06 July 2010

Get Out!

Guess what girls? I'm able to leave comments all day long if I so wish, as I now have the power to blog on the go. I've invested in a cleaver new mobile phone as I get proper blog withdrawal symptons whenever I'm away for too long, however I can now blog, comment and stalk style.com until my little heart is content.I'm utterly hooked,obsessed and addicted to fashion blogging and yes I do dream about it too. Pefectly normal, nothing to be alarmed about...is there?
I can finally comment whenever I have the urge,whether I be on a hot sweaty sticky bus, or during lunch breaks while I'm slurping on extra thick strawberry milkshake and munching on garlic & pesto crackers.
Oh how wonderful would it be to simply fashion blog for a living?*Sigh*
I must remember to share a bunch of new blog reads that I've been stumbling upon over the last few weeks or so,hmm that would make a nice Friday treat me thinks? Keep your eyes peeled, like apples (my pet hate is apple skins, especially red apple skins urghhh!).

Having the world wide web at your finger tips obviously has both it's pro's and con's.
The pro being I can comment,comment,comment until you all begin to get fed up of my company the con those all too tempting online fashion outlets are even more, well tempting god damn it and god damn my lack of will power for that matter.
I should avoid at all costs,instead I save under favourites and revisit when no one is looking cunning or foolish? You the reader can decide, but don't judge me!
No doubt your all familiar with ebays fashion outlet? bursting with designer labels and popular big fat fashion brands.Hands up I honestly thought it would be a pile of rejected fashion sloppy seconds old stock that no girl in her right mind would purchase even with the aid of red sale stickers.In short I wrongly assumed the fashion outlet would be nothing more than some dumping ground/ garment graveyard.
How I was proved wrong.Browsing the outlet requires the following skills a) full attention and b) lots of patience it cannot be squeezed in during your lunch hour, nor can it be squeezzzzed in during short bus trips. You need to put aside some me,myself & I time stay in during a bleak rainy weekend sit yourself down grab a mug of hot chocolate and click, click ,click away. The results will not disappoint. See example below.

board by prettyneons

1.Dress £28
2.Mulberry bag £30
3.Gold leather brouges £5


kirstyb said...

that dress is so cute xxxxx

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

those shoes are so beautiful. :)

Glowing Doll said...

What phone do you have?

I need something like that. I have no internet access at work and am zonked when I get home so not as attentive to my fav blogs as I would like to be.

prettyneons said...

hiya glowing doll I'll reply to you over on your blog ;)
prettyneons x

Helga! said...

Feck I love that frock.

How adorable is your excitement over your potential comment fest!!!

prettyneons said...

lol I know I am super excited! I've just worked out how to do it today (...duh I know its taken me ages!)
prettyneons x

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