something quite fresh and fun about coloured jeans. Definately a way to lift your mood. Tis crazy about how forward trends are...there's a website I visit, Fashion Capital and on there you can see moodboards for next years Spring/Summer trends...thing is fashion is so cyclical that the same stuff comes around, but maybe slightly tweaked. There is rarely anything new.

DaisyChain said...

I love this trend,
however I tend to not suit denim, let alone the coloured stuff.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Love the colors, but I don't think they would work for me. I hang around floors too much! And no worries you are not the only one that abuses of the kindness of cardigans and t-shirts. =)


kirstyb said...

I lov ethe 2nd pic I have a slight obsession with pink! I am also loving the last pic I think I need to invest in those jeans xoxox