23 July 2010

Sweet weekend treats

It's no concealed secret that I have a really out of control habit, one worse than smoking,worse than biting of nails, and far more addictive than coffee...reading blogs. Please don't ask me how many blogs I read per week,per day, per minute or per hour.Flicking through numerous blogs and commenting has become a priority action, an itching must do.It's the new brushing teeth, yup squeeze that fresh blog onto that toothbrush and rinse:if you can get said blogs out of your system that is?
There are dozens of blogs out there to explore and indulge in, and some blogs just have me coming back for more day-in-day-out.Who needs to subscribe to magazines? Burn those subscriptions...second thoughts who am I kidding?I enjoy those paper cuts and the sweet smell of super glossy pages.Though there are some mighty sweet blogs out there too with far more intriguing,honest fashion and style musings.With features that are unapologetic, non-bias (thanks to not being under the thumb of big gun advertisers and such) witty and sharp.
So I leave you all with a selection of weekend treats,tooth friendly treats lucky enough for me...having just returned from a dentist check-up.
Add to your favourites and enjoy...

Fashion Monster can't get enough of this teenagers out loud thoughts
Twilasvintage inspiring and creative read
Vintjunky she has an wardrobe to die for and I'm smitten with her witty, stylish posts...I can't go more than oohh two days without my VJ fix.

22 July 2010

Paris is burning...Newyork style

Children of the late eighties early nineties will recall cool American girl groups such as TLC and the beautiful Left-Eye,with her truly unique and individual off the wall style a hybrid of down town girl gang street style,pirate-esque touches (will return to this later). Almost ever girl group from the 9-0's threads were constructed of belly button exposing cut-off strappy vest tops, bright graffiti sprayed tee's,plenty of washed out denim,big baggy pockets and lashings of loud tacky,chunky necklaces clashing gold and silver with plastic neon bracelets stacked high to the elbow (if not shoulder) was the ultimate definition of nineties cool.Occasionally the odd neon condom would make an appearance...noo not as contraception but in the form of a pirate eye patch, thanks to Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez.
I have such vivid memories of the nineties popular fashion trends, thanks to my much older sister, who would dress me up like her own personal doll throwing on chains,bold clumsy rings and pulling her massive polka-dot and striped cropped T-shirts over my tiny head,the sound track to "costume dress-up time" being the likes of TLC,Guns&Roses,Madness and of course Madge-dona.Yes I often drowned in a array of garments when ever she baby sat me.Garments and fabrics such as:acid coloured mesh vest's,distressed dungarees,fishnet everything,tie dye bandanas and a variety of DIY T-shirts. T-shirts with cut off sleeves, T-shirts with holes, T-shirts with frayed necklines,T-shirts which changed colour, T-shirts with famous Disney friends repeated across them.Out of all these Tee's I remember crop tops permanently being part of my sisters furniture. Sprayed across her bedroom floor, draped off her chair and hanging off her delicate wafer like shoulders with cheeky pops of her bright green and pink bra often on display.Small amounts of tummy on show, but by god never the belly button (this followed much later when Gwen S bounced around shouting I'm-just-a-girl-take-a-good-look-at-me) high waisted jeans,denim skirts and yellow combat pants used to protect, hide and conceal the belly button.
Today for some unknown reason I felt compelled to layer up in bleached washed out denim skirt,crop vest top and pile on the gloriously tacky accessories.Hmm second thoughts I do actually know the reason behind today's outfit.I lie.
Last night I watched classic gangster flick The Warriors
followed by digging out TLC old mix tapes, while rummaging around I stumble's across Sweet Valley High books (light hearted teen drama, not too dissimilar to today's teen TV shows-shallow cheerleaders with yellow hair shaking their pompoms,doing painful splits.Tales of cheating,and dorks lusting over the beautiful people etc etc etc) the result of last nights 90's themed binge is today's contrasting outfit of nineties crop top, cheer leading Sweet Valley High red's and blue's,down town girl gang-esque bleached denim, TLC "Left-Eye"-esque big cheap and nasty bling.

crop vest top newlook
DIY stripe crop vest top
washed out denim skirt thrift
red cardie thrift
shoes Primark
DIY tight ankle socks
charm necklace thrift
red and gold chain belt used as necklace

*Could I just say thank yous for all the nice comments about my newly polished up blog.

21 July 2010

Kid You Not

images Robert Mapplethorpe

See this girl and this boy (above) they are my constant one reliable source of inspiration when all other fickle inspirations come, go and fade away into oblivion.
This cannot be applied to Patti and Rob aka Patti Smith and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe as these two are often at the root of my everyday style.Like a shameless style thief I pinch and borrow elements from Patti and Robert's original style mixing up ingredients such as a pinch of dishevelled, a sprinkle of inappropriate props/accessories-pass me the light weight aztec blanket to wrap myself up in and drape over my shoulders,before folding said ingredients finish with second hand embellished waistcoat and throw in (or on) long delicate beads,and homemade necklaces structured together with random bits and pieces...In the true spirit of Smith and Mapplethrope.Who were quite simply creative soulmates, not afraid to experiment, not afraid to be curious,and embraced both expected and unexpected adventures side by side, sticking challenging and tough times out together with art as their weapon of defence and salvation.

...I can't think of two better people to style thief from?By embracing my inner Smith and Mapplethorpe I get to live to grab a tiny little piece of that wild adventure from a time I mourn despite me not having ever exsisted back in the late sixties/ early seventies I miss it.Strange how can I miss something I never had never even experienced?Truthly I can't give you an answer for that question,as I can't explain it myself, but after reading Just Kids by Patti Smith for the fifth time page to page I've absorbed the surroundings,the swagger,the attitude and the atmosphere of that decade...and today it is dead obvious.

20 July 2010

Professor Utonium

Sometimes being an adult can get a little old, all that responsibility,all the heavy burdens of chasing a dream forward slash ideal nad elusive career,all the rushing around all the running away from those pesky and tricky high expectations is enough to drive a young woman raving- box- of -frogs -mad. Or is it too late? I've turned to the likes of vintage cartoon network shows for both comfort,nostalgia and one big dose of escapism ...Powerpuff girls anyone?
Yes the Powerpuff girls, yes as in Bubbles,Blossom,Buttercup and er Professor, Utonium, yes I feel no shame.Don't pretend your baffled by the three b's, everyone knows who the Powerpuff girls are or indeed were.Really, you really do remain baffled?

board by prettyneons

OK's quick run down for those of you who were cruelly neglected as a nine year old something child...
Bubbles,Blossom and Buttercup are the product of crazzzy Professor Utonium who made a huge chemistry error by adding lethal chemical X into the mixture which resulted in the girls having epic super kick arse power.Hell yeah!
They battle against villains, slap monsters in the face, save the world from destruction,deal with real complex issues such as the loss of milk teeth, all while looking super adorable and even occasionally playing guitar. Gots to love 'em Powerpuff gals.
While watching PPG episodes never did I expect my wardrobe choices to be affected by any three of the Powerpuff girls, not Bubbles, not Blossom, not Buttercup not any of them. But hold up why what's this?I'm all of a sudden gravitating towards bubblegum pinks,hot orange and ridiculous giant sized bows.Oh my god Blossom has brain washed me.With Powerpuff girls pop culture references and such strong stylized features it was a Professor Utonium experiment just waiting to unfold.Maybe just maybe I've consumed too much Chemical X or too much cartoon network?Because I'm all to aware of how bizarre and five year oldish I look in all shades of pink, yet this never hesitated me to purchase an pink tartan playsuit, oh and one big Blossomesque fireman red bow.
It's going to take more than the Powerpuff girls to save me from this fashion sin.

18 July 2010

Lazy Love

Phew finally my blogs little make over is complete after two weeks of being pretty much under construction, I've been sat up til late drinking builders tea while getting creative with HTML's,layouts,CSS and general dorky editing and customization.
I've been desperate to shake my blog up for quite sometime it has been three trial and error years (would you believe!) my blog has somehow gone along the fashionable route which is erm fashion (see what I did there did ya?did ya? did ya?)which was never really my intentions. At first my blog was general ramblings now it's progressed to even longer style/fashion ramblings...So I suppose this must make it a fashion blog?Anywho's my blog was well overdue a makeover,prettyneons out grew her old layout it didn't reflect what I had sketched up in my head. After many a banging migraine,numerous late nights and shouting censored words at the computer screen the new prettyneons is complete, whoop-whoop!
I can now concentrate and return to my love of blogging. I have so so much to pen about my notebook is bursting with a long list of ideas,topics and of course the odd dorky fashion confession.
The first thing off that list is lazyoaf, I've been loving the lazy stuff forever, I have several lazy items hanging in my wardrobe.
Prior stumbling upon Lazyoaf this girl never owned any T-shirts I discarded them as plain,boring and all the same.Now I can't get enough of T-shirts-Lazy T-shirts which should never be mistaken with the average going- to- slob- it -out- in -front -of -the -tv -T-shirt.For Lazyoafs use of eighties retro, quirky graphics that consist of cartoon style animals and crazy creature characters, separates the T-from the T-shirt(?).


13 July 2010

It don't mata

I-I-I what am I like? As you know I'm now able to blog on the go as I explained last week when my inner nerd escaped, however I've had complications of all sorts up until now that is.This is my first EVER blog via mobile, whoop, whoop, woooooopiie I've been dropping comments like their hot (under the influence of Snoop Darrrrgg or dog)I got held up in one long line in Greggs (ooohhh I do savour a good old cheese and onion pastie)and while keeping one eye on the last cheese pastie I jumped- online- while- in -the- line and quickly hooked (what's with all the urban slang today?)myself up with a quick fashion fix.Only I indulged a bit too much (...nooooo not referring to the cheese savoury snacks)over on the Matalan site and became distracted good and proper, before I know it some cheeky sod snagged my savoury snack the last one god damn it!

board by prettyneons

I was upset for oohh maybe five minutes, however I soon filled the void and hunger (there were no other vegetarian options left)with an naughty purchase I added to 'my basket' in one swift, rapid click. Why? Because this way it allows minimum time for the guilt to kick in. You know that Shit- I- really -shouldn't -have -spent -anymore -money nagging guilt? Or perhaps you don't experience this? Perhaps most definitely I'm strange? I think the root of my guilt issues go as far back as my young pocket money days...Or baked bean ration struggling student days. Umm one or the other?
Food ration or no food ration I can't argue with Matalans tiny purse friendly price tags.I was stunned by how impressive their summer items are, to be honest I often snub Matalan,occasionally abusing them for their PJ's and socks.I've been converted and shall now dedicate time to Matalan during rare shopping sprees. Or even while waiting to grab a bite to eat, standing in long boring lines during lunch times!

Featured matalan items

06 July 2010

Get Out!

Guess what girls? I'm able to leave comments all day long if I so wish, as I now have the power to blog on the go. I've invested in a cleaver new mobile phone as I get proper blog withdrawal symptons whenever I'm away for too long, however I can now blog, comment and stalk style.com until my little heart is content.I'm utterly hooked,obsessed and addicted to fashion blogging and yes I do dream about it too. Pefectly normal, nothing to be alarmed about...is there?
I can finally comment whenever I have the urge,whether I be on a hot sweaty sticky bus, or during lunch breaks while I'm slurping on extra thick strawberry milkshake and munching on garlic & pesto crackers.
Oh how wonderful would it be to simply fashion blog for a living?*Sigh*
I must remember to share a bunch of new blog reads that I've been stumbling upon over the last few weeks or so,hmm that would make a nice Friday treat me thinks? Keep your eyes peeled, like apples (my pet hate is apple skins, especially red apple skins urghhh!).

Having the world wide web at your finger tips obviously has both it's pro's and con's.
The pro being I can comment,comment,comment until you all begin to get fed up of my company the con those all too tempting online fashion outlets are even more, well tempting god damn it and god damn my lack of will power for that matter.
I should avoid at all costs,instead I save under favourites and revisit when no one is looking cunning or foolish? You the reader can decide, but don't judge me!
No doubt your all familiar with ebays fashion outlet? bursting with designer labels and popular big fat fashion brands.Hands up I honestly thought it would be a pile of rejected fashion sloppy seconds old stock that no girl in her right mind would purchase even with the aid of red sale stickers.In short I wrongly assumed the fashion outlet would be nothing more than some dumping ground/ garment graveyard.
How I was proved wrong.Browsing the outlet requires the following skills a) full attention and b) lots of patience it cannot be squeezed in during your lunch hour, nor can it be squeezzzzed in during short bus trips. You need to put aside some me,myself & I time stay in during a bleak rainy weekend sit yourself down grab a mug of hot chocolate and click, click ,click away. The results will not disappoint. See example below.

board by prettyneons

1.Dress £28
2.Mulberry bag £30
3.Gold leather brouges £5

02 July 2010

Back to the playground

Gingham, gingham, ging-ham how I just can't get over you if anything the gingham romance just continues to blossom on a daily basis. How I cannot thank those daring 17th-century explorers enough for bringing the newly discovered gingham cloth all the way from Indonesia.If it wasn't for them this world would be ginghamless.
Gasp. Imagine, no Christopher Kane SS 10...very disturbing thought indeed.
I can't imagine my wardrobe, my life without the company of gingham, I don't want to imagine.Gingham first came to my attention when I was very young, being poorly and having to miss a day off pre-school my dear mum in an attempt to cheer me up brought home Wizard of OZ.Gingham crush formed.I saved up all my pocket money to buy a pair of blue gingham canvas trainers from Woolworths (RIP), despite lacking the knowledge on how to tie up my shoe laces.Being both naive and highly imaginative I planted this crazy idea into my head that once I owned some blue gingham I would be transported to Kansas where my very own Wizard of Oz adventure awaited me.
By the time I hit five I was smitten with the G-stuff and ecstatic about my spring/summer school uniform being nothing other than a baby blue gingham cotton dress! From January onwards I would count down the days to spring eager to skip around the playground in my blue gingham, pretty frilly white ankle socks and rainbow glitter jelly sandals.

board by prettyneons

Those playground days are sadly over, however my enthusiasm for all things gingham remains (by the by I've ditched the glitter jelly sandals)hence my obsession with Kanes cheeky, naughty gingham frocks. Yes, yes I know *yawn for Christopher Kanes SS 10 is (in fashion years)now old news it's been splashed across numerous magazines, featured on several blogs e-t-c -e-t-c- e-t-c it's all about next years trends and collections. Well sorry but I'm not yet prepared to erase those bubblegum pink transparent,curve -contouring sexy gingham frocks.I love how Kane has took the once innocent pure gingham and cut the Wizard of Oz kansas cutie ties to achieve a smart and ever so slightly trashy (thanks to those thigh-high slits) all grown up seductive gingham.
So back off school kids,gingham dresses are for us adults too!