18 July 2010

Lazy Love

Phew finally my blogs little make over is complete after two weeks of being pretty much under construction, I've been sat up til late drinking builders tea while getting creative with HTML's,layouts,CSS and general dorky editing and customization.
I've been desperate to shake my blog up for quite sometime it has been three trial and error years (would you believe!) my blog has somehow gone along the fashionable route which is erm fashion (see what I did there did ya?did ya? did ya?)which was never really my intentions. At first my blog was general ramblings now it's progressed to even longer style/fashion ramblings...So I suppose this must make it a fashion blog?Anywho's my blog was well overdue a makeover,prettyneons out grew her old layout it didn't reflect what I had sketched up in my head. After many a banging migraine,numerous late nights and shouting censored words at the computer screen the new prettyneons is complete, whoop-whoop!
I can now concentrate and return to my love of blogging. I have so so much to pen about my notebook is bursting with a long list of ideas,topics and of course the odd dorky fashion confession.
The first thing off that list is lazyoaf, I've been loving the lazy stuff forever, I have several lazy items hanging in my wardrobe.
Prior stumbling upon Lazyoaf this girl never owned any T-shirts I discarded them as plain,boring and all the same.Now I can't get enough of T-shirts-Lazy T-shirts which should never be mistaken with the average going- to- slob- it -out- in -front -of -the -tv -T-shirt.For Lazyoafs use of eighties retro, quirky graphics that consist of cartoon style animals and crazy creature characters, separates the T-from the T-shirt(?).



kirstyb said...

these are crazy tees xx

RedHead said...

Love the new blog layout, decidedly neon! Thanks for your comment, hope your dinner didn't burn too much! x

prettyneons said...

aw thanks redhead...i managed to save my dinner lol ;)

f/m said...

way to go with the blog layout makeover! can be hard to make time for tasks like that. ;)

Jojo said...

Love the new blog layout. The bright colours are great and suit your posts perfectly.

Loves it.

Jojo xxx

Twila's Vintage said...

Lie the teddy bear shirt!! Love the new layout also!