26 June 2009

Get Ugly

photos: Betty

All hail Ugly Betty for she has returned to our screens at long last. Jeez talk about keep the UK fans waiting, I almost forgot what happened in the last episode. However I didn't forget how epic and vibrant Betty's style is, yellow ankle socks with purple patent shoes, bold polka dot frocks with one very fun bright belt lets not forget those crazy as can be headbands. Betty sure knows how to work layers, some refer to this character style (must remind myself Betty is nothing but a fictional character) as geek chic. I on the other hand refer to Bettys style as Avant-geek-arde.
Betty adores her bows, prints, colours, cardie's and volume dismissing those pathetic fashion do's and don'ts of less is more, working only one colour pallet, avoiding ruffles if your curvy, pleasssse some genius actually sits in their wardrobe office drawing up such fashion rules and regulations! Thank goodness rules are to be broken eh? Or by now we would all resemble cut out paper doll fashion clones.

Ironically Betty has become some what a fashion icon, not bad for an 'geek' 'gal. Many girls who aspire to get their foot through the fashion door can relate to bett'sta and her struggles, and often tough challenging experiences whilst running around at Mode and being taken advantage of, granted for i.e used. Its an all too familiar experience if you've ever signed your life away slogging it out for three months completing a slave labor internship/ work experience. The first thing that hits you on your first day as 'the intern' ( when you signed your life away you also erased your name) is how groomed and sleek many girls appear, their garments over ironed their hair too over ironed, their voice too robotic and samey.
If your wearing an array of patterns and sporting a quirky accessory or two they (your fellow bitchy interns ) will slaughter you with their cold harsh stares, claw your eyes out in a desperate bid to be editors pet fave and attempt to take the credit for all your hard work.If you don't do toxic drugs and casual sex, just forget it: you and them will never be sharing a table at lunch time, yep its high school repeating.
Betty provides some hope for those of us who are quirky, enjoy eating food (with carbs) and are normal genuine, and just so happen to love fashion so much it hurts.

Once again I hail Betty her collection of funky bows and belts but mostly of all, I admire her brave anti- fashion- fashion- statement...

photo: Betty

Matalan big bold floral skirt

Miso heart cardigan

juicycouture icecream necklace

Its back the Matalan Monet print dress

Miso patchwork dress

Siren cardigan's
forever21 multi colured belt

Marc Jacobs heartleaf vest top

purple ruffle shoes

urbanoutfitters neon stripe socks

forever 21 zebra and patent belts

Voom Polka Dot floral frock

yellow socks

Sergio Rossi platform shoes

Ditsy floral print dress

yellow stud belt

shopcurious hairband

Ragas bright check dress

silly me clothing belts

H&M red spec's

23 June 2009

Not Bad For Tuesday

Super quick rapid post from me today folks, my PC is still acting rebellious just completely cutting off when it desires. Already whilst attempting to pen this post my computer has crashed twice.
So no enormous OTT descriptive long word count from me today.
Anywho's I was suppose to have a meeting today up or rather down (my lack of geography knowledge is disgusting) in London, I was about to begin the commute when my mobby ring- and - a-dinged informing moi it had been called off and moved to Thursday instead. Feeling a little lost as I'm waiting for printing equipment to arrive there for unable to make any progress with my designing. What should one do? Design development for the following collection I suppose would be both productive and proactive, until I was surprised by my aunt who called in and paid a visit. 'Fancy going to the seaside, and shopping?' 'erm no I shouldn't, really must crack on with work' then my mum encourages me, 'go on have a break you work day and night seven days a week, when did you last see the sun? Make the most of it'
'YES YES YES I'd love to clock out and see the sun and shops! Let me grab my shades!' Off I went running towards the car like a mad fashion retail deprived woman.

My lovely, lovely aunt spoiled me and bought this Redherring cartoon villain tee! The day was complete with the purchase of those posh 'gourmet' jelly bean factory sweets...I'm very easily pleased.

photo: Redherring tee

22 June 2009

Croc Off

Sisters Katie and Millie Smith aka AngelJackson, have achieved the impossible: created an luxurious and fabulous ethical fashion label. Yes luxurious and ethical sharing the same sentence, who would of thought it eh?
AngelJackson totes, bags, clutches, purses and belts are ethically sourced with no innocent crocodiles coming to harm just for the sake of a 'glamourous' croc skin bag. Angel Jackson's products appear far from ethical, there are no drab shades of cream, khaki , beige or pale blue. These are red carpet ( if of course you are lucky enough to grace a red carpet!?) worthy accessories, not just for the hardcore green protesters and tree hugging individuals (nothing wrong with either:I myself volunteer for Green Peace) but equally appealing to trend conscious celebs (Lohan and the Olsen's love them). AngelJackson's snazzy and stunning pieces introduce a much desperate dose of glamoral (glamour meets morals) to heartless and cold fashion.
Hermes do take note and do feel ashamed of yourself, breeding countless amounts of crocodiles only to live a very short life and be slaughtered: keeping up with the disgusting demands for your 'it bags'. Baffles me how Hermes, so to speak can even sleep at night? OK rant over.
AngelJacksons vibrant feather shoulder bags are glorious and guilt free, with numerous highstreet copy cats available. The electric candy yellows, pinks and orange are blinking bright with after effects being similar to that of starring at the sun for too long. Some squinting is required before setting eyes on the next AngelJackson item, to prevent vital vision. Don't say I didn't warn you!


20 June 2009

It's Way Out There!

photo: Bazaar June 09
photo: Dazed & Confused September 07

photo: Dazed & Confused September 07

It's way out there
But I don't care
'Cause this is what
I want to wear
'Purple Stain' Red Hot Chili Peppers

Today I'm experiencing a case of 'wardrobe playlist', an all familiar experience I've mentioned before. When your outfit depends on which tunes your currently listening to, and this morning it was Red Hot Chili Pepper, Californication album (classic and my most beloved album, or one of them any way!).
My style was inspired by an combination of both the bold attitude of the lyrics (above) and the pictures in my scrap book, which I so happened to trip over (being the clumsy mess I often am) alas fate.
Its all to easy to erase fabulous fashion editorials, when frequently so many are churned out! However there are always an select couple which will forever remain etched onto my brain.Completely stubborn images refusing to budge and fade, impossible to erase.

Some of the pic's above are from what I suppose can be now filed under 'vintage' Dazed & Confused' Sep '07 issue (oh how it continues to be my religion, when I first discovered this magazine I was in year seven at my hell of an high school. There were no blatant 'alternative' individuals as such, they didn't appear until about year ten. Ramble, ramble where was I? Being a Dazed & Confused virgin. Yes so I often felt an outcast, misfit, too different and uncomfortable with this undefined style I had carved out for myself.It was one conundrum and challenging time excepting and embracing
my style. Disliking, disliking popular culture if this makes sense!? Soon as I was introduced to the world of Dazed & Confused by my then best friends older rock & roll loving brother. I excepted it really was fine, if not perfect being that little bit odd ball and quirky).
This issue reminded me why, I was so very hell bent on penning emails and even writing old fashioned letters to the Dazed & Confused crew begging them to allow me to contribute in some form or another. Even making cups of tea I still would have been quite content and proud of myself. By the way Dazed & Confused I'm patiently awaiting for that 'come on board' invitation: nudge nudge, wink wink!
Enough with my ongoing love affair with Dazed & Confused.

The other fierce and stud-tastic pic's are editorials from Harper's Bazaar June '09 issue.
This publication I find more often then not extremely, extremely intimidating ( fashion magazines are there to provide escapism as I understand it. But Bazaar is too ridiculously unrealistic,surely this also applies for those lucky sods who have disposable incomes?) strikes fear deep within me.
I avoid upper class Harpers, and all its it girl, royalty fash packs contents and coverage of the swanky, events and lavish like London scene. Erghhhh! Skip and snub.
Though the decision to purchase the June issue was one mighty rare exception, because it featured the 'White Noise' editorial with photography by Cliff Watts, who I worship and would be prepared to sacrifice my whole entire world for...well I'd be willing to sacrifice my T-shirt collection for, if not my actual universe?

In short ( Too late isn't it?I've already wrote too much haven't I? Why? Why is it I fail keeping my posts short and sweet? Honestly I do attempt to edit the staggering word count down to a tidy minimum...not my intention to consume all of your time. Please do feel free to scan read any of my posts, as admittedly I'm incapable of typing one short paragraph). These pictures from both Dazed & Confused and Harper's Bazaar, along with Red Hot Chili Peppers are to blame for this bright acid green nail paint. Of which I've splashed across my chipped nails, and DC you've some explaining to do, its all your fault for this worn out Disney character (Mickey his girl, and Pluto) T-shirt I'm wearing ( found in yep you've guessed it: Salvationarmy!) with 'I can be fierce' wet look leggings.
I really cannot pull off the fierce tough chic look, I simply resemble my inner dork instead.

By the by just in case you also adore the vibrant items (above) yet unlike moi you can actually obtain them( when your loading your basket, spare me a thought!?) 'Tis where they are hiding..
Giant knit jumper from, nastygal
Bag from, ladyluck
multi print dress from, Miso
Bow pearls from Dotty K
Floral shorts from Rachel Corney

PS..My font thingy is up the wall: I'm not feeling this style.

18 June 2009

Beth vs Barton

Celebs often dabble with fashion design, its as if they just awake one morning after a night out on the tiles (or red carpet) and daydream about possible fashion domination, 'hmm yes fashion designer has a certain ring to it, very appealing. Heck why not? After all young girls do admire my style, so I'm half way there!' at least I assume this is the contents that run through their head.
Often many a celeb simply crash and burn when experimenting with fashion design, and often before they've even pulled out their pens and pencils. The fierce and frank fashion industry are ready and awaiting to chew them up and spit them out, after of course shredding their collection to bits.
To be honest I too am one of those frank people, can you blame me? When I've various fashion qualifications and experience yet I cannot churn out my own collection and have it stocked in Topshop within a week or two.

However I do accept some celebs have done good with fashion and there are some who are natural fashion designers (though I do suspect many simply attach their name to the products, created by a design team made up of naive interns!).
As with everything you get the good and the bad; Beth Dittos plus size collection for highstreet Evans is hideous and embarrassing...

photo: Beth Ditto Evans Collection

Unflattering smurf blue jumpsuit anyone? Beth Ditto needn't have any concern about the evident fact she lacks a single fashion design bone in her body, because what do you know clothes horse Kate Moss is her new best pal. Hooray for old Kate! Here to save Evans day, Oops error I mean Beth, Beth Ditto is saving Evans. Not Kate, sorry I got confused there for a minute.
I wanted desperately to adore Ditto's designs as I do her beats, but they are drab. Its very disappointing her collection doesn't reflect her own personal bold, raw style what so ever!
photo: Beth Ditto in all her vibrant glory

photo: Beth, Karl & Kate

photo: Mischa Bartons bag collection

Like I mentioned, there are the good ones example, Mischa Barton.
Her bag collection for ASOS consists of all the deign elements Beth's threads lack. Barton's collection reflect her own personal funky sixties style and personality. Alot of thought has been applied to Mischa's designs (she must have some sharp interns?) she clearly has an eye for detail and has (unlike Beth) had huge involvement and influence in the whole long design process. Where as Beth perhaps has allowed Kate (me, me, me) Moss too much control, the result it appears forced and awkward. Mischa's admission into the fashion industry is by far her own and genuine. How can you tell? The clues are within the very structure and seams of their pieces.
Mischa Barton's choice of colours, textures (note; the tassels) and patterns are clearly inspired by her beloved fashion icons, once again assuming her icons are from the swinging sixties? Judging by the animal print and psychedelic floating floral prints and dazzling folk like embellishment.
Lets, fellow, fierce, frank fashion folk give credit where credit is due. To Mischa Barton OK yes she was once in the OC and has done little since, except pour her energy into this impressive and surprising bag collection.

As for Beth Ditto there is always the second time around, and besides I'm confident your collection for Evans will shift many a shocking jumpsuit, because your rock chic style is admired by many a hardcore Gossip fan. Please Beth can your next design attempt for Evans empower curvy girls and project your unique individual style.
Instead of playing it safe?

Beth Ditto for Evans out next month

16 June 2009

Mary Are You Mad?

Oops it would seem this little daily fashion blog of mine has morphed into an three days a week fashion blog (not so daily) apologies this is not moi intention what so ever. Nor is it my intention to constantly create and pen drab dull as dishwater posts.
Que my list of excuses now...Firstly I've been running around (not good: I run similar to that of a duck) chasing little fashion designers who I want to involve with the yummyculture project. Then there's the designers I'm just selfishly desperate to stick up on prettyneons and give a few shout outs. Secondly I've been tied down with designing and all that comes with it sketching, cutting, embellishing etc, as if this wasn't enough. I woke up last night with one impressive illustration art piece idea (if I do say so myself!) so I've began throwing that into my 'must complete' task list.
Phew, so yes please do not tell me off or lecture me on this three days a week posting pattern. Almost forgot to mention the annoying fact, that is my PC which yep continues to behave badly, having her rebellious moments!

photo: Mary Portas & her budding fashion gang
On another very unrelated note...
Is anyone else addicted to Mary Queen Of Charity Shops? Hell I sure am, I was excited when this program was simply one small premature fashion rumor. Joy, the rumour has materialized, and I'm bloody obsessed!
As you may already be aware I'm already a self confessed charity shopaholic (note to self; must reveal my recent charity shop chic finds). Mary Portas is indeed God in my thrifting eyes, why has this revolution taking so very long to kick off? Would Seem its took that nasty recession to convince individuals to explore their local charity shop, well charity shops should be for life and not only during this credit crunch. There is so much more to charity shops than mangled Barbie dolls with missing limbs and novelty ties and socks. Charity shops are a place not only for Pennie pinching grannies and broke, bake beans loving students but for fashion conscious guys and 'gals. No?

Well Mary Portas ( Mary Poppins Portas, the woman responsible for creating Harvey Nichols into the power house of today, adored by the rich and famous) is on one serious (some might say slightly mad and over ambitious) fashion mission. Transforming the junk jumble jungle which is charity shops, into an attractive much desirable fashion haven. Making charity shopping a pleasant odour and stress free experience, with no discarded and broken Barbie dolls in sight.
Genius Mary may be, but is she really capable of changing peoples mind sets by banishing all preconceptions those two little words 'charity shop' instantly conjure up.
Will hardcore fashion fans be converted and prepared to swap their Selfridges for Saving The Children? Embracing vintage quirky finds, minus of course any snazzy fashion labels. Well my friends this I cannot give you the answer to, I suggest you tune into Mary Queen Of Charity Shops (BBC 2 Tuesdays 9pm) to find out how Mary's charity fashion crusade pans out.

And no, I'm not about to pen any Tv reviews any time soon!HA!

13 June 2009

Creative Minds Think Alike

Oh how this creative creature (moi) is suffering from a) lack of sleep and b) bad case of creative block: nothing much is pouring from these pencils and pens of mine today. I'm afraid my scrapbook will have to starve this Saturday and deal with the harsh neglect (I aggressively shoved it into my desk draw) its receiving from me.
What with the inspiration escaping my veins and soul today, along with heavy eyelids (I've not slept through the whole entire night in what feels like forever. Soon as I shut my eyes I get ideas, so I stumble towards my desk in the vain hope of writing and sketching these blurry ideas down. Before I go and forget them.Often I have extreme cases when right there at 3:30am I'll turn my lamp on get all my equipment out, switch the late night rock show on and get on with the task in hand...beginning a new piece of work) I've spent hours making up my prettyneons labels, all from scratch! I'm a complete perfectionist (always at risk of over doing it) and began cutting up my material into a very specific size. Followed by hand writing the labels ( I know, I know buy a bloody label maker! I've tried and tested this: not too keen on the results the labels lacked soul. Labels should have soul, be special and be all lovely.After all they're pretty important!).
Hmmm yes anywhos, I've competed all the labels cut them, printed them, and hand stitched most of them to my designs.

Yesterday I met up with Yummy Culture dedicated 100% to highlighting creative creatures...or should that be creative cows( do have a snoop and all shall be explained) and their creative needs. Needless to say if your either an artist, fashion designer, musician anyone who is prone to creative block and struggling to get your creative dream and goal off the ground, and in the desperate need for exposure GO pay Yummyculture a visit!
yummyculture and prettyneons are collaborating together with one very, very, very exciting project sketched up for the near future (which will benefit and eventually involve all you highly creative guys and 'gals) one massive project in fact, that will certainly have a positive impact on the creative world.Yummyculture and I are busy as bees (or busy as cows?) working and developing on right this minute.

It makes perfect, perfect sense for us (prettyneons and yummyculture) to team up, because were both passionate about creativity, exploring, encouraging and exposing little creative creatures. With the aim of converting others (when I say others, I'm referring to those people lacking any sort of creative bone in their body. With no desire of listening or helping artists, designers, writers etc) to take creativity seriously. As so often creativity is mocked, snubbed and ignored ( and like my scrap book) shoved to one side.
Especially here in the UK, where there are endless creative based degree courses available. Only one slight catch, when finally you step out of university with that precious degree certificate (that your so very proud of, and which you've worked your ass off for since you were at high school trying to achieve those A* grades) the reality is there are no (or very few and very far between) opportunities to climb that golden, creative career ladder as once promised. Why? Well basically the very few creative ladders which are available, are of course prioritized for daughters of has been pop/rock star fathers. Penning pointless poor features in newspapers and fashion publications, all this before churning out a very average fashion designer collaboration and a spot of modeling.

Never mind all those hundreds and thousands of individuals who have slaved away and studied for years on end, putting a social life on hold. Wanting to party, 'live it up' but instead opt for completing that assignment/ project handing it in for the original and tight dead line ( no extensions granted). This is a pattern which continues for many, many years from college through to university. From the average age of sixteen to twenty three/ twenty four.During those tough years of hard grafting, you don't question or doubt your decision to continue with 'higher education'. There is very little time for doubt when meeting those vital deadlines, you convince yourself that all the talk and brainwashing on the 'endless possibilities which University can provide and give you a brighter future' from your ninth grade teacher at high school is fact.
I'll study, cry blood sweat and tears damn it,this will all be worth the effort one day.

Erm..not so it seems here in England.
Where sadly the amount of unemployed graduates rise and soar year after year, especially music graduates, journalist graduates, multi media graduates, fashion graduates-creative cleaver graduates. I suppose it doesn't help that there is this blatant gap in England, where we depressingly do not make or produce anything anymore. Hence why such a high volume of creative graduates are greeted, only by these false economy style jobs.


I've been compiling an awful lot of research together the subject obviously being the above why are creative graduates falling at the way side?
I've been contacting graduates from as far back as three years ago (thanks for all your help guy's;) this was indeed a long and challenging process. I've also found creative graduates within my local area who have failed to find their ideal and degree related job. Their working in supermarkets,care homes and cold calling. Shockingly many more are down the jobcentre claiming jobseekers allowance. Because many have been turned down by supermarkets for being over qualified. Shops fear that if they employ a graduate they will become restless and wave goodbye: wasting their precious time.
Yes we will abandon Tescos (other supermarkets are available) soon as the career of our dreams appear, though a nine to five job at Tescos with minimum wage will do as a way of means until then. Plus it beats existing on jobseekers allowance, and would all in all cost the government far less.
Cant Brown and his trusty (cough, cough) gang do mathematics?

All this wasted creative talent must come to an end, no?

10 June 2009

Basket Case

I've been having just one of those days, well yesterday was also one of them days...hey hey tomorrow is just around the corner so all is not lost.
We all have our own very different methods of dealing with a god awful day (or day's). Whether it be heading to the gym and taking part in some fierce kickboxing, smoking cigs (Mmm now and then I wish I smoked) downing mugs of coffee, dancing your head off, comfort eating etc etc...
Me? How do I cope, and soften the blow of a bad day. Simple, I pretend to go fashion shopping. Casually popping in and out of pixiemarket (jeez I wish they would knock their prices down: even their sales make my eyeballs water) brownsfashion (yeah as if, I can't even purchase a sock from that place!).

Whilst being all delusional, filling up my basket only to chuck out all of its colourful contents when I arrive at the 'buy now' finish line. I must have the essentials with or rather by my side, important items such as the random following... cup of tea with two giant doses of honey ( sugar is disgusting, I cant tolerate the grain like texture against my teeth. Yes I'm a freak)
one giant pot of yogurt and banging background tunes, Hole it shall be.
After much backwards and fourth between one fashion webby to another, during my meaningless materialistic moment I decided to 'buy' (though not really) an adorable Kate Garey purse,freepeople super dangerous stud wedges, one rude Bernhard Willhelm orgy print dress (definitely not one to wear on a first date, could send out the wrong sort of message?) opening ceremony eyelit cardigan ( I've a fascination with frigging eyelets... Eyelit this eyelit that eye-eye)
Lanvin shoulder bag, and last but by no means least...Allsaints creepy like T-shirt the longer the better (being short they double up as dress: I'm a fashion cheat eh?).
I got a little bit carried away in my materialistic mayhem, loading my basket (only to of course empty it once again) full of pretty shit really, because I can!
Introducing the contents of my heavy basket...


Bernhard Willhelm

truffleshuffle ( I just might buy this, for real)




Kate Garey