20 July 2010

Professor Utonium

Sometimes being an adult can get a little old, all that responsibility,all the heavy burdens of chasing a dream forward slash ideal nad elusive career,all the rushing around all the running away from those pesky and tricky high expectations is enough to drive a young woman raving- box- of -frogs -mad. Or is it too late? I've turned to the likes of vintage cartoon network shows for both comfort,nostalgia and one big dose of escapism ...Powerpuff girls anyone?
Yes the Powerpuff girls, yes as in Bubbles,Blossom,Buttercup and er Professor, Utonium, yes I feel no shame.Don't pretend your baffled by the three b's, everyone knows who the Powerpuff girls are or indeed were.Really, you really do remain baffled?

board by prettyneons

OK's quick run down for those of you who were cruelly neglected as a nine year old something child...
Bubbles,Blossom and Buttercup are the product of crazzzy Professor Utonium who made a huge chemistry error by adding lethal chemical X into the mixture which resulted in the girls having epic super kick arse power.Hell yeah!
They battle against villains, slap monsters in the face, save the world from destruction,deal with real complex issues such as the loss of milk teeth, all while looking super adorable and even occasionally playing guitar. Gots to love 'em Powerpuff gals.
While watching PPG episodes never did I expect my wardrobe choices to be affected by any three of the Powerpuff girls, not Bubbles, not Blossom, not Buttercup not any of them. But hold up why what's this?I'm all of a sudden gravitating towards bubblegum pinks,hot orange and ridiculous giant sized bows.Oh my god Blossom has brain washed me.With Powerpuff girls pop culture references and such strong stylized features it was a Professor Utonium experiment just waiting to unfold.Maybe just maybe I've consumed too much Chemical X or too much cartoon network?Because I'm all to aware of how bizarre and five year oldish I look in all shades of pink, yet this never hesitated me to purchase an pink tartan playsuit, oh and one big Blossomesque fireman red bow.
It's going to take more than the Powerpuff girls to save me from this fashion sin.


Glowing Doll said...

I LOVED the Power Puff girls.

Somewhere in my boxed belongs there is a Buttercup plush backpack and a set of keychains that double as mini flashlights when you push a button and the eyes light-up.

prettyneons said...

get out no waaaaay! I had or have (to be honest I do still wear it haha) a PPG T-shirt.
I cant believe you had flashlights!
Im not your friend anymore *jokes*